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  1. Interest Only mortgages are not easy to qualify for. Very few out there. They are right for some people, such as highly qualified people in secure positions who are self-employed, and who make lump payments when they get paid - including one couple I know who chose to pay £700,000 for an apartment in Bloomsbury who are both barristers. If only these adults had a 'superior' to dominate every aspect of their lives. You know... someone who has spent years renting and seen the type of house he wanted to buy rise in value by £400,000 in that time.
  2. Ah; the IO mortgage victim cause is here again, as I knew it would be with only mention of IO mortgages, on the party thread. It's only one of the most important decisions in life, in a market where millions of people want to be homeowners. You're not children. It's all on the buyer to understand. Wilful ignorance is no excuse. And you're going back in time. How's your son's £40,000 PCP Audi Funn3r. Begin the IO mortgage misselling compensation for yourself eh, back from when... 1997? Young people buying homes... not around here unless with BOMAD/on very high earnings, in a BTLer double-down double-down. What was that comment recently in newspaper: I sympathise with these people as I too found out recently that the home I am renting means that I don't actually own it.
  3. It sounds wind-up to me. AlsoI'm wary of it because sometimes you only need a whiff of someone saying "Interest Only Mortgage - Missold", and it becomes a big 'victim' cause on HPC. "They didn't know - You don't understand that people just assume that it means it's being paid off because they are making payments- Victims - Banks Banks Banks.. make Banks pay." If it's real, then even IO (92?), the outstanding debt is unlikely to be that much !! And exactly - so unlikely to be in negative equity. More likely to have packs of equity. I'm more concerned for GenRent who are up against super-expensive house prices. When they look upon the market/RM, they see they would need to borrow huge sums for even the most basic of places to become 'an owner' in this market, in many areas. And up against all BTLers who have laid claim to millions of homes/family homes. Yes there is that. And yet they'll take him as a champion of BTL, or a possible hope of getting things back to their full advantage. Can only hope he is powerless against HMRC and S24 under way. It's not helpful though when he speaks out for the 'plucky' BTLer who is just doing it for pension/pass more onto their kids. (Do it away from housing financialisation) And I recall much of Kris Akabusi, including him being very active in S24 - Tenant Tax. I think it was KA who suggested that he sees tenants as friends with all his modern clean properties - whoever it was creeped me out with his 'friend' view to feasting on the rent. Clashed with another LL about that a while back too - that he 'gets involved in tenants lives' - a friend to them - / sometimes gives them extra 'pocket-money' (back off the rent if they're struggling.) What a messed up situation. I pushed back that don't want any LL involved in my life or trying to be 'my friend'. Not doing them any favours. Just pennies back from rentierism, where you've got many of the homes, and others forced to rent. Just trying to justify own multi-housing rentier positions making oneself out as a do-gooder against all that. Sometimes tenants have to be minded to put on a smile for the landlord because don't want to risk LL taking slight, because LL has powers of S21. Landlords only see it one way most of the time... @stuckin2up2down - absolutely brilliant rework of the original video. So tuned in.
  4. Luxury places often do well. Can't say I've heard of "f and m, yatch refitters." We've seen in the QE/zirp/HPI++++ new double-down wealthy get wealthier - including the BTLers.. a double down after 2008 when they should have been wiped out (imo). Have heard of Fortnum & Mason, but not aware of any store in the Manchester area. We pass by that JL quite a few times each month, so it's a convenient place to stop if we want something; in this instance was somewhere we knew could buy item we wanted. Higher end mini serving casserole dishs. One of the few luxuries we allow ourselves, at what is really, overall, not very expensive - and a pleasure in life. It's not often we shop at JL. It's going to be a mix. Squeezed middle and below? Maybe; we didn't spend much they yesterday, so as you say. Yet also big money - that Bentley was no doubt a shopper there, and most of the car-park was modern new cars. Good range, nice stores, good customer service. Maybe it depends on area, as to what choice you have. There's a few stores like Hoopers in Wilmslow. Luxury; that's why I've always held the view that it doesn't matter if something is essential, and sort of despair when reading plans (including on HPC a couple of times - but mostly on MSE and other places... but not for a long while in this super-boom), to open a cafe/fish-and-chip shop.
  5. Went out to John Lewis yesterday. Quite a few people do 'travel out' to go to John Lewis as sort of a nice shopping day, is my perspective of it. Hard to find a space in the big car-park. Car opposite to us (Bentley or similar) had a mobile-cart team of two people cleaning/washing/waxing it, as it was, parked in middle of the car-park with all the other cars - in the rain. Flash cars everywhere. It's a boom out there. Store full of people who all seemed monied up/relaxed. I looked at a few more expensive items (cooking) - the multi function blenders at £300; although we will be sticking with our older cheaper model. And passed through the furnishing department / desk was there taking measurements for old couples for new curtains and blind. Osborne's family company seems to have a concession/or is promoted in there as well (furnishings). Never seen anyone with any trolley or basket at John Lewis. Our 1st purchase we made was a mini Le Creuset mini ramekin/casserole dish (with lid) to add to our collection (now have 5). Can cook food in oven in each ramekin separately, then serve it directly, in the nice ramekins, where it stays nice and warm to savour food slowly. Paid a few pounds more than JL web-price. Then 9 minutes later (receipt) a fleecy throw at £15. Receipt. Queuing at each pay-point, although very efficient JL staff.
  6. Homeownership for them, more homes for them to rent out to others, trying to extract profit from rent and hoping for HPI, with views it only goes up/small island/not enough homes etc. I don't accept they "can't see it" -(it's a self-evident truth) homeownership rates plunged, and BTLism soared. To me, BTL /Rentierism tells me something about how the BTLers see themselves, and see other people, in their world-views. They made/make their own choices. If some of them have overstretched then too bad. My family wasn't born to carry BTLers/HPIers and greed to extremes. I know what side I am on, and you can't have it both ways. HPC.
  7. Although it's their 1st post. The entitlement and positioning within it reads like it may be a wind-up, especially their view about IO mortgage compensation for their own 42 property actions. An innovator indeed. Although at the same time I've read same entitlement from so many other BTLers with multiple properties also thinking they are 'the gift' to society, providing homes. 42 properties... 15 years... entrapment? Probably easy money for IDS - assuming he's getting appearance fees. He's really come out for the BTLers this year. Be happy with just one home in a housing supply and affordability crisis, where homeownership has plunged, 1.6million BTL mortgages since 2010. Significant taker of houses. Without BTL the houses would have been built, but would have just had lower final prices. All a HPIers paradise.
  8. My view is there is a link between the two, caused by all those who thought only about self-to-extremes. She was never doing it for a societal good. "All about me." Yes; HPC her out of it. Lower rents/better landlords + rise in HOMEOWNERSHIP and people getting a stake in society. ..will follow up on rest of 'plight' thread later. 42 properties indeed, playing a victim. If I had known I might lose at some point I wouldn't have taken on so many mortgages? Deal with it. You can't have it both ways. A lifetime at it. 42. Moar and moar.
  9. 3 interesting posts by Beary McBearface which have info that I hold to for hope - although I disagree with some of Beary McBearface's positions. Could also find myself pushed-back against for not quoting each post in full. If lending falls off, I don't see 'Asset Rich' being the ones to use their own money to buy up all the other houses, at these prices levels, to support wider house prices. Asset Rich (Bomads for example) will be seeing value of their own homes fall into a HPC. Making their very position to play Bomad less encouraging if the market is viewed as prone to falling further. The main point of hope is about lending. Then of course there is S24. And millions of homeowners. Millions of homeowners. Not enough yet (imo). FTBs /upsizers of recent times that I have seen pay these prices, seem a good bet for the money. Good jobs, good incomes, and will work to ensure they keep paying the debt for 20-25 years. Their choice. My view is the lending of recent years have been to solid credit risks. If house prices fall, they made their choices. Also had BOMAD in the mix too of course. Section24 is a big change as is SDLT surcharge. Market won't listen to one person's view who wants nice fair world. What has happened has happened, and there have been consequences. Super wealth outcomes for many, and very difficult outcomes for others. There's no 'greatest innocence' solution without loss of HPI wealth out there. To get to a fairer world, and where it's not all about HPI chasing, we need HPC, imo. It has enriched many, and no one was forced to take on a jumbo mortgage, nor MEW, double-down to buy loads of BTLers to lay claim to more homes, and force. They only way to get to any more encompassing system is allowing markets to play out. HPI+++ / BTL has caused financial pain for renter-savers. If there's any HPC coming (which you seem to doubt with a view that tighter lending will only see cash-money step in, and BOMAD (even if prices begin to dip?), then it should play out, and worst that can happen is an EGO HPC for most owners, with a few having to sell up/go into rented. SSC got it so right. Where are the protests against HPI/BTLism @Beary McBearface from older homeowner side? CoVIs claims that any HPC will be negative for Conservatives voters (presumably because HPI+ so important to Conservative minds, in his view). How do you explain that? Million of people like their homes to be worth a lot more than they paid for them. Others buy because expect/want more HPI. BTLers had a choice.
  10. +0.3%. Even if it had been +2% I wouldn't have been shaken. So that's 3 months of 'mad-gainz' 'growth'. There has been a year of super-teaser mortgage rates. Base rate has ticked up, some trackers already ticked up, other rates under review - and from articles I've read in Times, some analysts believe interest rate rise was directly because economy has weak trends, low productivity, and inflation issues in certain areas of economy. It's boomy everywhere (imo). Inventory on market (for sale) is very very low. The only part I'm frustrated with is Halifax referring to HPI as 'growth'. Yet I see it as just reflecting the view of wider society, as HPI+ 'a good thing' (as it seems to me many people see it under their reality view outlook). Describing it as 'growth' that way doesn't protect HPI forever (imo). It didn't in 2008 and into early 2009. There is that to wait for - although as I understand it the banks have a 4 year window to repay what they've borrowed directly from BoE at very low rates. They've bypassed savers for been able to tap that facility for £88 Billion* (*memory of reading article recently). Not from a HPC there won't be imo. The main banks have spent years getting into better positions to handle a correction. Some good points in there, but that's overdoing it and wrong. Many people, owners of different types of housing at mid-upper-level, have been having it great. That's what you tend to miss when you put so much blame on the banks and treat the general public as idiots/lessor/unable to see your truth/victims. And you see buyers as all being innocent/misled/not as smart as HPCers - which is totally wrong. Adarmo (recent buyer) had a laugh about that with you recently. His choice to buy. Doesn't need your approval. And again I would bring you back to the mad-gainz HPI many owners sat on. R with his £1m+ valued London house, having bought in the 80s, who tells young they just need to work harder, and stop spending on ipads/treats. All their own market views. And R and others probably now seen £400,000+ more to value of their London homes since they were last on HPC forum in 2013. For many people that seems to be so. Their market view. I see banks as strong, and BTLers who have danced into trouble/greed, with Section24 a proof of that. Continuing to buy more homes in a housing supply/affordability crisis in many areas. I've been on wrong side of market zoom+ into HPI/BTL, huring my hopes of affordable homeownership, but can't whine about it. The issues are greater than one renter-saver, having been caught out in BTL HPI+ madness 1.0 (2000-2007), then system reflation (2009-2017) which allowed BTL to continue and double-down. Although many BTLers carrying the risks now, not so much they banks. It's about all the young coming through, including my own family. Still have hope it will correct in time to come (S24 / mortgage rates can't really go much lower than they went). Much longer than 5 years. Exactly so. Not innocents or inferior. To look at people paying far higher prices than we/I could, claim them 'idiot/brainwashed' is superiority. Or those not selling from these prices. To hold such a superior view over other millions of other people is far more likely to lead to mistakes, by seeing other people as lessor (imo) - 'uninformed/don't know the truth/can't understand markets' etc ect- and just generally is such a horrible attitude to have over other people imo, I push back against it. Most people have something they are very skilled/knowledgeable in. Seen amazing qualities/skills in many people from all walks of life, and they all bring something different to life. Other people are very selfish (I tend to think this of BTLers - for it is a selfish thing to do in a housing supply and affordability crisis for the young - yet they do it - but they are not just awaiting a HPCer to lead them to 'the truth' and to become 'nice people who think of society'). No one knows everything. No one has full certainty about market. Risks exist. And we all have to take a view about house prices. We all have to take a position within the market. No one needs a HPCers 'approval' to buy or sell a house. It's their adult market choice, unless we have a market with some Rent-Forever-Losers (wrong for 10 years+) deciding what people can and can't do with their own money/lives/attitude to risk/debt. We all have an income position/financial position to hold against what houses are currently valued at. We can all practice general caution, including weighing up if a house is worth x15 general income and to accept the BOMAD or not (when it's on offer) - or to offer it (from the wealthier owning side parents - who often time "can't see house prices falling in expensive areas) - their market view, + owners of high value housing themselves from recent examples I know of. Everyone knows risks exist, and if they don't then they don't need a HPCer to explain it to them on their way to view a £500,000 house / not sell a £1m+ house. Market can only prove things to them. And if there are more years of HPI++ to come, then I accept it vs my own market view !!! [Below] - only because I picked this up as a retweet on the Jesse Livermore Twitter Account two days ago (someone thinking they are as financially intelligent/market savvy/or who is trying to follow Jesse Livermore share investing principles?) Buy, Rent (although some no option but to rent due to so badly priced out) or SELL. And inventory on market has been scraping incredible lows. It can't be a conspiracy if so few sellers cashing out, at these high valuations that other HPCers see as 'unfair' and go blaming the banks for. It's just part of a market. We all have to take the brunt of the market/reality as it is, or happens. I rent and hope for lower house prices in future, and many good reasons to be positive about that hope. @Mr Banks - me personally? I almost bought a home 14 months ago, but would have been moving far away from the areas we always hoped to buy in. Some days I wish we had bought (the house was great), but it would have been such a change, to move all the way out to that area (although I have family links to it and like the area)... it has 2004-05 type price levels, generally. And in large part I do see BTLers as to blame, for I have seen for myself them buy up home after home after home, at such very high prices, and then put them on rental market. 1.8 million more BTL mortgages written since just 2010 !!!! I just rent and hope for change, and there are quite a few good reasons to have hope of better market value ahead, from my own perspective. Markets cant turn quickly. Well it was shaky for Conservatives in the last General Election, and the younger generations began to cast their vote. 1992 saw John Major relected. HPC and those who had voted Conservative all vote Labour? Real conservatives would accept market forces, and if their houses fall in value, from these levels (in many areas) they should be able to accept it without it being all about 'self'. Many of us have been forced to accept HPI++/BTLism. If there is any HPC, likely it will only be an EGO HPC for many owners (with such high levels of outright ownership). Less so for BTLers/speculators though, but so what. Carney made a TV appearance suggesting one possible outcome was further increases in Brexit delivers shock . He was very cagey over it all though. Broadbent the other day in Independent. There's really no huge conspiracy going on. We have to take our positions in the market. 7 out of 10 owners have no mortgage. 3 out of 10 have average mortgage debt of £70,000-ish (SVR), to £95,000 (Fix Rate) - and majority of mortgages on lower than SVR fixed rates. Homeownership levels fallen to 50%. Rise of the BTLers over near 20 years.
  11. Because of all the many homes built in building boom, and for tenant to look after. Good for the tenants, but it's likely to be just one isolated position that doesn't reflect the wider market situation. And it's in Spain. It's not going to be in Barcelona or Madrid central either is it In the UK.... trying not paying rent - coming to an agreement with a landlord in the UK under changed financial circumstances where income drops/savings. S21 time (most often) - although there are measures by Gov to pay certain amount of rent of course, and that's been nudged up on age/type of housing, in recent times, as I recall it. Although there's a new 'debt-protocol' out which may make it harder for landlords/BTLers to evict tenants (difficult to tell if it applies yet). And court-fees are up for BTLers who find themselves with a tenant who refuses to leave. There are a few people who get good deals from landlords, or those with 'spare properties' including @Starla a while ago, but it doesn't reflect wider market position. House Building where we have 'HTB' (extra debt) to pay the developers the price they want for houses? ... landlordism/BTLism/HPI-ism... brings about a great sadness for me, generally. I'm sure it does for many of us, even those such as yourself iamnumerate, who are longer-term homeowners. (Yes prices would have gone up even if you hadn't bought - BTLing added a lot to the cause of that - you're fortunate to have been in position to buy in 2000... and still wanting HPC/thinking of your own younger family being able to buy one day). We need a turn. Anything to cool buyer side investor/BTLers, and leave them stranded. Preferably a taxation buy side measure or more tax-relief removed, rather than rent-control.
  12. It's super-complicated. From reading a few HPC posts, Spain has very good tenancy laws, in favour of tenant. Spain isn't UK. I get what you mean. It's just.. it's complicated. Lean toward northshore's view, which he has posted more than once over the years. More houses. I don't want to harm my own position, or that of GenRent generally, to be against more house-building, if to do so could lead to better affordability. Just sense we need HPC first, then more homes. As I understand it some LHA allowance goes to working people? Although that tells me rents are too high in first place. Just posting first Tweet below re limited stock note - not the Stamp Duty cut quest, which for me would only feed into HPI. ^ Exactly. Eh? Although opening that Tweet up he has theories for why so.
  13. Many thanks to HPCer-SOLZHENITSYN for bringing this to my attention in a link-in. Jim Picard - Chief Political Correspondent for the Financial Times It's the BTLers, second-homebuyers, property-companies... they have bought up millions of homes. 'Spare one/by mistake'. It's all about keeping houses/claiming more houses, to farm younger people for the blessed HPI / gainz. How many Consent To Let threads on MSE over past 9 years. Loads. Keep it, rent out, buy another. Sure I've ready there could be 1m+ CTL homes (rented out)... but can't recall source. HPC. Supply can't keep up with housing financialistion. HPI+ just allows speculators to speculate - although we do now have MMR/PRA that should be cooling things off...need more to stop the investors, then find out many of the the other BTLers.
  14. @mrtickle They make their adult choices. Contributing what exactly? Made choice to participate in it, rather than resist, but in a cheaper area, to try and do same as done to them, to others. What the individual does, or doesn't do, matters. It's not cuddle time for those who choose to join the rentiers - and we're still to see if it's HPC ahead yet. Credit-Crunch QE'd/Zirped out of, years of worry about those buying homes at ever more expensive prices.... and new peaks in my area. On the hope side of things, there is the daughter of a multi-home BTLer who has tried to do it her own way (in Cambridge), and identifies with all her priced-out friends, rather than her 100 BTL owning parents. Although parents have been selling off some homes since announcement of S24, and trying to put others in company structures etc.
  15. Seen so many Halifax advertising banners during the last month + video/tv commercials of new owners loving it, including getting post delivered for the first time. And other lender's advertising banners, although not very youthful looking for their 'first home' Know of many (mid-30s) buyers in recent months, not so much looking at whether it's worth £300,000 - £500,000, but what the monthly nut is on a super-low teaser rate, vs all their years of saving to put deposit down on, and 'get stuck into the mortgage on low-rate'. Just think many have been tempted out to buy, including last month. Then everywhere you look it's boom/surges in value/stockmarket. So I imagine it will be +2%. RBS
  16. From memory of recent articles. Independent/Telegraph/Resolution Foundation 7 in 10 owner-occupiers with no mortgage. (Owner outright). 3 in 10 with a mortgage (average mortgage debt remaining somewhere between £70,000 to £100,000 ... mix SVR and Fixed Rate). Homeownership levels plunged to something around 50%. Landlordism/BTLers bought up millions of homes past 19 years.
  17. Read the thread again. Just can't come to terms with 'more housebuilding' when seen so many houses fall to BTLers (at ever higher prices to extremes imo). Millions of family homes bought up by BTLers; year after year after year of seeing BTLers oubid families for nice family homes, and putting them onto rental market. And so many RTB homes, the owners been tempted out by mad-gainz/sold onto after death (whatever) to the swelling horde of BTLers/landlords over the years. We already have millions of homes, it's just that some individuals each on 2-10+ of them in the BTL power-control. And of course prices in the demand-feeding-on-demand, and those who look at property as way to extract maximum yield from non-owners/younger. HPC. Also have real doubts about a housing-shortage. Apart from a shortage created by BTLers/investors. No shortage of homes for my elderly landlord husband and wife team in their life of excess and no-worry; he has laid claim to 5 homes since year 2000 (and probably the lowest value one being £400,000 in this market... values more than trebled.) https://medium.com/@ian.mulheirn/2-1-billion-square-metres-to-swing-a-cat-in-b1f13ee7ad6b There's no doubt all the politicians latch onto 'more-houses' and many of us also tempted to see it as supply shortage too, but only due to effects of BTL-ism/HP-ism, imo. Building more houses take lot of time. It creates the view that it's always demand side shortage 'too few houses' (price stability cause shortage), rather than misallocation/speculation/price bubbles/BTLism, that could all be solved quickly via sharper taxes on landlords/2nd homeowners/BTLers, and via HPC. Fully expect Hammond to make a lot of claims about 'building moar', but my main hope is he will announce something to really cool investor side of things, and squeeze BTLers further than S24.
  18. Thanks Lavalas. She made some good points in there (downsizing), presumably to appear reasonable, but the majority of the push was the agenda of HMO/Landlord VI-ism, of course. Someone has been getting an education alright - that they are not the only power that matters - and a financial education too, in that you do outbid others even when going into empty estate agents, and no other viewers in the mix when you make your offer to buy yet another house. CGT. Also these are choices YOU made (buying house after house, MEW MEW moar - with all the lecturing younger people that they should put it all into property to pay top-whack prices. My view is cheaper prices/less debt = good vs long-wave/heck even surge of last few years, HPI+++++ extreme prices in many areas. Some landlords not that affected by S24 for they own outright - although they may find prices drop if other BTLers have to sell for lower prices on the margin. It's your own debt, and as I recall HM Treasury/HMRC saying, the position of each individual is unique. Your debt profile is your debt profile. If you've bought up loads of houses via BTL/MEW to rent out, it's all on you. Other people exist, in a housing supply and affordability crisis. Welcome to the real world. Would-be FTBs who have seen BTLers buy house-after-house at crazy high prices. That's unfair. BTLers creating the rental demand they pretend to service. My guess is she showed her qualifications on other matters with a view to do some topical stories, and when you claim yourself to be Conservative..... then other people don't always doubt honesty if other person claims to have values that advance main themes of a party. As Jon Snow said; "I'm not going to swear an oath I can't uphold. When enough people make false promises, words stop meaning anything. Then there are no more answers only better and better lies."
  19. Linky isn't working for me, but that was always my view too, from the reading of so many a post - not going to put HPCers through all that again by trying to search them out for posting here. There was post after post, then many other BTLers all looking to apply tactical pressure on MPs to try and get them to raise a fuss over S24. All that matters/mattered to them. Then there was all the positioning about joining Conservative Party to try and have influence on leadership vote ('not going to add to Conservative coffers' unless can be sure to have vote for that). The Conservative One... https://www.property118.com/general-election-8th-may-earth-landlords-vote/#comments After S24 there were quite a few BTLer posts claiming they never took an interest in politics (inc Bosher), but that they were really get involved because of S24. Then post after post from BTLers with a view that tenants exist to protect their landlords interests. Hiding behind tenants like some sort of human shield with shrill 'rent-rise' claims - and tenants know all about S21s anyway (landlords/BTLers put themselves in position to do that to other people), and the BTLers were always at some point, going to evict tenants (most likely).
  20. Are you going to be one of the volunteers to limit your own impact on population? I have to agree with Pig here (in the universe I would argue), but also can understand themes of your concerns. Would be less of an issue with more affordable housing (is that main thing that drives many people's 'lowering population' view), but perhaps not on impact on nature itself - yet diesel pollution/all types of pollution. We've had concerns about too much population for centuries - including 'taking jobs'. We've got housing financialisation to extremes, including tilt of powers that actually hope for HPI+++ as an economic good. (Crazy). Much by way of housing that seems designed/built for the requirements of the speculator. That certainly creates a view about too many people (because of HPI++) imo. We have those on rentier side who hope for rent to go up. Rubbish tenancy laws (worst around as far as I am aware - certainly someone on Twitter recently said tenancy-rights in England are the worst in Europe). If we didn't have so much dead-money in housing, I think we could come up with really intelligent solutions/answers for whatever population growth. Housing financailisation retards the economy imo, and creates situations where we may be blaming effects of housing financialistion, instead of housing financialisation.
  21. I can believe it. Have to admit to being pretty ignorant to what effects drastic fall in insects does for humanity overall - I don't like bugs as it is, but know some of the importance from following on Twitter (for a while - until too many pics of insects) Dr Sarah Henshall - Love bugs, nature & conservation- especially beetles & spiders! Lead Invert' Ecologist for the fab organisation Buglife after seeing her on The One Show / Countryfile a couple of times. Then there are all the concerns with bees. Pesticides too though (?). How many homes the BTLers taken? How many houses still under Consent To Let, as owners kept it and upsized. Millions. And house prices run on money. Not been able to build faster than speculators been able to buy them all up. 40% of RTB flats now in possession of the BTLers/investors, and surely high percentage of ex-LHA houses. My main hope is seeing the BTLers knocked out of the way. Just can't see supply side solutions with BTLers still in such a position. HPC.
  22. It works well for us iamnumerate, although lasagna always takes me some time -vs- say, Shepherd Pie (quick and easy to make). Some evenings cook fresh, other times lift pre-made meals from freezer, leave to defrost in fridge for 24 hours, to cook the following evening. Far more £ cost effective than supermarket ready-made-meals in my view.
  23. Radio 4 the other evening had a segment where. They talked about the spotlights in WWII that would fill up with insects. They talked about how you could see vast swarms of a certain insects (a mist of them) at certain time of year when using a flashlight/headlights, but you don't see that now. (A 90 year old man had been in contact to confirm their book source). They had tales from motorcyclists how just 20 odd years ago they would have to wipe their visors clean of insects on a short trip from A-B, but not longer have to - just on the longer trips. "Where have all the insects gone?" was the main question. Anyway the main theme was how we've lost so many independent farmers who each had a certain way/system of looking after their lands. That we now have many more corporate(?) run farms (I remember co-op having to sell a lot of its holdings around 2009 to get money in), and each farm follows the same pattern of farming - and they were putting the blame on that. (I can't recall the key reason... I was busy layering 9 lasagna dishes to go in the freezer) maybe something about fallow-fields at different times. All the QE/HTB/indy developers have had a very effect on house building imo. Also there was a great run of posts ...(@dorkins?) how it could be that much of the building of the last 20 years has been designed for investors for people farming/speculation/many a renter passing through - rather than well designed lasting homes. What need for style and appeal. (Agreed Riedquat - it's not defeatist, it's just cynical realism and looking at so much of the housing already built down the last 20 years into both bubbles - so much cold ugly naffness.). Eat your hat? I'll eat my hat, your hat, and eat an hat every hour, on the hour.... unless we get HPC to rebalance things. Then we're more likely to get back to indy developers and nicer homes built - together with a shakeout of all those hogging the nice homes now (speculators into forever HPI), with so few houses on the market + extreme high prices in many areas.
  24. Apart from this kind of building boom. Demand feeding on demand, in housing financialisation (imo), and a global bubble in just about everything. *It's been a while since I searched Manchester City Centre on RM, so I am not certain about 'investor only' claims, and also I'm not certain about the truth of matters of marketing in Asia. (Wouldn't be surprised though). Although seen much of Gary Neville's big property plans. Throwing Gov money at it (in the name of helping) seems to always lead to costlier housing to me, more investors, and greater inequalities. HPC.
  25. Any 'let's build more' (how many Chancellors said this?) I suspect/hope will just be misdirection. He can't be seen to 'attack' HPI. If he's serious about matters it means getting lower house prices, but as a politician they can't be seen to be positioning toward that. In this economy it will just be paying more big monies to those who hold the land, then one of the few large developers to build ugly houses, at top end HTB/SO prices. Market needs a shakeup and I agree with DrBuyToLeech that we already have a lot of supply (although accept we probably need fair bit more, sensibly - as in Edwardian era when there were 100s of independent developers competing for the buyers money, building many lovely homes with features, and cheap land.) It's as David Smith said in 2014 (when he was Chief Economics Editor of The Times - maybe he still is). Older owners in family homes because not tempted to sell (HPI+++) downsize, and have become 'the bed blockers of the housing market'. We have a lot of housing that is inadequately used. No; no one saying they should be forced to sell, but falling prices would give more of them some incentive to downsize, and then get surrounding family homes down to better affordability levels. My main hope (for there will not be some easy happy building boom) is for him to announce new measures against BTLers/2nd homeowners. Maybe a tightening of S24, or higher SDLT on BTLers/ would-be second homeowners, or higher taxation thereof. Cooling the investor side/buy side is everything.
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