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  1. Still BTLers. Hurry up. Although there was this part in the ST article... can only hope events see them fall through the bottom into the jaws of tax monsters. Oh do smeg off - the ending..
  2. We go to wherever is closest at time. My last 4 shops have been; Sainsburys, M&S, Tesco, Waitrose. Only stopped at Waitrose on Friday for we were passing that way on a trip back from the park. And it was meant to be a quick shop, with just a few items to make a lasagna (carrots, celery, leeks, passata sauce, plum tomatoes) + some other items like potatoes and bananas, but L'Or coffee was half price (£2.49 so bought 3) + bread and so on + 4 apple juice mini-cartons for the kids were thirsty in store . Yes.
  3. @disenfranchised - also note Digsby's reasoned positioning (and why I have him in mind) -vs- you getting right on your pedestal for a troll who has just upsized, 2017 account, hates HPC forum, and bought because he expects/expected more HPI... claiming "it's so easy to get caught up in the madness"... and all his hoping for mad-gainz in past (his guru Wallayat vs HPC) We all have to take a position. It has to be case specific. Nearly 10 years I've read posts as yours (and your own posts) dissy, about 'pity the innocent buyers'. It's ridiculous. We have to take positions in the market. 10 years almost... against "the buyers who can't know what they are doing" This couple are adults. They have bomad/inheritance and own market view. Let me know if they need sympathy - until then, please stop getting gulled by trolls to step onto the pedestal with sympathy on behalf of buyers (imo) - they have their own minds. There may be no HPC - hasn't been in my area during 10 years of people stepping onto the pedestals with 'sympathy for buyers - "I'm such such a good-good person because I care - I know these buyers are overpaying imo - and I can see all they can't see" - (they matter more than renters - don't want HPC if bankruptices of some owners no matter if they are HPI++++ HPC-hating owners like houseface2000 who gulls me left-right and upside down)... (let's just forget HPI++++ up another 40%+ over 10 years in many areas) Human shields used by HPIers/BTLers to protect the HPI - and lapped up by many superior HPCers, also singing the same thing.
  4. You're all over the place about this in 269 posts. Although I enjoyed the post where you were returning from somewhere and the guy you sat next to was one of the best people you'd ever spoken to, and then you found out he was a highly involved BTLer - and not all bad eh.
  5. And that's if any HPC (re Digsby) - many expect more props/more HPI/Gov won't let it happen. We have to take positions. No one is smirking when it comes to those without bomad on renting side, or those who buy at high prices (some don't think high thoug). It's an awful situation overall for GenRent - but within it we have two choices. Rent against the HPI, or buy. (That can be buying in a very different area, as we were considering some 14+ months ago).
  6. Yes; really enjoy seeing old articles about the economy and house prices. Good reading btw. Just about everyone has seen my 1992 Telegraph article about developers disappearing from the market into the HPC. And loads of derelict housing stock in Kensington coming to market when price was at a low - owner had sat on it, but all that supply came out to be sold into market low. Picked this up on Twitter just the other day (wish I knew the year). Things change !!! And change and change and change again - on occasion, dramatically. Someone posted a quote from GOT yesterday... I think of Tyrion to 'The Masters' who presumed they were victors and were there to accept surrender and continue ruling from their supreme positions, but then a turnaround and suddenly they saw how vulnerable they were. "It always seems a bit abstract doesn't it, other people dying." - vs the HPIers, many who believe their gains are all locked in / vs the BTLers who thought they had captured Generation Rent Forever.
  7. Well if you insist hehe. Just a series I did, to poke a little bit of fun at Greg - with him having STR'd recently, and hot to get some HPC Message going on the viral. First one was a bit weak - but you would have to know the history behind it.
  8. Yes, their choice. They took view monthly nut vs rent, and that they can get stuck into the mortgage on low-rates. And they know about risks of rates ticking up, but still bought. Market participants. For whatever reason - article doesn't explain why they believe it - 'THIS IS LONDON" - and they expect house prices to keep rising. Their choice, and as you say, understood £450,000 was a big mortgage, but didn't put them off. Indeed they viewed 50 properties before buying. Fully active and eager market particpants to buying. Own minds, just their own market view. Must be intelligent in some things, and bringing in the money, else they wouldn't have qualified for a £450,000 mortgage. By coincidence, Crystal Palace area is also where Ed M bought, with his pal, in his need to 'get on the ladder'. I'm older than him but rent/save, and not going to surrender to these prices, in a market that has been dominated by BTLers, on the weak excuse of 'getting older' - and he really compromised in buying a flat with a friend imo!!
  9. Those series of videos were some of my happiest HPC work - the other Saturday. STR Innocence, HPC Again https://www.grapheine.com/bombaytv/graphiste-en-1768f39ac3acee3edc81d952c0cacc72.html
  10. So many 100s of posts where you see people as having no minds of their own.... Yes some long posts my side - I could cut back on them if I didn't push back against this superior nonsense - have done so to try and stop HPC becoming "The Innocence of Owners". Already houseface2000s types, and then others who claim millions of people have no minds of their own.
  11. Tell that to others. Ed Monk (seems to be doing quite well professionally - some good positions - one of the reporters at Fidelity Investing now as well? He does have good knowledge about many financial matters... but I'm not with him about house prices / BTL..... he made his own choice) I sent this to other family members the other day, via email. (screenie) - about buyers buying along the way. Articles 2 friends buying together 'no gay' - and a couple who bought recently. First story covered on HPC a year or so ago. 2nd story not seen on HPC yet. However let me remind about this first..... Ed totally ripped into the idea that BTLers would have their tax-reliefs cut, just days before Budget 2015..... where the BTLers had their tax-reliefs cut !!! His market view. He took his position. I take mine. Couldn't have really painted it as more BTL friendly really imo - gooey. CGT hasn't been an issue for BTLers because so few of them ever sell houses. Buy them up. My landlord with 5 houses since 2000..... 17 years later still has them. So it's been an advantage because CGT never came into it really, until pincer of S24. However... possibly he had just bought a few weeks before Budget? His choice ! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/mortgages/11825267/Were-not-gay-just-priced-out-The-minefield-of-buying-a-flat-with-a-friend.html Then we have the above... Not programmed... their market view, in a market where millions of people hold very conflicting views. Maybe it will buy a lot more in the future. Many renter-savers wait/forced to wait (priced out) and hope so. Re Ed.... How is the house price crash coming along? He's not paying rent.... Millions of BTLer landlords still reaping the rent. HPI to extremes in many areas, but others see value, expect more HPI. Just a few hints of hope for those of us who would like to see lower prices/BTLers selling off..... And the sympathy squad there for anyone who buys, ever extreme HPC forum hating, mad-gainz seeking buyers. And the others claiming everyone innocent and programmed vs their own superiority. Nuke the BTLers. S24 is good - needs more.
  12. You tipped into me the other day thewig, and I gave you a polite reply pushing back, yet again, about your 'programming' superiority - with just you and a few others can see 'the truth' about reality. I held back from... Aren't you the guy who sees WTC as all a big conspiracy. That the BBC are all in on covering up some big conspiracy vs the public. All your NASA stuff. How do you convince millions of people to your superior truth - where just you as superior having broken away from 'programming' (and maybe a few others - clearly not me because I don't believe people lack intelligence/freewill/individual identity / ability to make market choices including buying houses ) that they are all innocents who are programmed. Seems like a horrible way to view not only yourself (in advanced superiority over others who are lacking), but 100s of millions of other people who lack your 'truth' of the system/reality.... 100s of millions of people with no minds/capability to think for themselves. Just programmed... if they buy house at £750,000.... "just programmed." Spend some more time on your Flat Earth!
  13. Look there is no special button to 'protect homeowners from negative equity/bankruptcy/repossession' in the real world. You want HPC but without any spikes in bankruptcy / repossession....? Have you seen what so many renter-savers have had to put up with over the years? If you think HTB is the bailout strategy, then why worry so much about owners in a possible HPC? I don't mind HTBers getting forbearance into a HPC, because I think they system can afford it, vs the profit they would make on HPC and fresh lending, on boomers homes, and 10-50 years of higher transaction levels... transaction levels of the 1980s (and today we're nowhere near those transaction levels despite so many more homes). And most of the HTBers taken on lower-level debt. I might take a £150K-£200K mortgage on myself when I buy. All it will mean is, if HPC ever comes, I have the same level of debt as 'the innocents' but a nicer home (hopefully a nice semi-D) maybe vs their newbuild smaller terrace. Big deal !!!! And HPC might not come... yet I rent/position for HPC. I don't choose HTB even though I could do. MARKET. I can see how mortgage at £600 is cheaper than £1000 rent as per houseface, but I'm not going to buy a £500,000 semi-d in this market, for I believe/hope prices can fall. S24 etc. Hopefully more cooling measures on investors in Budget. He chose to buy, and he chose to buy cause he saw ForeverHPI and renter-savers to be wiped out. Not a HPCer at all. No need for 'getting carried away' innocence positioning from houseface2000 - he bought and all his viewpoints opposite of believing HPC can happen. He can't stand the forum or what it represents. Thinks it should be closed down and we should spend our time productively studying other cultures, or going on holiday. Why can't you hope that is rebalanced. That is real. All this on renter-side and what younger renters have to put up with in GenRent. There may be some negative equity/bankruptcies/repossessions if we ever get any HPC - such is life. There's S21s two-month notice for tenants. I know of one renter here who had been S21'd multiple times. Tenants can go bankrupt too you realise. It's been hard graft trying to get any deposit together in renting vs HPI+++++++/BTLer double down, and pay rent, and raise family. There's £10K a year/£50Ks/£100Ks paid up to BTLers in housing financialisation. Very few repossessions happened 2008-2010. I actually know someone on creditor side seeking repossession, and the older owner is a HPI-er who has had a life of luxury, and never thought of society - just himself. £1M+ home. He doesn't deserve any sympathy. He's a selfish greedy person. He was all for HPI++++. He was all for BTL++++. You're giving blanket sympathy IF something happens (HPC), and want HPC without bankruptcies/repossessions, when in some instances it will be deserved (if HPC ever happens) - put the cases infront of me and I will tell you if I have sympathy. I won't give sympathy for anyone before it's happened (when so much doubt it can happen... HPC), nor blanket sympathy to cover Mark118, Ros or others if they are affected. houseface2000 doesn't give a damn about renter savers, just his own position, as you recognise - my only issue was he cast himself an innocent who got carried away, in recently buying....... and you ran with that, without looking at his total HPIers charter. He wants us to think all buyers are fools, in need of sympathy, for it suits his own hopes that people/system will step in to protect his position, if any HPC. You swallowed houseface2000's bait as portraying buyers as innocents/carried away straight away - getting right into the sympathy for hpcers who have bought 'if prices crash' - when There's a few who have bought. One BOMAD who recently piled in plenty of cash for an upsize with "I would like a crash, but best you can expect is dribs and drabs, but not even that in expensive areas." That is a market view. They acted on it. They got what they wanted for their money/mortgage in the market. All buyers who've bought, even recently, take a view that it's better than renting / HPC unlikely - as adarmo told you just the other day, having recently bought, and he laughed off your own risk assessment. If HPC ever happens, it's on them, not renter-savers to come protecting them from NE/repossession/bankruptcy (a few at worse case scenerios). YOU DO REALISE THAT 7 out of 10 owner-occupiers own OUTRIGHT. 3 out of 10 have average of £70K-£95K mortgage debt. (Fixed Rate / SVR difference). You do realise that BTLers have gobbled up millions and millions of homes, with 1.8 BTL mortgages taken since 2010....? Too many years of your sympathy for buyers (if house prices ever fall) with very little said about renter-savers. And you know what, for houseface2000 to tell of his view of why he bought (upsized, 60% mad-gainz on his flat, and putting money to buy in a cheaper area), that if he loses his homes it's a life event like "cancer" really ****s me off. It's not whatsoever. He chose to pay the price he chose in open market. He can handle HPC down £100,000 (he says) before maybe negative equity (my guess is he could handle far more, but even NE isn't cancer - and he chose to buy with a view of HPI+++forever vs renting, and miserable bitter HPCers who should do something else apart from moan about house prices). Projects buyers as innocents, himself a long-term hpcer (he claims with 2017, 181post account), and he bought with a HPIers charter !!! You picked up on the buyers as innocents and swallowed it whole (if there is ever a sharp HPC). We all have to take positions in the market. With his HPIer's charter................. and all the other posts sniping at HPCers and HPC forum in his 181 posts 2017 member, who repeatedly claims to have been HPC forum since 2005..... He's bought with a view that it was HPI forever, despite all posted on our forum... which he can't stand anyway - thinks we're bitter whining fools, and should be focusing on going on holidays and studying other cultures. ^ That's an adult market view for someone who has recently chosen to buy a home - in the market. houseface2000 projecting himself the innocent (no HPC yet), when just the other week, earlier this month, was very happy with his own choice. Yet dissy, you step up with blanket sympathy for buyers/him. Another adult market view. Dissy buyers of houses at these prices are not braindead idiots lacking enough knowledge to make 'the right' decision. They are/were active adult market participants. Although for houseface2000, houses are clearly just what 'you make money on' telling us of how wallayat knew so much more, and how if he'd followed wallayat he could have made a life changing £180,000 mad-gainz. You're projecting. I don't know anyone who will/would smirk in such circumstances to an FTB 2013+ in trouble (although here they would be 30%+ up in equity due to HPI), if HPC were to ever happen. It's never happened (HPC) in my area, even in 2008-2010. Maybe that's reflective of something inside you, and you think it exists in other hpcers such as myself? That we're here to have fun at others in a HPC. There's some still in NE in northern areas (it's not cancer). They chose to buy. They have a house. They've got low rates (many of them). They're not paying rent. Freetrader's newbuild thread shows people who sold for less. We don't see the faces. No one is smirking. It happens because it happens. It's real life. I'm thinking about my own family vs a BTLer with 5 houses worth £375,000+ - £500,000+. I'm thinking of MK Don with 50+ houses rented out (ex-council houses many of them) and his tenants working to pay rent. I want that corrected. If it comes. Heard that position for years for buyers. We can all see the props. Many see the props as part of the market that will always exist so act on it - bomads who tell me that prices can't fall in expensive areas. And meanwhile renters continue to rent and to the BTLers/landlords vs HPI+++ extremes, and very few houses on the market up-for-sale in my areas anyway.. You can't have a 'no hurt' HPC imo (if it ever happens... 'coming storm' has been coming since 2003 as you pointed out in another post. Although I suspect that even hard HPC wouldn't 'hurt' most owners, other than their egos. BTLers a different matter. No one dragged houseface2000 into buying.... he claimed to know all about HPC for years, but still bought with a HPIers charter, and wants 'innocence' for buyers of recent years who were 'carried away' ------ er just like him and his HPIers charter? Digsby bought recently, and I've not posted about it, but I also feel same way as you do re Digsby - but he's an adult and I don't think he would want me worrying about him - to do so almost seems disrespectful to his own market choice, vs my expectation for HPC. And I don't know what type of house he bought, savings put in etc. It may be a balanced position. He's smart so I expect it will be. He made his own choice. He went through rationale of why he bought. I've had moments of .... what about Digsby in a HPC... but I have to think of millions of renter-savers, future generations, and trust Digsby didn't overstretch, and bought a small house with manageable position overall. He knew just as much about market as I do, but bought. And in some areas, from time-to-time, I do see value. I nearly bought 14 months ago, and almost ever day have pangs of regret at not buying that house.... even if it fell 30%-50% it wouldn't really hurt my overall position (price was <£200K). That's just 5-10 years rent. And it was at a fair level overall (2003 price imo). And then I could be away from the Blanket Sympathy positions.. (if any HPC... year after year after year after year)...with a home. If I had bought I wouldn't need any other HPCers giving it the 'Venger needs sympathy if any HPC' for I considered it all. In the end we didn't buy it for we didn't want to move 80 miles away. We rent and hope for HPC. Good. I can buy but I refuse to. Also same empathy for those who are stuck renting with no choice, for their savings goes nowhere vs HPI++++/BTLer extremes. HPC.
  14. You've made 181 posts. You repeatedly claimed you've been here since 2005 - so where's your forum account. Why only join up in 2017? 2005 you keep claiming. In 181 posts you've bigged up how you took your bearings from one of the main property-HPIers Wallayat) who you happily tell us was so HPI+++ right (vs HPC forum) - and by your own admission you find the forum a misery and people bitter that they are priced out in housing financialisation/BTLer-ism. You're an out-and-out troll - I can see right through you. If Moderators don't like it they can take action against me - forum is teeming/riddled with trolls at the moment, and I'll be just as honest/integrity HPC off the forum as I am on it, holding same viewpoints and wanting BTLers taken down/HPC. You project yourself as old HPC (and knowledgable of all matters HPCers discussed), but you want us to accept buyers are uniformed innocents who get carried away, including yourself. You've basically set out all the anti-HPC positions there, everything many HPCers stand against - while claiming yourself such a well-read HPCer - YOU WANTED MORE HPI "genuinely thought HPI+++ had much further to run", and "house prices to the moon"....... which sees renter-savers wiped out. Full on HPIers Charter behind your choice to sell 2013 flat for 60% mad-gainz, and buy house. You have equity. Stop with the 'cancer' if it's HPC fearmongering, and HPC doesn't automatically mean recession. You're no innocent caught up in the madness. You're a HPIer who now wants to play innocent, while also trying to hold up all other buyers of recent times as 'innocent' as you were!! What... by reading HPC, calling us bitter and miserable forum - and questing for HPI++++. And either are most other owners/buyers. We have to look at the market and make adult decisions...many of us want a home. If someone pays £500,000 for a house I think worth £250,000 - it was their market choice. The thing with disenfranchised is he's a good HPCer but with such a super-soft heart, and sadly a bit of superiority about himself (IMO). He sees buyers as lessor vs his own market knowledge imo. When we the last time you tipped into me for not having sympathy disenfranchised.. a few years ago? When house prices 30%-50% cheaper..... it's a reoccurring thing with some HPCers... vs foreverHPI, and seeing buyers as lacking what they know about market - which is just ridiculous. It's synthetic sympathy and reveals something of them having superior view over people who buy houses, who clearly lack their superior wisdom about market. He just read glanced at your post and didn't even see the pure HPIers charter in there for your choice to buy. It served his ego to see buyers as innocents / in need of sympathy. All he needed was the first sentence about 'easy for buyers to get carried away', but couldn't even see the HPIers charter you have, in your choice to buy. At these prices buyers are on their own. None of those reasons are HPCer reasons. (HPI+++ to the moon / money to be wiped out). There is no innocence. Just people in a market buying houses/renting. No one needs dis's approval to buy a house with his view that in need of sympathy if prices fall. Many HPCers bought/will buy, and if it falls in value, such is the market. Synthetic sympathy just for own ego to think one knows much better. 10+ years counting the win from HPC. Go visit a hospital ward or something - volunteer and do something for people who actually need sympathy, not those who slagged HPC and bought with a HPIers charter of HPI+++++ to the moon, and money wiped out, while claiming to be 'so HPC since 2005 - but only joining in 2017 with 181 posts - and many of them having a knock at HPC forum/HPCers. You HPC perspective isn't my perspective. You would have hoped for HPI and seeing it as 'money in the bank'. So if it's HPC take it. I want an end to housing financialisation for good of generations to come and for society - and stand against it to the end - you glory in it, for me-me-me view. There's despair maybe, but we have to make our own market choices. I rent and refuse to pay these prices. Other renting friends too. Other people bought at higher prices year after year. Many sat on mad-gainz super positions during all the years HPCers being telling about their synthetic sympathy for owners/buyers. You could buy but you don't (and I'm glad you have great financial position). We all have to take market positions. What's all your synthetic sympathy about for houseface2000 as a buyer? Or other buyers of yonks ago !! (vs mad gains since then). And when they do, they don't need your synthetic sympathy. As you say, some seen HPC risks since 2003.... some here rented since 2003. It's a market out there. There's no HPC yet... that report simply suggested weakness at £2m+ end and fewer registering buyers. I can hope there's HPC, but all the while got the synthetic sympathisers, including for those who are trolls with HPI Charters, who want you/us to see buyers/owners as human shield... "misery" if HPC happens etc, and 'innocent and carried away' - when they couldn't give a damn for renter-savers.... he wanted more HPI+++ when he bought... savers wiped out.... he had own market view. Yeah entire forum - but you are a troll... you say that because you don't want to be outed as the troll that you are. Close down the forum! Nowt to talk/discuss here. Just accept your priced-out-forever renting destiny. He's an out and out troll. It's fun in a way, because I see those with superior market views/sympathy givers totally led a merry dance by them. HPCers who think themselves the smart wolves of the market and being able to see what majority of innocents in the market can't see, looking like baby-lambs in being blind to the trolls on the forum - blind and suckered in time after time to the trolls.
  15. Claims to have been on HPC since 2005-2006 (miserable forum / bitter renter-savers priced out / renting enables BTLers and he would never rent / better to focus on travelling and other interests/ forum calls troll too easy) He would never have got any of this from my posts, nor post of many renter-savers/owner-hpcers on the forum. So go on @disenfranchised - blanket sympathy? (I do have sympathy just not blanket sympathy for the HPIers/Trolls/BTlers). What about @adarmowho has fully taken you through all the steps on why he isn't wrong to have recently bought at something toward £500,000 - and is generally looking down on your position (in recent thread) he/they doesn't need your sympathy. In HPC - although he really doubts 23% fall - he tells you he will upsize!! They make their own choices... and houseface2000 sure has his own market view, view about priced-out renters enabling BTLers, misery on forum.... together with all the reasons he choose to buy - which are exact opposite of what many HPCers hold true to (that prices can fall and the HPIers/BTLers to take losses, not always renter-savers). If prices fall then it's not death. He may have loads of equity. Made his choice and it was a choice he fully admits was based on ForeverHPI and renter-savers to carry it/lose. Pity The Homeowner - who looks down on renter-savers/HPCers generally (miserable / bitter / go travelling instead). HPC Brother... ! houseface2000 !! You've fallen straight into his 'pity the innocent homeowner(s)' nonsense. Begin the bailout if prices fall!!! Reading HPC forum or so many years (he claims), while emailing property-investor/HPIist Wallayat.... "so easy to get caught up in the madness" - he made his choices, and other posts show he had no intention renting (enabling BTLer). Getting his bearings from property-investors vs miserable HPC, and longing for what would have been (supposedly) Wallayat's advice (vs wrong-HPC) '£170,000 tax-free profitz' from one house in housing financialisation he laments not buying to gainz from, if only he had followed the HPI guru (vs HPC). If market goes down on him, tough. It's go up against others x2 / x3 / x4. We have to take our positions. He's already outlined, earlier this month, he sold his flat for 60% more than purchase, and bought a house that hadn't gone up by same amount, in another area. And how he's pleased by his choice; 'worked for me". Cmon; we were having 'Pity The Homeowner/Buyer' in 2013 on HPC. He's sold if for 60% mad-gainz, and bought again. No sympathy fest needed. He's here claiming been on HPC for ages - but he claims he only saw more and more HPI, and savers being wiped out. Renting = enabling BTLers. His market view. Clearly not read many other HPCers posts about QE/FLS /BTLer double-down as a way of making banks stronger to handle future HPC (if we get one that is). Can't have it each and every way. It's a house, at a price he choice to pay, in a market (and he may have loads of equity)- not an pity-for-owners who may, one day (said over 10 years now during x2 HPI in many areas) see house prices fall. You can't have it each and every way, including renters-who-should-do-something-more-productive like go travelling, and 'stop being bitter' and HPC forum = miserable
  16. Yes but I've read about Pity The Homeowner for 10 years on HPC.... and what about some renters savers who pay up £10K+ a year to landlords... Gen Rent, others who have paid up £100,000+ in rent. If if if if. No one is stopping anyone on owner side coming out to sell. Article is about stubborn sellers refusing to take lower prices 'They don't need to' - and price weakness at £2m+ range. Also @disenfranchised HPC would only be loss of value. What about real life problems. What about renter-savers positions. This guy was an owner for years, and made his own market choices to upsize. Also he's claimed to have lurked on HPC since 2005, but 2015 member with 175 posts. And many of those posts winding me up to say the least. So now we have his "It's easy to get caught up in the madness / made me more reckless because I sold existing place to a BTLer" - and - "I genuinely thought it had much further to run and money would be made worthless whiles assets went to the moon" - all his own market position, and he wouldn't have got any of that view from any of my posts on HPC, as a renter-saver. I have sympathy, but only where it is due. Not blanket sympathy. I've seen some HPCers move to cheaper areas (shame really for they are seriously highly qualified but no longer in areas where they can put their skills to productive use for employers), to buy a house. Seen other HPCers buy houses at lower end of market, where without housing financialisation, they would have been able to afford something decent for their families with an £80K salary. At the moment my sympathy is with GenRent vs BTLers/HPIers.... there's no HPC yet (in any of the main areas). Look, houseface2000 made his choice. See London_thirty-three's position. He's an adult not seeking any sympathy with a view to buying in future, if it then falls in value. Why all the quest to sympathise. houseface2000 may have bags of equity. No you don't. Maybe by one or two individuals, but push back against them if you have an issue - not the entire forum. And you do get called a troll for some actual trolling positions on HPC. Trolls, and trolling positions happen/real. Yes- let's close down HPC forum, and madly priced out 'bitter' renter-savers in housing financialiation/BTLer with claims on million of homes to accept their renting destiny, and got travelling instead with their families. Hmm. Another Wallayat follower, who seems often on side of pushing HPI/property investment And @disenfranchised - he's regretful of not even more mad-gainz. He doesn't sound like any HPCer to me, but you get ready with the hugz if you want to. Exactly @dugsbody - except it is more than that imo.
  17. As I recall reading it he was late to the party anyway and scoffed a bit at it, before getting involved, and making initial 'mad-gainz' - then just as you both say, piled in to quest for 'moar'. More and more and more. Also; "**** them" - I hope they lose it all (these BTLers). They are adults in a housing supply and affordability CRISIS for the young - fully complicit and responsible for their own market choices. Many of HPC could have done BTL but haven't - they fully recoil from BTL. They didn't. They attempted to rally the market with some jawboning statements, but gave up on it within 24 hours a week - no reinflating that bubble. Although of course there were recriminations. Many who seemed to have come out of it with mad-gainz involved (seller/broker/company side) were scapegoated by those on losing side of things, and also by system/politicians (as I recall reading it), to justify their positions.
  18. Someone on Twitter picked up on it yesterday. Kept thinking on it all day. [Edit Note: to Moderators on duty: Image above was released to Twitter general public by the FT journalist - link proof - so fair use imo.] strong case for increasing taxes on buy-to-let landlords - to help first-time buyers Strong case? They need to be slammed for tax. Although I realise thread topic is now about young trying to get into BTL, according to the original post article journo. You see it on PropertyTribe and other BTL forums from time to time... their adult worldview market choice. "Hi I'm 18,21,25 and just inherited £80,000 / £250,000+ and I really want to start my property journey. " Oh here's one... Although I've read such threads for 10 years. Young tipping up and wanting to get into BTL. Year after year. Many now older with more BTL properties - but position as a whole is ever fewer young involved in BTL imo (apart from renting from the BTLers of course). Only thing that can be said about this recent one above, is at least there is more caution on some of the HPIers/BTLers replies, rather than just a while ago (pre S24 announced) what with "Mad-gainz... you've seen the light.... BTL best thing since sliced bread get those rent-forever-loser tenants paying and HPI+++++." You know what - they know what they seek to do. I am hard positioned on the other side of matters. My family and my renting friends do not exist to live in concern for those who choose to BTL (whatever age). Do they have concern for priced-out in a housing shortage (not for my old landlord with 5 houses now worth x3-x5 paid for in life of easy life for his and his wife)? No. HPI+++/BTLism doesn't care about renters/priced out over the decades, with BTLers having claimed millions of homes. HPC them out of the way. So if it's HPC in future then good. Being 'younger' doesn't give you any excuse. Still a full functioning adult wanting to buy up homes in housing financialisation. Do something productive instead. --------------------------------- That's the main position. BTL isn't a millennial position vs wider market as a whole - it's just rubbing it in for rest of young in GenRent.
  19. ...we only need a few who do decide to sell, to bring down extreme-peaky values for their neighbours, imo. Although I can't get that excited when it's £2m+ owners taking lower prices. Needs to really cascade on down from where we are now. Anyway that article suggests instruction levels slowing (not good), but fewer would-be buyers registering, and some sellers accepting lower prices. Then on and on it goes, including a mix of different views from EAs each with their own outlook. Luckyone has not be very active on HPC, with only two posts made since 2015, but he still pops in. Although I always got the impression of an international jet-setting finance guy (with home in USA and somewhere else) ... if that was the position, I could never decide how I felt about that, for he kept winning me around with some good 'HPC viewpoints' even if they didn't come to pass (yet). It's that bubble thing.... Real Estate Bubbles: I still hold LuckyOne is correct about London being a real focus point.
  20. Just yesterday on the BTLers Regrouping thread many a poster came out with sympathy view for owners of years ago who chose to buy with IO mortgages as 'missold and victims and in need of compensation - that they didn't know what they were doing'. So I push back. Maybe you could pushback instead. You've seen the need to pull me into this thread with nothing less that a sweeping go at me. I'm involved with many HPCers and they know who they are. Don't need to impress you. Put me on ignore if you want - it won't affect the other HPCers that I am close to. Just as an aside... we're sort of experienced with people who tell other people how to post. Although yet to find out much about your own position for you only have 176 posts..... you think you may be the voice of superior reason, but please prove it. Last low-count new 2017 member to tip into me was nothing but an eager would-be BTLer.
  21. Yes but you also jumped a conclusion where you had to then backtrack and apologise to me, when another newb was ultra-narky and defensive to some gently ribbing from one most intelligent minds on the forum, and you instantly jumped to the conclusion they were referring to me. anonlymouse's narky post toward me doesn't need you backing it up imo - after you've already had one massive fail with your position toward me.
  22. Haven't you got to hurry up and buy a house or something. I don't recall having any exchange with you about anything in your 176 posts 2017 member. If you disagree with any point I've made, why haven't you pointed it out and given me opportunity to see your perspective. Instead you've come out with a sweeping attack on my position on HPC. The last newb who came out of nowhere to have a go at me (71 posts at the time, 76 now) turned out to be an would-be BTLer, so you can't shake me - you've not established yourself on the forum with 176 posts from 2017. Boo-hoo he didn't like the position I had held for years, and will always hold, about BTL and it being greedy and societally destructive. There's no housing shortage for my landlord, with 5 x £375,000+ houses. That we can get loads of housing supply by nuking landlords. (h/t Georgist today on Twitter)
  23. @thewig We've been through this so many times - I'm not going to get involved with you about it on this thread, the thread to follow the BTLers squealing and hopefully set to sell more hoarded/claimed properties off back to market, about the BTLers finding themselves under ratchet of S24, with all their claims on multiple properties and feasting on the rent. You hold your superior view about people-being-programmed with no minds/free-will of their own - and only you as one of the few who have broken free to elevated superiority about the full truth of matters. I will hold my own view. We all look out on the market and see different things - millions of different minds - but housing is a scarce resource. We all have to make a choice about housing (renting, buying, selling - and some minded to have laid claim to more and more houses to try and capture finances of others). Many hope for HPI++++. Many had those hopes fulfilled to extremes. It's a market out there. 10s of millions of different outlooks. As HMRC/HM Treasury said to the BTLers; every BTLers position is different/unique. And that is the same for every individual out there. Other buyers down the years, and BTLers, just paying up £400,000 on Manchester/Cheshire Semi-Detached housing on programming (£250K,£300K a few years ago during same 'quest for innocence'. "It's like they're not in a market, can't have their own views towards value etc - because of programming." Can't lose can they. Purest innocence if prices go down, which many a superior has expected for years, but only seen prices go up 50%-100% more. The BTLers with multiple properties just 'programmed' to exploit/take advantage. Richard Dyson is an individual who sees the world his way - fully expressing that renter-savers are all about jealousy/envy etc. There's quite a few 'HPCers' with not much to say, mostly posting on non-housing-topics, but when they do tip up on housing, it's basically "Stop wishing recession/misery - stop wanting house prices to go down so you can get a bargain." Different views. They have their own positions and their own minds. Tens of millions of entirely different competing and conflicting views. We can all learn to practice caution. Risks exist and we have to operate within the world.
  24. So what. They're just innocent victims these BTLers. 20 years of innocence. The quest that everyone is just a beautiful human being inside, but led astray be big-bad influences, and buying up the homes to rent out to others. "Begin the compensation if prices fall." Sometimes you have to draw the line, and decide what your position is. They choose BTL in a housing supply and affordability crisis for other people. I question a lot of positions on this thread because, as I understand it, it's not easy to buy a BTL unless you already have a home of your own (mortgaged/outright)
  25. My final position about it. A BTLer with 42 properties giving it, "I'm a victim... tenants are anti-social... not a Princess like me on other side of the rent-roll.... wouldn't have bought 42 properties over 15 years... entrapment... and a family member is at end of 25 year IO mortgage and in NE and a victim too." Seriously.... Yes in this world of IO mortgages for the young, in GenRent..... for IO mortgages homeowners of yonks ago. Where would-be buyers only have to look at cheapest deal by far and think, "Interest Only - this is right for me with cheapest by far payments and makes me an owner at end." In a market where prices doubled and more from yonks ago. How far do you want to 'get into it' to understand what you're doing when buying a house. Should be like buying a cheeseburger from McDonalds. People don't want to know if it means they can't outbid their renting neighbour. Begin the compensation for the HPI++++ victims vs Gen Rent.
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