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  1. It is just rejection of progress as 'cool' - and did she live in a tent all her life? The more I listen to 'song' this the more annoyed I get. Song already tells you there was variations in colour - and obviously there was in size, and difference in locations. And such a condemning superior view of other people trying to get ahead in the lives and make something for their families and wider society. Sneering at Doctors and business executives as USA powered ahead. Sputnik1 USSR shock had things changing (1957) as US politicians (President also involved iirc) began to imply US citizens had become a bit too lazy and complacent, with all their gas-guzzler motors with show-off wide flare designs. A big push went into getting people to focus on academic success and advancement (University). 1962 to Cuban Missile Crisis. Trying to get ahead within it all, as individual and family - provide and put something in for the good, is all we can do - imo. Hippy nonsense boxes 'as cool' and sneering at productive people. Life comes with shocks and changes - sometimes sudden. This BTL+ HPIers wonderland needs a few knocks. Have a go at writing a modern version; No real inheritance of any measure coming my way, and also I disagree. A few homes that may go to funding carehome, or enriching kids as retirement, is a very weak way of smoothing over today's injustices with housing and the financial system (imo). Something the HPIers themselves would tell you ("it will all end up being spent on care fees, so don't feel negative about yourself in GenRent, but more HPI+++ anyway please") as they have homeownership and all the advantages of it (to extreme HPI mad-gainz prices - no worries). Greg made a post a while back showing that number of people in care is hardly anything vs UK population/young. HPIers bought for £30,000 now worth £750,000 is a nothing - vs young people <35 years with 3% of housing wealth. Secure ownership (at these prices) vs Gen Rent is a major difference - and everything in the here and now. Equity rich/older outright owners values extremes with no financial concerns... Gen Rent, extremes.
  2. Again - this all sounds about right to me, zugzwang ! Just like that song... in the US, sharply rising living standards, more people going to university, economy expanding, well paid jobs, cheap housing.... And they're (singers) critical of it - of course houses are 'boxes' - sorry Si1, I disagree - it doesn't seem to be critical about '1-upmanship' but people getting ahead in life - and also boxes them in as 'ticky-tacky' meat-people, scoffing that they have anything to offer in their work/jobs - without anything unique/happy in their own family structures of the times. And buying/owning was a great choice for many families (1962+) This (below) is over 20 years old now... it's nothing new. It's been one of my views that older homeowners pushed forverHPI debt-great/not making any more land because that 'sell' means their own homes go up in value. The older ones who can't shut up about it... what's their VI? Their own mad-gainz, expecting more. Can point to one article with olds expecting more HPI+++++ not happy with x1000% mad-gainz since they bought, and not in tune with challenges of young vs these prices/BTL. They need that knock. Payrises - how hard are they working? (Some who want us to push ever harder). And what's the point when £50K doesn't really go that far against house prices in many areas (and have money for raising family/saving). And some employers have a point (although Greg has shared the wealth/payrises where possible, with company success - is view I get from his posts) They want you to push harder for it, but lock in mad-gainz themselves.
  3. Agreed. I also watched Ruth-Someone's 'Hotel Inspector' when two guys bought a B&B and, at her suggestion, named it 'The Blackpool'... back in 2009. However it's still a living, and roof over their heads. Anyone trying to run a hotel or B&B anywhere really takes on work... you have to manage so much. Family day out enjoyed in Blackpool in October. Still from a video below. Fun fun day out. We usually go to that chip shop...The Cottage... just away off Whitegate Drive, before motorway... but didn't on this occasion. We also used to go further down to Fleetwood and stoney beach to throw stones into the Irish Sea. Just before visit I did read about a story about how authorities had taken over/action against one donkey business from some concerns. Sept 2017 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-41447203 There's rules in place and has been for years about Donkey Rides... can't recall them all, but think one is under 16s only. When I stayed with family in a terrace in a not-great-part-of-Blackpool many years ago - someone knocked on the door. It was a gypsy elderly woman wanting money in exchange for some flowery thing. I had already been warned they come to doors, and they 'chant a curse on you' if you refuse to give them money for their... lavender (?).. I've temporarily forgotten what the flowery thing was.. maybe lavender or something else. We also had car-radio stolen that evening from a trip to the front. Anyway she could see I was just a child and just walked away after I told her no one home. Yet other great times as well in Blackpool. Anyway no part of Blackpool really concerns me (some tales about South Shore and some other parts I would avoid). It's not as dangerous as many other places on earth, or in UK. And there are great people too in Blackpool - people who want best for their families, with work ethic and who put in.
  4. Exactly. Did Malvina Reynolds live in a tent all her life? Or other version/singer, Pete Seeger. They didn't have too much to complain about. Cheap housing going up. Some were perfectly good homes, others a bit cr4pshacks (as DrHousingBubble refers to the $500,000+ / $1m wood places selling in San Fran / SoCal) - but still perfectly good homes, for people to raise families.. be productive etc.. have a stake in society. Alternative video M.Reynolds - yes all uniformity - but.... vs today HPI/BTL, and far more of a housing struggle for younger people. Loo They didn't have much to complain about (vs today). Housing going up. Affordability. Not up against BTLers to extremes. Yes they didn't have iPads but can't have everything - and they had other positive times to experience. Many older people today do have the iphones, ipads, and top cars (+ homes / and very high value homes... but aww the 15% for a few months in early 90s bless for a few of them). What bugged me about lyrics was it strayed into condemnation of people (as sort of 'brainwashed' and also uninformed) when people are gloriously different, and together we can (and have) advance in many ways, trying to progress (but some trying to hold us back it seems, and take advantage). Also early 60s... they were likely early part of movement to whine about anything and everything, into good life/prosperity - rejection of it from some, into it - but then many gained from it (just as Bosher once claimed herself to be rebel lefty socialist in her youth! - How many homes she has now... and valued at millions from one post I recall). Below. Transcribed from short video I watched last week. And just like now, many chomping at the bit to see other people as beneath them for their choices... 'people made of ticky-tacky' wasting lives being business-people, doctors.. 'all the same' - not as good as superior-superiors. Young with ipads and iphones... 'spending money on good life' etc.
  5. Put the kitchen radio (Roberts, Black Friday 2014, £89 from John Lewis as it happens, reduced from £140) away from BBC and onto some music stations... Llloyds Bank radio commercials for business lending are bugging me at the moment. There's two that keep repeating. 1st version. Some young sounding 'boss' of 'Cafe Annabel' (named after his daughter he says), grateful to Lloyds Bank for loan to get new coffee machine, to replace his busted one - and claiming his coffee is better than competition. 2nd. Some 'my father was a mechanic and now I'm mechanic' gruffy older sounding salty guy regretting missing out on buying an E-Type Jaguar which would have 'made great project' (for restoration/selling) - but now won't miss out if there's another on market, for has loan available. Later I searched on E-Type Jaguar prices (zoomy high very expensive prices - who buys them? HPI+++ mad-gainz owners??? Coffee for the feckless millennials as a business. E-Type Jags for HPI+++ mad-gainzers, with money to pursue glory motoring wayback days. #Mehconomy. Although there are younger people trying to innovate and avoid large bank debt - but it's far more difficult to advance oneself (and family) vs HPI+++ extremes in many areas / BTLers - and has been for years. (Although I accept some parts of country... as per durhamborn - can get a better housing balance).
  6. 1962 song. Many buyers/owners from that time very happy with their choices. A few years ago we spoke to an elderly lady with a 1950 build-house. She was 2nd owner in 56, told me they paid £6500 (ish) - both had good careers (she was a senior nurse and he was a dentist!!!). Great post. Freedom, and pursuit of individual happiness, their OWN interests in life (no matter some dismiss their choices, including become doctors/accountants as 'brainwashed') What is the point of life if it's not to put something in... experience good things, see children grow up.. and try to advance things a little bit for the better? Also if someone wants to be productive business-person, or a doctor... it's not all for money either. Greg has some good posts about that; winkie as well - but I'm not sofa-surfing. Nothing wrong with being p1ssed off with housing financialisation/BTLism to extremes - but also people are free to buy at these sort of prices (in many areas) if they choose to. Banks have MMR. It's not just "Sign-here and here's £500,000 for a Semi D" It's not a market of young people as mortgage slaves either. We can all see the prices. Many buyers get BOMAD/inheritance... not total iditots paying £500K for the few houses that sell to younger people. It's a market of incredible long-wave HPI hyperriches for many owners/BTLers - and GenRent for millions of young people vs these prices.
  7. Don't really get it. There's nothing wrong with wanting secure shelter for one's family. Lots of houses do look the same - but people are all very different. Millions and millions of gloriously wonderful people with different skillsets, working together (although challenges in BTL/HPI financialisation times) - and also bad bad people existing too. Also houses are very different, individualised - and all different because all located in different areas - and BTLers have claimed loads. Get the sense those lyrics are critical and dismissive of other people in general and how they live their lives.... 'pretty children' / 'all come out the same' - vs 'superior view'. People all look the same - "ticky-tacky"? 'Meat-people' just raising families and not having wonderful life experiences nor doing anything productive- vs 'life wisdom winner superior' ??? What is date of that song? 1962. What is the alternative? No education. No one become Doctors or Business Executives? Living like hippies and no rules superiority? And there's no 'con' - just freewill adults willing (and often very able) to pay more than others in market / not tempted to sell mad-gainz etc. And millions of older owners have no mortgage debt.
  8. That attitude, right there. No mistaking it. Power/control - how we see other people - or rather how they have chosen to see other people below themselves. Whole BTL thing is like HPI++/Rent-Rent-Rent and so often seeing tenants as nuisance meat/rent-paying-battery-losers.
  9. BTW - I made this post in different thread, but more relevant here. My memory of the numbers was slightly out, for I didn't go back to check listing. Not that far out though. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=67194056&sale=43646469&country=england Presuming it all matches up as it appears to. Sale Date Property Price Paid Source 21 Feb 2003 Terraced, Freehold £75,000 Land Registry Guide Price £20,000 AUCTION HOUSE NORTH WEST TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION ON WEDNESDAY 13TH DECEMBER 2017 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-70353437.html
  10. It's housed them for 24 years Count, and provided them with a business/income. That's alright to me. The Times also touched on a bit about Blackpool in recent article about some seaside towns. And the FT had a really indepth article a couple of weeks ago. A bit of it gave pause for thought, but some of the negatives seem overdone. Maybe because there is hope it will pull through. In fact article says people are trying new things and innovating. Not going to re-read article, but think there was a part with some concern that capable young people leave Blackpool, never to return. CoVIs has really done alright for himself, having been raised in Blackpool - although he sometimes goes back to visit family iirc. Also some of it alarmist... falling life expectancy? ...Boys born in Blackpool can expect to live to just 74 years - the second lowest in the UK, and up by just 2.7 years since 1993. The prices in Lytham St Annes always shock me (so high).
  11. What's the detail? More win-side tilt.... perhaps in exchange for dropping S24 that his wife Cherie tried her best to get overturned with her attempt to get a Judicial Review? https://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/oct/06/landlords-lose-legal-challenge-buy-to-let-tax-changes-cherie-booth Hu-man rights of the BTLers with multiple properties enjoy mad advantage tax reliefs for decades.... Blair as the righteous housing saviour?!
  12. Maybe for some but the BTL-ing situation has caused a lot of harm imo. I always hold it in check, because I have no way of proving what the UK would have been like without BTL. It would have been better than today, I am certain of it. Renting families (who do okay for income) vs fairly standard housing at stupid high prices, and an old landlord who began buying other houses (5 rentals in total now, each worth crazy stupid sums in this market) some 20 years ago... with younger people all priced out and renting from him. 6 houses, and a HPI obsessed nation, HPI++ supporting VI Gov policies, and long-wave HPI to extremes in so many areas. Maybe even falling crime rates.... better society. It's only the HPIers/BTLers - they would squeal for England claiming 'suffering' at just a few percentage point loss in HPI mad-gainz extremes. Got to look beyond it for they have different mindsets... as in that lady in Times the other day with a handful of BTLs in London ('don't feel wealthy') or Cherie Blair ('always worried haven't got enough money'). Totally different reality views.
  13. Have been having those 'focus' concerns just lately (memory slipping). We can all see the asking prices, and we all have to make choices in how to procure housing. It's worked out so well vs renting for many buyers during the 'media/advertising/parents/hype' excuses for buyers of many years - vs those of us on renting side of things. We can't have a market with no downside to paying too much. They had option to rent to get it on. Many people would like to own vs rent. Renters are not there to just think of all the owners who outbid them (10 years younger), and cast them as innocents (in event of HPC). I may buy soon as it's just one long 'sympathy for owners' excuse fest. Had opportunity to last year and regret not buying (non HPI hot area). What do you think the answer is Funn3r? Ever younger and younger buyers seen get HPI++++ vs our continued rent, and ever more priced out by HPI+++++.
  14. Adarmo doubts prices can fall much and asks what are the triggers. You weren't spiteful Freki - just blunt on the matter than buyers should be on their own for their market choices (if prices fall)...I have compared renting to suffering in the past as well, and maybe I also have posted that owners should 'suffer' any falls in the past as well. It's suffering but in a housing/money/value context - not suffering as in what some people in life forced endure - still very very important mind, in housing financialisation. And plenty of vested-interests (Be Careful What You Wish For - article) project house values falling as 'suffering' (for the owners) - as they tell us to hope for wage-inflation to protect the latest buyers (and value of their own homes bought decades ago). If the journo's house should fall in value (if) - then that's on him, and he recognises that. He wanted to buy and he bought (END OF). I don't know his earnings, any inheritance, or maybe what his plumber Dad may have bomad-ed him for. A home with chimneys... a house? His choice. As was his plight-story of apparently paying someone £1,000 who knocked on door to tell him something about his chimney. To stop choice/freedom/risks in life, is to take away freedom imo. If we can't have people free to make market choices then what? A control society? Superior Knowledge powers that be take command because we are too foolish to be able to think for ourselves?
  15. What a heart-moving story - glimpse of the inner innocence of the bully child - and the one who required peers to fight back. I fight. Renting is the other option. We can all see the asking prices., and I have had to set aside the HPIers in my circle (nowadays it's more "Still renting? - vs their mad-gainz). Adults do have freedom (it's my main freedom - not to buy at dangerously high price), but it's forever plight/excuses for those who buy.... 2010 same stories, and one buyer seen home he bought in 2010 for £200,000 now worth £500,000 - way ahead of renters. Human shield it in case prices fall - how many years you owned your house for now funn3r?
  16. Eh? (Don't understand). Like my landlord then? I gather he has no mortgage debt from houses he BTL bought since 1998. Paid it all down since the beginning of 'the living breakdown on sympathy in 2008' (a bit like Pipster landlord has done), and rates floored. Yay for the now debt free BTLers, active way back in the day, and paid it down. Wealth generators. And I have that (no debt) info because landlord was more than sweet on one of my friends (couple of decades younger than him) - who was simply polite to both him and his wife when brought in to do some design work to their £1m+ valued (in this market) home.
  17. The main business seems to have been a good one - creating a high-end brand and getting celebs/Royalty of the day as patrons + flogging loads at high margin to Sheikhs with oil wealth.... that's pretty good going. As for the BTL though - Challenged Wayward? Only recently after best part of 2 decades, HPI insanity in so many areas, and GenRent. It's unbelievable (BTL). ...although not that we would want to live in that area - and certainly not in that type of house - yesterday did see a 10-bed property that sold for £71,000 in 2001, heading to auction with a guide price of £20,000.... (not that guide price really means much) - which on surface offers a little bit of encouragement that there can be adjustment in all the bubble areas. Cannot see because they don't want to see what is so clear, in 'all-about-me'. And only recently challenged behind the scenes by some in power. Not really seen anyone in power come out firmly on the matter (BTL). Still good on KC.
  18. Wouldn't put it quite that way, but IF ever any HPC, I won't be accepting any future sob-story for him as one of the 'gilded few' buyers of recent times; "the greatest sympathy / just wanted a home / didn't know what he was doing " And he knows the risks for his 'house investment to his 70s'... So if it ever happens, he won't need the greatest sympathy. Also sounds like he was gulled by door-knocking worker into one of the oldest cons about chimneys and roof-tiles. Got the guy's price down to £1,000 ? Is he for real there or just making it up for it's a stupid thing to do? ...Actually it was Gullands Solicitors (I checked them out in 2010-11 ish AFTER Fergus/Judith made a big play about instructing local solicitor rather than City solicitor, to sell their 100s of £million 'portfolio') - who had a good blog at the time. Something we will always keep in mind if ever buying a house (asking to see some evidence they are insured) - but no chance just allowing someone who knocks on the door to begin works.
  19. Thanks - and zugzwang, ordinarily some might find that claim difficult to believe, but you've just reminded me of one article from 2016 from the Bank's own blog. 27 x 'tenant demand' in there - and probably more roundabout variants of the same. I checked at the time, but one would expect the Banks own bloggers to be more on GenRent side of things (vs these prices) - if in their 20s - 30s... and able to see more of the brunt of matters on GenRent side vs these prices... and the speculation/BTLism out there on houses... including that lady in Times at weekend with 4 BTLs in London ("but never feel wealthy"). ...also I got the impression they might not know direction of travel (that S24 may not be on their minds)... just took a view that some write their BTL++++ pro stuff because they think it's what their paymasters want to read (although may be wrong). I can't see it as misdirection to BTLers/other readers... very few readers (?).
  20. Just because I was bored.... although it's been quite a turnaround already. BTLers from smug in position, to shock and astonishment, to giving their family pets to others, and flying out to Exileness with Schemes (that apparently protect their positions?) I didn't expect it to go to Tax Exileness though - which continues drag and uncertainty (time/action). but increasingly as the voyage dragged on came to relish the prospect of some action. -Consider Phlebas ______________ Fly Out To Malta A movie by Venger1000 https://www.grapheine.com/bombaytv/art-en-02e26484f5e7ced11d923e28616e2b22.html
  21. Exactly... and a house price doubling and more in some areas. Reading one poster the other evening (who wants a HPC so can upsize - otherwise thinking leaving UK) say how his crappy 2-bed bought for £200,000 in 2010, and worth around £500,000 in this market. Doesn't need sympathy - wants HPC. I have sympathy depending on actual circumstances - not for HPIers or late 20s people getting £500K from parents to buy (thread about that somewhere recently about buyers in certain part of London)..... if there is ever any HPC. Bearface2000 has loads of equity and bought expecting mad-gainz more to come. W11 loads of equity. Adarmo doubts 23% HPC, pats himself on back for buying, and tells you he will upsize if there's ever a HPC ("Where are the triggers?" - he asks). And a BTLer double-down (QE/FLS/Term Funding and more)..... no one is giving it sympathy for my £100K+ rent paid out... and no certainty of any HPC anyway. I don't see those who claim I/we 'hating on homeowners' (by wanting HPC - for our families/Gen Rent to have fairer price/buying/homeownership opportunity) active in trying to bail out those owners in the third quarter. Happy to guilt trip here though. Hardship of renting for some of them. Just life. And not all of them will have been starry-eyed young-uns, but hardened HPIers/bomad money.... BTW 'Dissy' is meant to be an friendly reference (hope you know that) - and simply because I can't easily type disenfranchised.
  22. Stock-homes Syndrome I call it - and I have noticed the very same as you. Like they've accepted - no fight. Was in a disagreement on other media a couple of weeks ago, and (seemingly people in their 20s - although GTRabbit could have been a BTLer) wouldn't accept my arguments about BTL , seemingly in 'defence of capitalism'. All my positioning was attacked as hard-left, socialist and even.... communist. All came after I pushed back to this guy's position (KN)... and he re-tweeeted my post and made his own comment. Then elsewhere a few of his 'capitalism / anti-socialism' followers pushed back on me. KN seems to be wary about 'dangers of socialism' etc - that's the gist I got from all his posts. A flavour below - there were others involved in the exchange... and one had a young-man avatar.. and told how he grew up in a council house... may have been a renter himself but was die-hard about free-markets and anything that slows/stops/taxes-harder BTL as being anti-capitalism. Was only 'build more houses' - even after my pushback of how many newbuilds the BTLers have claimed since 2000. So many people defend BTL - including of course many older owners... helps lift value of their homses, with BTLers holding/hogging so many homes, and fewer homes on the market - imo.
  23. Yeah but you're self-admittedly looking in this market for properties to buy and rent out. 'Nothings stacking up yet'. It should be the landlords risk imo.
  24. It offers some future hope for me, because if we have a HPC in some of very expensive areas of housing, (not assume as per example below mad-gainz more from 2018) then it may mean fewer speculators/BTLers in a company vehicle into that HPC. Just another cooler to property investment, although on company side of things, and hopefully more of a tilt to homeownership. Could be sharper still mind.
  25. Doesn't seem like she (AR) knows of S24 yet. The 3% just making it more expensive for BTLers to buy and lay claim to more houses. She's right about 'everyone is different'. It seems like an innocence-cover here to not feel bad about themselves with so much property wealth vs ; 'This is what I need, and shouldn't feel bad because even with it I don't feel wealthy'. - abstract to those suffering brunt of housing crisis, where even raising deposit for 1 home is such a challenge from RentForever vs HPI+++++ side. Some of these types I expect will pull a sad-face in a future article, where maybe been a little HPC, receiving the almost automatic HPCer sympathy (detail not important...HPIers/massive BOMAD... if prices fall = blanket sympathy)... years of it already being primed and triggered for the sympathy in event of any fall in house prices ("the banks - the nasty banks") yet still be utterly loaded. Learned helplessness has really won, and you can be a victim for nothing these days - even when own avarice caused it. Cherie said something similar.... Although read my first example in The Times, just the other day, of the banks getting tough.
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