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  1. I recognise the first half (women don't know how to be glamorous and fanciable any more, or don't care). But the second half? Men don't seem to care that much any more, either, as though they have given up. At least when they are preening, they are trying. It may be gauche but there's an element of trying to be attractive to the opposite sex in there, and what is wrong with that?
  2. This is a really interesting thread and I find myself completely agreeing with both sides of the argument, which is odd. But from a personal point of view, there seems a kind of disconnect between the sexes. The chemistry that Chris25 speaks of seems a rare commodity these days, for me at least. I mean the sort of chemistry when you see someone and think she seems nice, then get the chance to speak to her and you think "wow, she IS nice". You have it at some time in your life, that feeling the moment you meet someone that they are going to be important in your life. That sort of romance seems to have died away these days. You don't very often see first romance blossoming in cafes, bars, and the like. Something has happened between the sexes which I can't put my finger on. Women don't seem to make the effort to be alluring, attractive, charming, polite conversationalists. Maybe it's too much like hard work and they can't be bothered. I guess you could say the same about the guys, but I feel an awful lot of blokes just don't fancy many of the available women who are out there. Am I allowed to say that without an outraged kneejerk accusation of sexism? Well, sorry, it's just the way it seems. Chris25 is spot on. Don't compromise on your relationship. If she is absolutely the one, you'll probably know within seconds. Until then, might as well stay a singleton. Being a singleton sucks, socially, in many ways. You can feel excluded in many situations, but it's far better than opting into a bland, convenient, but not very passionate relationship which may become something you simply have to endure for many years just so you can be a "couple".
  3. I'm torn on this one. Take the 10 year wait. You pay rent for ten years, say 500 a month, 6 grand a year, 60 grand total. You buy the house cheaper after 10 years (big assumption - 30 grand cheaper? 60 grand cheaper? ok 70 grand cheaper? What have you gained? OK in your case you say your interest covers the rent. Not many people can say that - what's in the ten year wait for them? At the end of the ten year wait, they would have paid off a large part of the debt, most of the pain would have been seen off. It's no worse than rent pain.
  4. Sir Alan or Lord Sugar if you don't mind.
  5. It's the Express. It's meaningless. You might as well read a comic.
  6. Because our deeply ingrained obsession with houses is like nowhere else. Wild horses will not drag enough sellers away from their 2007 valuations to make decent houses more affordable.
  7. Save your celebrations for when any of this stuff actually translates into house prices that enable you to get one.
  8. On the same piece, the vacuous Stephanie who can't even speak English properly (Ray becomes Rare, both becomes borth) proclaimed that the sun was shining on the housing market because they went up last month. Sh!t for brains. BBC only employ compliant, useful idiots with sh1t for brains. OK, an exaggeration, but they don't half p!ss you off sometimes.
  9. Sorry, but this all this seems like wishful thinking and very unconvincing. You can rationalise all you like, (this site has been doing that for years) but let's face it, nothing really changes. Peanuts mortgage repayments, along with government interventions and props, trump all of the above. Sad but true.
  10. If you are a red blooded male with a healthy libido, it is important. Living amongst attractive people is most desirable. Wander round most English towns, you're surrounded by the chavlike, the corpulent, the unwashed, the loud, the unkempt, the tatooed, the nose ringed. We aren't exactly classy are we.
  11. I think you are right. I distrust politicians as a breed but there is something different about Farage. He is a good orator, has huge energy and plugs away relentlessly at the smug and corrupt Europe elite. He tells it like it is and is absolutely fearless. What is wrong with that? Who else has the guts to do it? Some paint him as a joke figure (his facial features don't help) but he has real intellect and talks from the standpoint of what he feels is right and wrong. Until he shows otherwise, he should be given a break.
  12. Quite. The cheap booze cliche is rolled out every now and again. And up goes the cry from the dim masses who buy into government cliches - "Yes - alcohol is too cheap!! Make it more expensive!!" (And while we're at it, I'll bend over and you can do me from behind). The problem isn't the price of alcohol, more the vacuous, dysfunctional mindset of (largely younger) drinkers who equate having a good time with getting pi$$ed. Increasing the price of booze isn't going to increase their intelligence quotient. And that's the main part of the problem. Thick people. Decades of dismal government, of whatever hue, have brought us to where we are.
  13. Can someone direct me to where I can get some of this "cheap" booze, please?
  14. Yeah, piece of cake. Any incompetent can dig a 100 foot tunnel and come up directly next to an ATM. Absolute piece of cake.
  15. "..........................the financial system is a cyclical farce that defies all efforts to right itself........" Why would anyone believe that TPTB have any intention of it righting itself? When was it ever "right". Follow the money.
  16. I stand to be corrected, but to get even a modest rate like that, do you not have to lock the money within the bond for a couple of years or more such that it can be difficult to access if needed for immediate purchase (i.e. not particularly liquid).
  17. I think it was Gordon Brown who initiated this phoney and silly cliche in an effort to ingratiate himself with core electorate. Much good it did him. Since then, I've heard Cameron use the term as well.
  18. Spent most of my life in professional sport. But you really think the Olympics is about the nobility of sporting endeavour? I'll watch Bolt and his ilk because of their freaky talent and I'll get sucked in by the hype but right now I just think "fecking Olympics!". It's more about about money, power, prestige, priviledge, graft and corruption. Lord fecking Coe, my @rse.
  19. I am no lover of Paxman and the article may sound like crocodile tears if you're determined not to give the guy a break. But it seems to me he's telling it like it is. So he's wealthy. Don't we all want to be? Where is he loudly bragging? He is articulating what most people on this forum complain about all the time. Be glad that one of the haves is seeing things from your point of view (the have nots).
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