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  1. As I understand it, the stockmarket is important because the City is the main engine of profits for UK PLC, and when jobs are being lost in the city then there is pain in store for the rest of the UK economy. I'm not in the camp of gentle slowdown... stagnant prices, or 5% drop in 2008. Hasn't the US subprime, low-rates to higher rates reset taught us anything? It seems it can affect property prices in certain regions quite rapidly as market conditions change and lending criteria is toughened up. Whilst I don't move in rich circles, my more successful friends are sweating about being able to cope as they come off low fixed-rate deals, where their monthly repayments seem set to rise pretty significantly. This grabbed my attention from an article about Citigroup in last week's Times. I even wonder if my sister will even be taken on by her firm at the end of their training contract? She was fortunate to get a training contracts at a city firm... and from that article it seems it might be tougher for some trying to get them in the future. It's difficult to piece together all the different contagion effects from sub-prime / credit-crunch will be on UK employment and property prices - together with food/energy inflation, stock-market, massive consumer credit debt ect, and determine what the most likely outcome will be in the UK. When we look at anything closely enough we find it connected to everything else in the universe. And what seems like chaos might only be complicated hidden order.
  2. Did you take it to the stealer or an independant? I've bought some low-profile car ramps (quite expensive acutally at near £300) but soon paid for themselves in servicing family's cars + axel stands. If times got really lean I figure I could do the same for neigbours. Also we got some clippers from ebay and my sister has become skilled at free haircuts. It does seem the contagion is spreading though. (Guardian article clipped quote below in today's issue.)
  3. There was a news article (somewhere) not long back highlighting how Poland gets many German visitors each year going to view the homes/houses that used to belong to their families pre the forced migration. One Polish guy had magnificiently restored one of these properties, with the assitance of a man who'd come over to stay.... only to find the man had been born in the house... and had a deep attachment to it. (That always sort of worries me about buying a repossessed property anywhere) There was recently some sort of big "historical" travelling photo/film gallery in Germany highlighting the extreme suffering inflicted on hundreds of thousands of Germans in the forced migration from their homes (now in Poland). Poland was recently talking about building a highway through some ancient forest (used to be German) and voices in Germany are grumbling about it. In yesterday's Times, there was some economic reasoning that UK might not continue to be a big attraction for Poles... perhaps resulting in less skilled Poles migrating here, or even returning home. I agree with many comments already said in this thread.... and that £150,000 mansion looks hard work in probably an isolated and poor location. Even to work as a hotel it would need to be convenient for areas of interest / business.
  4. Hi - new member saying hello... (I think I found HPC through a link or reference on moneysavingexpert.com forums) I've joined because all the content / discussion / info / view-points / experience / insight ect in all the HPC forums threads I've read have made excellent and valuable reading. I'm 37, am not a big-shot earner, and do not own my own house at this moment in time. However I have some capital built up to purchase at some future time, if and when house prices fall in the preferred area I would like to live. Thanks - Friday.
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