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  1. It's a good article. I don't have FT subscription (only The Times) but it did allow me to click into it a couple of times yesterday.
  2. Agreed. Although the big push about supply/building tells a different story. Yet; "Living in a different world." - KABOOM! One can hope for follow-ups in Budget. Although can always expect them to play both ends, and they're not going to suddenly announce 'HPC'. Up to now it's always been 'build more' and 'help' for the young....against so many many years vs runaway HPI and BTLer double-down. So its a matter of working out which way the come down. They will offer more 'help'/'build more' fanfare, but I'm looking to see anything that sticks it to the BTLers. They don't always come out with exactly what they mean as their main purpose - although I don't hold out too much hope from Chancellor Hammond... with PM May's Govt. What did she apparently say a few months ago... "It's all about keeping the schemes going." May... 2nd property interest too on the rent-out? How much HPI+++++ do you need? They do have to think about others vs extremes.
  3. So renter-savers are just immune to all the attractions of homeownership, and it's just a cold academic exercise for us, watched on from happy existence of paying up the rent, year after year, to many different BTLer landlords, and beholding the ForeverHPI++ phenomenon as nothing to be concerned about, or nothing to affect our own lives? HPC forum priced out renter-savers as 'intellectuals' with hardier constitutions to all the appeals of owning a home -vs the greatness of renting in this market. Other people buy, and they buy for many many different reasons, including belief prices can't fall, they prices represent good value, and that prices will continue to go up. (and more) It seems one of your reasons you bought a home (in 2013) was that the VI in charge all position for HPI+++ and that HPC can't happen? Yet 'intellectual' HPCer renter-savers 'know so much more' and can take the brunt of HPI+++ from rented-side, vs the wider innocent owners? Only money? Although if prices fall and you're willing to 'fall on your sword' ? That's what you're suggesting? Surely it can't be that bad... what deposit did you put down... what's your equity position atm? So frequently the HPIers/sympathy givers (if prices fall) have to bring in injury/cancer involved, at the prospect of house prices going down. Prices here up some 30%-40% since 2013 (it seems to me), and asking prices even higher, with so few houses up for sale on the market. As a new member, or even as maybe a sock-puppet account, you don't have the right to make a play on my username either - which is one reason I was pissed off at thewig for his two slights, knowing the HPIers/BTLers would try and latch onto it, and so I pushed back to him each time. Wig in enlightenment to all those below him - who are 'programmed' - inc myself apparently. I know there is greed in the market. There is complacency as well. One can hope it gets found out. If enough people refused to buy, then imo, it's more likely. However they don't. They buy. They made their own adult market choices in buying (for many reasons) a property. There's many wealthy people. Lot of money around. Bomad money too. It's not a market full of tapped out 'innocent' buyers/owners. Even I think some value exists in some areas. You took your decision to buy a home in 2013. It was your choice. BTW @thewig Greg laughs at "CountofNowt" I laugh at all @Greg Bowman hypocritical 2016 VI positioning at HPC meaning "could be displacing an owner who may have fallen on hard times" (which would be very unlikely for most buyers - for so many owners with crazy amounts of equity where any HPC is just a hit to their ego), when in 2010 he did just that... buying from someone a step away from repo. Now he's STR'd again, it's all "get the HPC going".
  4. Keep polishing your Rolex watch, watching all your £250,000 investments yielding 8%, and telling me you're ambivalent to house prices ("which is more than can be said for some members of this forum" from inherited home somewhere at high end of the market All you ever come back with is 'Venger wants recession just so can buy a house' / 'Homeowner misery in a HPC / HPC causes recessions' That's your continuous echo. It's almost worth it to me to properly rip into you, even if it risks me getting a perm-ban on posting - I'm always HPC on forum, and off forum. In two minds about that..HPC forum has many brillaint/top minds (who I have learned from) but such a test with other trolls/anti HPCers and superiors (flat-earth / buyers all programmed to buy no matter what price). Then there's you KoJ. My position is simply one where prices are out of range for priced out professionals, on good incomes, in this market - a market where BTLers, including my own landlord, own multiple homes. I may have overdone it on enthusiasm about one HPCers old house (£150,000 HPI profitz in just a few years), bought in 2011, sold earlier this year. Simply to prove a point vs those who were claiming didn't know what he was doing in 2011. Yet sold... no longer lives there - posted in 2017 that he's renting elsewhere (including that in my post.. although accept one of the Mods positions for theoretically maybe someone could go a digging for more on newest location after he's moved on somewhere totally new) - but point still valid. Buyers make their own choices, and haven't all be bad in recent years. Far better outcomes than renting. You just got a temp-ban on a totally unacceptable post - and that's without all your other positioning - you chose me for I'm someone who wants HPC.
  5. Not a single mention of the BTLers - that I could see. Just something about longer tenancies and build more more more. I don't want the housing market to work for the BTLers, with their claims on millions of homes, and maybe millions more homes if they continue to enjoy tax-advantages.
  6. You're not got a great record on the synthetic sympathy positioning yourself. 2011... when once you'd just bought as a 'step away from repo' it was all about pushing back against those of us on renter-saver side, in a BTLer price-situation market with prices so out-of-whack with earning, wanting better affordability. Guilt-tripping. Now you've STR'd (again recently) you want to get "The HPC Message" out there, hoping prices fall. It's not speculation. It's professional priced out / refuse to pay these prices... and so frequently guilt tripped to think of those who have chosen to buy (with sympathy for them) - with no certainty of HPC. Years of it.
  7. Read almost 9 years of sympathy for buyers on hpc forum from many a member, year on year on year 'if prices crash' - vs house prices inflating away. London near doubled... prices here 40% above 2007. Do they want your sympathy? Do they deserve your sympathy? You don't know all their situations (for buyers of recent years - and this sympathy lark for buyers been going on for 9 years). It can't be sympathy when a buyer has had £250,000 bomad gifted money for buying. Oh he bought in 2015 and prices are down 'begin the sympathy?' - no one forced them to buy in 2015.. prices are up, and they have massive amounts of equity. It's a matter of fact and degree, on individual circumstances. Not pre HPC (if it ever ever happens) blanket sympathy. When HPC is no certainty at all.
  8. Well the individual has sold the house; was a guess at location anyway - and moved/renting elsewhere (totally unknown). The house has new owners, totally unconnected to any HPC member - sold in 2017 - no longer living there. However point taken. Was enthusiasm for proving that buyers bought and seen massive HPI - despite all the doubters/people who thought buyers making wrong choices at the time. That renters in same time-frame far worse off vs the HPI taken place. Buyers make their own free-will market choices -vs- years of posts that buyers are innocent/don't know what they're doing vs these prices. No one is dragging anyone into buying, and no all buyers buy because they have too much hardship as renters - at all - despite those who want to claim so. They buy for millions of different reasons, including seeing good value, expecting more HPI. It's their adult market choice to buy houses. And if they can't put up with renting, where millions do, then that's on them (if prices fall).
  9. Tipping into me again. You see 10s of millions of people as 'programmed' to pay whatever asking price (errr I can't pay £750,000 for a house) and innocent of everything they do. Forum has so many superior-egos... horrible big egos that see people as lessor/incapable. Yet you push flat-earth theory, big conspiracy about WTC, and all the NASA stuff from your view of knowing so much more?
  10. It's not hatred - you have only recently joined up in 2017 with a view that 'buyers don't know what they are doing' - from the older homeowner side of the market. And you laughed off the renter-saver side who have been really up against it, as not mattering as much as those who have bought. It's defending free-choice to buy - not seeing all buyers as 2lessor/forced into it / innocents / 'everyone wants lower prices'." No one dragging anyone into it. It's been 'Pity the Buyers/Owners' for years on HPC - despite it proving to have been a far superior financial choice than renting for so many of those buyers. It's defending individuals against those who would cast them as "lessor/incapable/innocents forced to buy" at these prices. Because they made their own choice to buy. And many buyers with BOMAD money / high earnings / expectations of more HPI+++. Collateral damage? Some loss in value? So many HPCers making it out that prices falling is like 'cancer/death/blood spill' - human shielding it for free-will owner side. And yet that's what millions of other renters do. People also buy because they expect more HPI+++++++++++ look at the reasons houseface2000 gave for buying recently, on this very thread !!! "HPI+++++ savers wiped out." adarmo with his doubts HPC is possible. He bought because thinks best thing to do vs renting. Yet you're casting them as just wanting to get out of renting - innocence. Banks make mortgages to people who apply to them and pass all the necessary checks from 2013-2017. Including to RB when he bought in 2011. We've not had this big HPC in many areas.... just loads more HPI++ caused by buyers paying ever higher prices out of their own adult free choice. We can't have a market where there is no downside to paying too much, and at worse, if prices fall, some go into negative equity. It's human shielding it to protect HPI++ mad-gainz out of the majority of outright owners in the market. They all have choice, and different view of market. There may be no HPC. We each have to take market positions. Rent or Buy (or Sell) - those are the choice - and some in rented have no choice at all but to stay renting because prices so high. My sympathy is with them.
  11. House prices run on money. At least you position that house prices won't fall unless something cause it. So many journos (and wealthy outright owners on forum) position the other way, vs the big bads who want house prices to fall into range of reasonable earnings. IMO that question has internalised the nonsense that underpins the daft piece. Here's the place where the idiocy slips into the argument: Collinson is suggesting both a sequence and a causation. House price crash causes "the whole economy" to come "crashing down". I don't buy it. It's much more likely that the causation will run the other way. Broader problems in the economy lead us into recession and then when the recession hits the housing market starts to fall. Another perspective is that the central problem for the UK is that the economy is unduly centred on the housing market and therefore the attempt to separate the housing market from the economy is an attempt to analyse the UK economy by first neglecting its defining feature (I vaguely remember an old joke where an economist called the current UK economy words to the effect of a hedge fund gambling on property). If if if if it ever crashes/sees prices fall more in line with earnings. Where productive workers get opportunity to buy vs unproductive HPI speculators thinking of homes as 'investments' / proud of what it's worth mad-gainz. My family, and many other renter-savers been hit with hardship on the way up, vs HPI++++ runaway, followed by Govt/Central Bank policies that protected house prices, and saw new BTLer double down, and the HPIers+++++ maintain position and then continue again. 10 years+. And it is 'this way' because the vast majority of people in the system wanted it to be this way - it's also hard cold reality. Wishing it were different and much fairer, won't make it so - well not without restructuring/changes that threaten the mad-gainz positions of people who have no interest in fairness and will position to protect their mad-gainz. They are not just waiting to be 'led into the light'. Also if they refused to buy, then things would change. HPCers can picket the EAs if they want.... madness. People have to be allowed to be free to make their own adult market choices.... and we can all see these asking prices. Years of HPCers worrying about buyers... and some of them now outright owners years later + huge HPI - vs- renters worse off than ever vs house prices in many areas. Where are all the protests? Joy... not waiting to be led into the light. Their own market views. Virtually risk free..... / investment. "Protect the homeowners for their innocence"
  12. That's exactly the position of my family - and proven by my 9 years a member on HPC forum as a renter-saver. Yet nearly every single week/month of each year, reading those positioning as you do, with 'pity the buyer' / 'pity the homeowner' You post about the £100,000+ you've spent on renting. Well it's the same for my family and other families on the renting side. We've got no equity to show for it. We've endured S21s. We've endured mouldy conditions (from structural issue/windows) and landlords giving it the 'condensation'..... and rubbing their chins about serving an S21 if you make an issue out of it. My position would have been vastly improved if I had bought in 2008/09 (or earlier for I had option of doing so). Would have seen prices fly higher (not that I ever wanted/want that) and rates held so low to get stuck into the mortgage. I didn't and take the brunt of the market with it. There was a HPCer (with a grudge against banks) who recently told how his friend was turned down for a mortgage into the crunch (on affordability reasons), and bought a smaller home, and is well on way to owning it outright now. He sticks it to the bank, on behalf of his friend.... but not much view to those of us priced-out on renter-saver side. Compare that to my family's own position - more priced out than ever... inventory on market (for sale) almost non-existant in some of my search areas. Renting from an older BTLer with 5 houses. The reason I call your position as worse than the BTLers/HPIers - is I see you as a threat to freedom. You're going on and on and on about 'What if' for some buyers, if if if if there's a HPC.... and casting it in worse possible terms. As I have read from so many others in the past, vs HPI++++++ and those buyers selling for more/worth far more... far better off than renters. And all this 'hardship' all depends on their being a HPC. I've seen buyers of small flats of a few years ago (against the 'Pity The Buyer' types on HPC) sell them on for £100K+ more in London. It's always about those who buy houses at prices you/others think too high - when you don't know anything about each buyer. Their attitude as to what is value. Their earnings/earning prospects. Any inheritance. Just cast all buyers as brainwashed innocents lacking your balance and clarity and deeper understanding about the market - even when you could have bought many many years ago, and close to being an owner outright by now. You didn't buy and market ran away from you (as it did me). Adults buy houses because they think it's better than renting. You can't have it two ways. If they didn't buy, more likely a HPC would come. And many of those buyers (even of recent years) seen market make them far better than renting. And there are big big big winners in this market. Not everyone has been a loser. Look at 65243's position from nearly 2 years ago...... Wow - they wouldn't be in strong position to upsize to the nicer homes... boo-******-hoo. (if there's any HPC) - and not in position to bid for same homes some renter-savers may finally be in position to buy at more affordable price for their families... if any HPC. If there's a HPC, so what if some go into negative equity. (You're always positioning worse case about 'wiped out' /repossessions/ bankruptcy - and there may not be many on buyer OO side into a HPC). £100,000+ in rent hasn't killed me. They made their adult choices to buy vs renting - and many have bought during all this 'What if / pity the buyer' and seen prices double vs HPCers constant squeal that buyers aren't as clever as them with their huge egos. It's they/not you. I'm a RENTER-SAVER who refuses/can't pay these prices.. can't stop those who do... including so many people I know who look down on renters, have huge bomad monies... and expect more HPI -- that hpc can't happen. They made their adult choice. Millions of people - all different in so many ways, including buyers who have bomad/inheritance... who have good earnings (ACA who recently chewed you out dissy) who bought recently. They don't need your superior view/pity as a whole... for something people like you been fretting over for so many years, but hasn't happened in main areas (HPC).... only prices doubling again in London during all this 'Pity The Buyers'. Other adults have to make their own choices. We can all see the asking prices. There may be a few younger ones who don't get a good outcome in a HPC (eg HTBers) but we can't have them used as human shields vs HPC Pretending to have the moral high ground by holding up property owners as a human shield is just another form of gloating IMV -"look at me, I care" (I know so much more - and if there's a HPC... so unfair on innocent buyers) - and it's just that, pretending. And it's not just from the owner side/buyer side (houseface2000) - it's also from the huge-ego side on renters, who see buyers as not as clever as them... victims.... year after year after year... with house prices almost doubling in parts in London.
  13. Eh...? BTLers are full on about themselves most of the time, although a few now deeply concerned about S24. I don't read them fretting about FTBs/upsize owners of this year, last year, or any other year in the past. They are all about capturing Generation Rent. ..anyone smirking on HPC side at prospect of it - if any HPC were to ever happen. houseface2000 gave you all his views for why he bought. The belief in forever HPI (to the moon from here) and renter-savers being wiped out. houseface2000 also all about the HPI anyway, telling on his emails to Wallayat - and how houseface2000 now regrets missing out on £180,000+ mad-gainz if he'd followed Wallayat. If it's loss for him ahead (price go down) , doesn't need violins. All about HPI chasing. His market view. Just as the couple briefly mentioned in Sunday Times (with pic above) - their market view. "It seems unlikely the market will get any better for first-time-buyers" And they have an inheritance behind them in buying recently...... You know what... he's taken his market-view (if he's actually bought) - the main thrust of his positioning was to draw out "the greatest sympathy of people who know less than me" types. ("Begin the bail-out / Can't have HPC / misery/bankruptcies - Protect the HPI ") I really get all that. Fully get it. We already lost, in a big way - well I feel it - vs the HPI/BTL madness to extremes. (Others won't feel that way). Yet we have no certainty of HPC. We have to take position. I can't do anything for those who choose to buy. They see it as the better option than renting. I've been reading about sympathy for buyers for 10 years, with many years of it on HPC forum, from HPCers who believe they know more.... vs prices some 40% above 2007 prices in my area.... and my family still renting. It's their adult market choice. No one has been dragging them into Estate Agents, to viewings (50 viewings for one recent couple in article of earlier this week) before buying. However this.... And it's their adult market choice. If they'd listened (or were controlled by) some 'superiors' then many would be as priced out as I am - when in fact their sat on mad-gainz / low rate smaller mortgage paid down. I just don't know how you can take that position. It's not your choice. It's someone else's choice. Other adult(s) - and many with millions of different reasons for why buying has made sense... .2004-2017. Where are the sellers fearing your big HPC? Millions of owners but inventory on market in my area scraping historic lows. I really don't know who you think you are when it comes to other people's adult market choices - millions of different minds. No one forced them to buy a small home (and it will be bigger than that). It's their choice. And it's their debt. And it's all IF IF IF IF IF HPC happens. It's not for GenRent to always worry/carry the owner side. 7 out of 10 owners with no mortgage (or thereabouts). I know someone who bought in 2008, upsized in 2013, and upsized again in 2016. It's their market choice. They have super rich parents if worse came to worse. They think renters are idiots. They have their own adult market view. They also believe in more HPI++++. Who are you to position buyers/owners That includes me/us on renting side. Can't you see the glaring conflict in your position. You've spent so many many years renting - and seen runaway HPI+++++ - even from 2012 in London prices. And all the while others tipping into me how 'buyers are innocent/don't know enough' - it's ridiculous. I put such a worldview as worse than BTLer and worse than HPIers.... adults have their own market views, and they don't need to be bossed-around by a would-be control squad. People have their own minds. They chose buying above renting - and it's got nothing to do with you. You can't guilt trip me about their owner position. If enough people said no/refused to view / buy small apartments, they wouldn't be built. (Although BTLers bought many). It's all on the buyer - I'm on the Resistance side of long-term renter vs HPI+++++++++++++++++ /BTL ++++++++++++++++++ If any HPC ever comes to market. Maybe you should picket the Estate Agents dissy. Protect adults from going to viewings. It's their market choice, not yours... you don't know anything about how other buyers think (everyone is entirely different) or their financial positions and market expectations. Only this view of if HPC hits (these owner victims) - but I've read that for 10+ years from so many 'I care' superiors, who ended up worse off financially than if they'd bought at same time they were sneering at the buyers then thought didn't know what they were doing. We have to take market positions. No one has been dragging adult buyers into buying at any point.
  14. It is brilliant @Mapatasy Although we have to position in this market - (Rent or Buy ... 'there is no middle ground' (Game of Thrones?). Also owners could cash in on mad-gainz... their choice, but thanks HTB/BTL to create an easy view of price-doesn't matter for many.... apparently house prices run on population growth, not money lol (for some). Renting in England is beyond ******** - the HPI-ism / the insecurity / the BTLers egos and power. Yet we have to position. HPCers get it from all angles, including those who defend BTL with their belief it's 'just business like any other' - holding to that even when young/renting... possibly wanting to get into it vs the rent-forever-losers. 2017......
  15. The point Neverwhere makes about how renters pay more is fully correct imo - in the BTL landlordism. You make a good point zugzwang - and in a way I know my mindstate has been deeply affected by events (BTLers/Gov) of so many years we've hoped some sense would finally prevail. If I could trust Government but they've been so involved in creating the housing mess of today... celebrating HPI+++++++++++/allowing BTLers to extremes. BTL with all its insecurity of tenure... other people lording it over you... the power. I don't trust Government with housing, whatsoever. It would be decades before we could switch to a rental model imo. And I don't want to live in a featureless apartment block the state throws up. No one is going to give their home up to the state to become renter. Indeed some argue for mortgages to be wiped out, and renter-savers to lose all their hard earned deposit in a reset - 'to begin again'. Homeownership for me - but not at any mad price, and not with the BTLers still in reap-the-rent positions. Also I like the idea of also being free from the state (even in a far improved rental situation/Germany or Spain - vs UK). Being able to make adjustments to the property as one sees fit (choice of front door etc) rather than relying on state. And my guess is there are sharp differences in circumstances across Germany (although they don't seem to have as much 'BTL' as us - private-landlord to working fool)... ...if only.
  16. Neverwhere bossed this topic for me, in the past.
  17. Totally @Dyson Fury More letters. To the Chancellor - who knows how he opposed Busta is to S24 !! 'Be careful what you wish for those' - hehe. Liked to look in on Gen Rent because one day one of us may want to rent one of his properties.... We have learned much about the BTLers minds as well, by looking in on BTL forums - we could see it before S24..... When people spend too much time in the land of Infinite Fun, indulging in all the riches thereof as special, despite being close up to the hardships others are going through (lessors) - then they are very defenceless to a reality shock. Totally. Hubris imo, from so many on the BTL side - especially all those who came out to claim they never took an interest in politics before Section24 (BTLers) but were now going to get fully involved.... despite having zero experience in political sphere/power dynamics. In the minds it's just an email - and power is ready to drop everything and comply/serve. There's another one... where he tells an MP (or someone) that he's stopped being 'proud to be British' (after S24 and off in 'tax exile'). Stopped being proud to be British because of a slight change to such generous tax reliefs. No one forced them to buy up moar and moar and moar homes, MEWing along the way, to create society of renters paying up the rent to them. They could see other people unable to buy. Active part of it. And... exactly at @Lavalas - how many BTLers been squealing BTLers not been in competition with FTBs/would-be upsizers for homes. To be fair to him I don't think Busta ever claimed that for himself... although never witnessed him push back against those who did. They want their CGT in the here-and-now imo - not rolled over to the never-ever. Just as I want far more of the homes claimed by the BTLers to begin coming back to market for owner-occupation (and not paying the BTLers their mad-gainz prices either for one).
  18. It's a clear 'tell'. Those who knock/dig at the forum / other members - low post counters (how many times recently a 2017 member has been claiming to have been reading the forum for 10+ years lol). When "difference of opinion" is often so basic... "People will just sit tight" / "Gov won't let it happen" / "Not building enough homes" / "BoE/Carney doesn't want a HPC on his watch / Core Voters / Can't have HPC for bank collapse I get that every day from all other areas outside of HPC. Yes it's okay to raise it from time to time and we can once again reassess or views about it - but it's questionable when it's same people pushing it time over, sort of as their cause. Although our forum (notice the 'our' - one tell that makes me suspicious is those who come on 'this forum'/'this place' and then launch into hpc being forever wrong / echo chamber / last place you can expect market views is from those who have spent so many years renting vs HPI++++ .... 'but I want hpc more than anyone honest')... is the main place I also get called up on "Venger doesn't allow difference of opinion." When you then look at the positions of the few who snipe that way (when there are robust and useful exchanges of different opinion) , it's almost always those who hold to 'people are programmed and not responsible even if they pay £750,000 for a house.. just doing what they're programmed to do" / people I later find are eager to BTL (hello monkeyprojects) / and a couple of posters who always come in with the same thing, time and time and time and time again; 'You're wishing misery and recession on people just so you can get a house cheaper" (and these guys housing super-wealthy HPI and big inheritors).
  19. How I imagine Megan Shaw at HMRC was thinking, each time the BTLers came to 'explain things to her' (BTL glory/ providing homes / 'homelessness' if BTLers sell / S24 knock on effects to Letting Agents, DIY stores, gas safety inspectors etc). Watch the full Busta video from 5 months ago... the man with the complete overview.... Tax / Big Business / Finance ^ ...feel this way quite often myself... vs all those who glory about BTL being capitalism / those involved programmed innocents / 'the sympathy' (if something ever happens.. year after year ... 10 years on)
  20. oh - the original "Forced To Become A Tax Exile?" thread is still there... Page 2 - Page 26 still there..... it's just Page 1 that has gone, but the original post from Mark 118 is still on each on the other pages forming his own topic thread. https://www.property118.com/forced-to-become-a-tax-exile/comment-page-2/#comments 10th August 2015. I don't know how his multi-decades a landlord BTL portfolio has become so much more work, in supposed 'tax-exile' from Malta, with Property Agents still outsourced. As per his claims in that video of 5 months ago... seems like two extreme of positions to me... "No two businesses are exactly the same. ...I live overseas. I use a property manager but I have a significantly larger 'portfolio' than some people, so I am still running a business because.. for myself and my wife it takes up a substantial amount of our time." Surely becoming a tax-exile has to be a matter of choice, for it to be even possible? You can't be forced to leave against one's preferred choice due to a Budget that adjusted tax-relief rules, for it's not freewill choice.... well that would be my guess - although I'm not a specialist. And even with choice, still seems there are challenges to prove oneself a 'tax exile' for UK tax purposes. I've read the rules many many times, but as I will always be a UK standard taxpayer (and maybe a Rent Forever Loser Forever), in this mad situation of existing homeowners mewing to have laid claim to so many other scarce homes (to take off the market, and often for years/lifetime, offering a 'service' of 'home providers' under ASTs, for those who can't afford to buy in ForeverHPI+++ paradise for BTLers), everything I've read about tax-exiledness/residency tax issues have never fully stayed in my head. With all the broader BTL stuff welcomed by the HPIers, and often quite a lot of superiors ("society" / "programmed" / "they know not what they do"). Page 1 replaced by their view on Taxation and Taxation Services. He told HMRC's Megan Shaw what he was doing (leaving UK)- apparently the did a lot of note taking in the meeting when he did a lot of talking. Being told is the same as approval right? "People power Ros" (hugz) - BTLers the core of the people eh. ______ ....From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an "Iron Curtain" has descended across the continent.
  21. Ah, this year's series of demands. He/they seemed quite confident in a recent video (of 5 months ago) of their ability to establish what is a property business. - I'm no expert in these matters myself. Snip of video from 5 months ago / - although there was another part of the main vide I found a lot of fun (rare to have someone who can give overview in 3 fields or something.. full video) so........ "No two businesses are exactly the same. ...I live overseas. I use a property manager but I have a significantly larger 'portfolio' than some people, so I am still running a business because.. for myself and my wife... it takes up a substantial amount of our time." (2017 - at a property event he want to host / Q&A - flew in from Malta, before flying back out to Malta - and back to 'tax-exiled-ness' - apparently) Errr...... Just strikes me as odd that if it's so involved to run BTL properties as a business, that one can do so in tax-exile. Hmmm... again I'm no expert. And even more confusing for me... from 10th August 2015... there is this, before tax-exile-ness - an admission that running his portfolio errr now 'BTL business' (?) only took a few hours a week............... (webpage no longer appears active link - although I have a screenshot - see below) - and more.. not primary business etc etc. (?) 'No more than a few hours a week running my portfolio' (many BTL properties acquired over nearly 4 decades) with a BTL portfolio of properties rented out to tenants in 2015..... suddenly becomes a business after one flies out to rent a place in Malta? That is confusing to me. Clickerty-click Although again I'm no tax-expert. Business vs Investors - hopefully HMRC will decide on many BTLers with S24 - and not accept investors with 'Got a BTL, 3 BTLs, 5, BTLs, 10 BTLs, 30 BTLs, 50 BTLs - and it's a business innit.' - Snips of HPC forum quotes, all by DrBuyToLeech (iirc) - his view, which I share / many renters would share imo - and one of the many minds of clarity for the reason I love HPC forum (in trying to establish 'What Is Going On'). Of course all HPC regulars knows I could go on and on, with other super examples from other HPCers - but I don't want to distract from main questions of 'Business vs Investor' above. (I still have link to his letter of 2016 to Chancellor Phillip Hammond - telling him the Chancellor what would be for the best - for him/BTLers) It doesn't seem right - but I'm not a taxation expert.... (investor / business/ investor / business ?)
  22. Of course I'm going to read it. Just sitting back for a while and watching the latest House Prices Can't Crash crew at work, on HPC forum - it's almost like you're all concerned about something. Or, do you have our best interests at heart and want us to quit/give-up, or ideally buy. S24 ratcheting along, and it only needs some sellers to come out needing/wanting to cash in on mad-gainz - although I do accept the bolded from your post. News was full of doom, and the breakdown-squad were hard at it that 'They didn't know what they were doing'(all owners/buyers from whatever year/decade) - recounting tales of the HPI+ spreadsheets and that all buyers/owners innocent victims of media/sales-techniques that only they in their superiority could understand, all championing policy intervention. Could be different next time though, although trapped between the anti-HPCers and the HPC-virtue types ("I'm such a good person because I care") who believe buyers are incapable of making own decisions, and years of feeling sorry if if if if any HPC. Could be we do buy at some point. Can't decide which types wear me out the most. Attrition. Although it would be a big compromise and purchase <£200,000 in one of the cooler 2004-05 areas. As for now, can wait it out a few more years.. unless those cooler areas were to pick up on HPI+. Go go QE/zirp/FLS/Term Funding/BTLer double down - on top of 2000-2007 which had already seen runaway housing financialisation extremes, for housing financialisation extreme 2.0.
  23. Also you have quite a few sneery posts to HPC forum, even if overall you do seem to welcome prospect of a HPC.. Thanks for tipping into me out of nowhere, and telling me 'how to post' but we have very different worldviews, and you have a particularly narrow view of HPC forum. Also I see you're another 2017 member who is claiming to have been reading HPC for 10 years, while also taking a few snipes at forum overall, in 188 posts. You don't get it. 'This place' - not all of us are trying to time the market so. It's more than that. If something can't go on forever it will stop. And just because it hasn't happened yet (in many areas) doesn't mean we should run out and buy at whatever high price. Those of us who continue to rent doesn't make us wrong / failures. Yes it's not much use to have stick it out and find oneself QE/FLSd/TermFunding out of things forever, but still have ideals - and what can many of us do vs super high house prices/BTLer double-down.... renting is main option for us. I posted the BTLers were dancing into trouble in 2014, and in 2015 say hello to Section24. There's no way we can have an economy where crap HPI chasing speculators (who think only about themselves) have so many of the houses/ever more of the houses forever. That didn't stop previous HPCs. "MPs are homeowners and BTLers." The BTLers all thought they were core-voters who matters and so were astonished by S24 - many of them in the closing pincer of it now, and unable to break free for CGT. Banks are stronger today, and that's a lot of what the QE years/BTLer double down has been about in the view of many of us. To ensure others take the hit, not the banks, in any market turn. I am confused with the above. Arrived in London 3 years ago. Are you renting, or are you living with family paying peppercorn rent? What an utterly cr4p post. Don't project your own failings onto the entire forum. Many of us have known we've been in a BTLer doubled-down market and refused to buy/compete into the bubble - and one good thing is we know many of the BTLers have danced into trouble - hit by Section24. So we're all fantasists unable to get a grasp on reality because we're deluded by our own hopes? Not so. So many of the issues have been thrashed out with robust debate and difference of opinion in full knowledge that it doesn't stop HPI march-on, but nothing we can do about it - doesn't mean we're failures if we refuse to buy at very high price, before it goes onto an even higher price... for that may not always be future case (HPC). So few houses on the market, but that may change. At the moment I'm not just priced out of paying £300,000 - £450,000 to an inheritor of old unmodernised house on market (that needs loads of work) but wouldn't do so if I could. Time will likely come when they will be willing to accept £100K+ less... that's many years rent/smaller mortgage. It also goes beyond oneself for some of us. As anonguest posted: The same such applies to ensuring restoration of financial sanity to the world. IF I have to suffer some (more than already) to ensure a better world for my children and their children than I gladly do so. What are you prepared to do?! I'm prepared not to overpay/take on dangerous levels of debt in a market that has runaway with BTL investors - and at least have hope of such speculators having to sell with S24, toward a better/fairer housing future for the young. Where being productive begins to actually get you ahead vs reniterist speculation / Bomad / older non-productive HPI++d non productive older participants.
  24. Maybe she's just feeling bit of guilt against wider situation, for bought it likely at a very good price, and she recognises the fortunate situation it has put her in. Homeowner at good price. They were sold for homeownership - nothing bad in itself. How many former Right-To-Buy homes have been bought (either owners tempted out by the mad-gains of offer.. understandable when they may have seen little money in their own lives - or after death/moving) by BTL investors into a mad-mad-HPI 15+ year frenzy. So so many of them. It's BTL/HPI-ism that has been to blame, not RTB by itself. RTB without much HPI/BTL-finance, wouldn't have been an issue. Just more homeownership and more people with a stake in society. Instead BTL/HPI-ism seen the BTLers lay claim, and turn in back into far less insecure tenancies/rentierism. When Sharmilla ends up selling her 3-bed... well the BTLism needs to be nuked so they're not all over it. (Section24 a good start).
  25. S'okay to do it as landlord though, and trying to make other people the rental-batteries. A 'good-investment' now that one/two (?) of your own children priced out, by others also laying claim via BTL and seeing property-as-investment.
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