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  1. Maybe homeowners should put some money aside into savings for lifes ups-and-downs, instead of expecting Govt to flood them with even more money, but I see you don't even like that. Let's see... just about 9 years of rates slashed from the beginning of the last homeowner-victimhood, to give millions of owners opportunty to rebalance their financial positions. Rents.. well they didn't really get cut by BTL landlords. The one who thinks the young should embrace sofa-surfing, a spiritual destiny, and turn their backs on the appeals of homeownership (while getting passionate about cuts to the range of benefits...SMI/Pension Credit that prop up those living in homes and no longer paying full mortgage for themselves), claims renters can relax because renters can claim benefits to help with the rent.... ... It's worse for renters because we have no stake in homeownership, others getting support to prevent them from selling (SMI/Pension Credits), in all the mix with the BTLers buying up homes and inventory on market for sale at multi-decades lows. And the money renters have saved vs runaway HPI++++...say £10K (not equity in a house that can run to £100Ks) gets classed as why they can't claim for financial help with rent from Govt. Whereas owners can have stacks of equity and still claim. The difference in positions is extreme, and you're whinging that homeowners still don't have it good enough.
  2. Just talk of cuts and it's 'people losing homes' and 'preying on misery by buyers' And projecting all owners having no equity to walk away with / logic of downsizing - just 'losing their homes' and instant repossession. Human shielding it to extremes. Not being objective. And so many holding those positions wanting to hug a landlord for providing homes, pat a tenant on the head for looking after a landlords property. And then all the other views from those so passionate for some homeowners who might have to sell.... young can sofa-surf / should do something else and not follow the fashion/trend of wanting a home for their families. Sofa-surfing/don't want homes.. "begin new trend". Horror of anyone who might have to sell homes. Preying on misery. Tenants looking after BTLers homes pat-on-head. You only need one story on HPC for the "victim" squad to come out. No detail - but jump to conclusions of the worst. Eg: Casting all claimants of mortgage benefits on houses as future victims who would 'lose homes' (repossession) and 'prey on misery' those who would buy (if they sell). And positions such as this....... Yes let's not 'start' "They made Their Free Choices" - let's just assume they have no equity and in financial dire strait, that they lack intelligence, to continue the innocence of owners projection. Far easier to jump to conclusions about the innocence of homeowners. Mumsnet poster continued They're not stuck. Earning fortunes/equity rich, to be in position and eager to upsize at £700,000. Simply wanting mad-peak price for current home. Where's the plight? And must be doing something right to be in position to even consider upsizing to a house with a price of £700,000. Market participants. Not stuck and not in need of being told they are stupid, nor in need of the Control Squad superiors. Same with MSE... You get more sense on MSE/Mumsnet so much of the time vs HPCers, many here with an agenda to distort reality/protect HPI/have no problem with BTLism. Here it was "The greatest innocence, and they didn't know what they were doing / victims of system." - for someone with rental property, not wanting to sell it, and deserves to buy another home (his moan being about having to pay extra SDLT for he already owns a rental property) with latest relationship person.
  3. Cutting SMI/pension credit doesn't automatically mean repossession (losing homes). Losing homes. The sadness, the plight. (it all depends on the circumstances - there are owners claiming SMI/pension credit with £100Ks of equity in their homes). It just means putting them up for sale for many owners !! Downsizing. Moving somewhere cheaper. Maybe taking equity-release till death. Maybe the shame of renting..... something I've only ever known vs HPI+++++++++/BTL+++++++++/SMI+++ And nasty nasty young would might buy them at less-than-peak-what-it-is-worth, preying on misery? *Sigh* - although you recognise had years of policy to be responsible for housing positions. In my area... HPI+++++ vs 'credit-crunch' and so called 'austerity' - with house prices up 40% above 2007 prices. Quite a few SMI/Pension Credit stories I've read (on the individual level) had them with stacks of equity, and Gov still paying SMI in retirement. Pure Entitlement (IMO) Sleeping-Bag ex-EA man hogging large family home 2002, sold in 2014, after a 2012 whinge about his plight to the newspapers Maybe this change to Universal Credit will bring out some housing supply; owners choosing to sell - and there are many instances of SMI/Pension Credit owners hogging family homes. Why should benefits be paying for them to remain living in large family homes with empty bedrooms? Remember this guy with who went to the papers with his whinge about changes to his benefits that allowed him to cover costs of IO mortgage, and him sleeping in a sleeping bag in lounge of his 3-bed home? Buying a 3-bed home aged 58 with IO mortgage, post divorce. And as 68 year old.. the plight the suffering.. that he may need to sell? He did eventually decide to sell it. Maybe the 3-bed house went to a family. Society isn't here to pay for people to live in large family homes, when they can't afford to - actually it stupidly has been - but should be. It's a markedly different positon some have to housing. I notice they are happy to tell the young how they can avoid renting by sofa-surfing with friends, and to 'be different' and not even desire to have housing for their families - 'begin a new trend where you don't need a house/home for your family' / all boxes look the same. Yet such passion for some owners claiming SMI when it comes to existing homeowners?!!!!! "Their homes" / "Exactly what I don't want to see, people losing their homes" / "Future possible buyer = Taking advantage of misery" What a difference in position from some. Young are entitled [email protected] who need to work harder, stop eating sandwiches, stop having iphones, should be happy to sofa-surf, and should begin new trend of not even wanting a 'box like all the rest' home in the first place. Yet existing owners who may come under slight bit of financial pressure to sell (Iess generous benefits) = "the innocence/greatest/sadness/plight - vs those who would take advantage of their misery." I don't see it as 'losing homes' - he banked mad-gainz of equity, and better of than renting for 10 years. Maybe he bought a 1 bed retirement flat with the £100K+ of mad-gainz over 12 years, and him buying with IO mortgage. It is just a taste of mildest reality (vs GenRent positions in so many instances). Can't afford to sit idle in £400,000 family home by yourself because benefits cut where you're claiming IO on outstanding mortgage of £150,000? Then look to do something about it. Yet some VI turn it on for all owners as the greatest of innocents. It's all going to depend on individual circumstance, but many have a VI in trying to cast distorted view that all SMI owners are pure innocence/need home/preying on misery/owners with no equity/no other options/special. He seemed to have bagged himself a far bigger home than his true needs, after divorce, in 2002 - as an ESTATE AGENT. He whined benefit cuts, but a mortgage is mortgage imo. Not for society to pay and pay, while young up against very high house prices, and the BTLers. Although it has been for society to pay (SMI) in reality. Way too much hiding behind human shields that SMI claiming owners are just too special - and others preying on misery if we were to buy houses that they had more reason to sell in future. I can't tap any benefit support for my rent. Would be told to cut back on spending elsewhere I presume / not save as much toward buying one day (vs years of runaway HPI+++). Also they would say no-way just on £20K+ in savings grinded away during HPI++++ years and after paying rent for years. We are forced to take balanced view of all our spending. Housing/Rent (not buying vs these prices), cars, food and so on. Fully know how BTL rents and housing benefit have benefited landlords over the years - your point being? That some chose IO mortgages (in the past) to buy their houses, in order to afford to pay high prices (and outbid other people in market including renters) for houses because the market so full of BTLers? I do not accept a view that those with IO big mortgages, now claiming benefits for mortgages, are pure innocence, because they had no other option but to use IO to afford high house prices, back in the day of 2001 or whenever. And especially not when bagged themselves far larger houses than their needs/sat on fortunes of equity today, with options - in housing supply/affordability / house size issue for young. SMI claimants/pension credit homeowners. Best to cast them all as innocent homeowners, pure good Anty Ednas types, and young renters wanting change eh... why 'preying on misery/homeowner misfortunes' Winkie; who has pride in their community in your post below? The landlords or the tenants? I think my BTL landlord worth £millions in housing wealth has a very different view to my own about society. Seen his choices come away with multiple homes, via IO BTL mortgage debt when many young still at university/school, generous tax reliefs, in receipt of rent roll. Has a different view to just how hard/easy life is. I have issues with BTLers and all the other housing props including SMI/Pension Credit - vs extreme house prices and Generation Rent, and under 34s with just 3.2% of the housing wealth of the UK. Tenants taking care of the landlords property? Yes priority number one for priced out young - to think good of their BTL landlords you have no problem with (in a huge swelling surge of BTL landlords buying up millions of homes). Many young ever more forced to rent vs these house prices. Of course most of us have to look after landlords property, but priority need is shelter. With millions of landlords having bought up millions of homes. We don't need pat on head for looking after landlords property. True I have a good rate rental deal on it from an old landlord who has laid claim to 5 homes and seen value of some of those homes treble since year 2000. Yet prices are so painfully expensive - yet joyfully investment performance from the BTLers outlook; multi-millionaire lazy early retirement landlord. And with a nice tenant who looks after his property eh - no problem with landlords. Think SMI is set to switch to that, but in meantime I have no issue with cuts to SMI in some circumstances, or changes to Universal Credit resulting in lower payouts for homeowners. Bring more homes to market, where houses for sale been scraping multi-decade lows. Shake up the market, including olds hogging family homes. SMI/pension credit claimant homeowners all have different circumstances. It shouldn't be rush to treat them all as incapable/losing homes - and that those who would buy them on market being guilt-tripped and shamed with "would be benefiting from others misfortunes." Big old family home with one oldie in it makes sense to reduce generous benefits, and bring some sense back to the housing market, and many who sell will have fortunes in equity on sale. More financial position behind them than many of the actual buyers !!!! And all the other props. Doesn't matter that SMI not as big a problem as BTL. Market still full of housing props/unfairness/BTLers who you have no problem with, keeping values elevated to the gain of many owners/investors/BTLers - vs - Gen Rent positions. Also all those who at the same time as going on about plight to homeowners of SMI changes/Universal Credit - telling young they can sofa-surf, and to not want housing in the first place.. to begin new trend where don't need home, and how BTLers are no problem, with tenants who pay rent on time and have pride in society, and look after their landlords properties !!
  4. Totally agree. And as you ask, where else would we be. Exactly - these things just have function !!! What else is an airport or a train supposed to look like? A train has an engine and carriages - and takes people from one location to another location. And millions of those people (passengers) have lives of their own. No need to look at thousands of other people on any given day, and assume they are just non-thinking automatons obeying system control - needing anyone else's superior-world-understanding. Also sneery-sneer from older-housing-rich about young taking holidays, but who take really expensive holidays themselves far more frequently. And I know an elderly lady with 8 or more London properties. She is one of those people who doesn't spend on themselves but takes great happiness in her overall wealth and income. Before I discovered she was a landlord, I made a point about GenRent and BTLer housing financialisation, and she told me landlords often give to charity. Whatever makes her happy, but I can hope for a change, where people such as her are forced to sell some homes back to market, and tilt things back away from landlords. Exactly so. Raising families, memories - security from. From this thread you'd wonder what the fuss is about wanting to live in a home. Apparently it's rubbish/brainwashed/uniform to own a house - and one should be happy with no-money/spiritual destiny and tents/sofa-surfing for one's family - to be different. And I'm here because so many of the smallest homes have been bought by the BTLers. This is the type of personal projection superiority I see all too often, and which I think you're also referring to - when we both know that those with a smartphone are not all as brainwashed as the superiors who look down on them. It's other way around, often time. ER wants one for function - most likely for work reasons. Yet sneery sneer-sneer from superiors who think anyone with a smart-phone or new car has a limited mind / brainwashed, and promote themselves to superior understanding (bu******). If someone wants a new car (reliability/often safer/nicer to drive - so many possible reasons) they may be perfectly capable of having run a range of variables in deciding - in fact it's just reverse snobbery from those who claim other people brainwashed, simply because they have chosen different life choices to what they would choose. It's limited and narrow and beyond ridiculous. Maybe sometimes it's spending big on an item to fill an emotional void, but in other cases it's buying something nice for the pleasure or function it brings the individual. You have a balance Barnsey, and see it both ways. You may not indulge in some consumerism but you recognise those that do (to higher levels than yourself) can do so out of own freewill and own life-choices, for the reasons of whatever makes them happy. Just as limited consumerism makes you happy - a balance is forced on me because of the cost of housing and cost of everything else in life vs income and savings balance. Everyone has to look to their position - although some save to extremes. Greg has his point of view, and I agree with much of it, but also fine if others have different view. If they don't want to spend and save everything to feel great with huge savings. Or to spend every penny they get on good life. People have to be free to walk their own path in life, without a control-squad sneering at them buying iphones, and telling them to rent/sofa-surf - work harder - stop eating sandwiches, stop going on any holiday, stop having new car to get to work on PCP, vs these house prices. Homeownership would make me happy vs renting - but for others it seems aspiring to owning a home is brainwashed vs other options? For some reason there has been huge demand from those who already own, to lay claim to ever more homes, to give young ever fewer options (rent / tent/ sofa-surf) - vs homeownership (higher prices). What is it with these uniform houses and those who would aspire to live in one? Why landlords/BTLers been buying them up?
  5. Again that depends on the individual. I resist people who tell me it's best to sofa-surf, from their position of outright homeownership. Now if they wanted to sell up and give all their money away and embrace what they telling others is best for them (sofa-surfing for example) that would be great. Let them tell us how better it is when they are actually in that position, rather than from position of outright owners, not being objective about what is best for people. I do wonder if those so keen to tell other people what is "better for them" would be happy for a superior power to enforce things on themselves - such as how Stalin had people taken off to Siberian wastelands/forests and left with no supplies/tool/cold-weather clothing, and told to make a new life for themselves and 'be happy'. By that measure do we ban 'selling' now? "Why that mid 30s couple want to buy a house! They obviously doesn't know what they are doing." (despite them having good jobs / inheritance). Wanting shelter isn't just a fashion. We all have to look at the prices, both on buy side, and owner side - for point should come where it makes sense for more sellers to look to sell up / downsize, in a balanced market. All the stories telling the young to 'work harder' (toward homeownership) and 'stop eating sandwiches' are people who believe they know "what's better" for the young as well. All those pots on HPC claiming new-car PCP drivers are 'victims' because they are superior driving older cars that cost less to run. It's just one post after another post of people who believe themselves, and their life choices/worldviews, to be superior than other people, and want themselves in a position to lead/control other people. Because some believe you would be happiest living in a tent - good for your soul or something - (start a new trend and you'll be resisting consumerism and big bad salespeople that no one can ever resist whatever price they want) - from their own position of homeowners.
  6. More Steinhoff... Luxury house building touches for top people, while growing concerns... Maybe it can restructure, but so soon after another debacle- seems many local/trade/community investors hard-invested at the break point. https://www.fin24.com/Companies/Retail/steinhoff-hits-junk-as-r282bn-in-value-is-lost-20171210 Is it a roll-up?. I considered that Aus firm to be a roll-up... growth by constantly buying up more and more companies around it, then around the world, with boomy investor money and animal spirits of moar and moar. There's one large EA group that I always considered to be a roll-up and its share price has taken big hit recently. Just always seems to be more QE/money to keep system smooth overall at end of it.
  7. That's what I am all about. Allowing people to find their own path, make their own choices, and pushing back against 'superior control' from those who think they know what is best for other people.. casting other people as incapable/victims. I for one would love to be one of these 'victims' with millions of outright owners/equity rich owners, and small homes in this area at £300,000+ - vs Generation Rent / Sofa Surfer Life Winners living-life-right with superior knowledge !!
  8. Meanwhile it's Gen Rent for the young, with <34 year olds only having 3% of the housing wealth. Anyone who wants to dance into BTL and continue trying to farm young - including young even in a position to get into BTL for their money/bomad/inheritance - is on their own for their choices, against these house prices. It's easy enough to understand the imbalances. You don't even have to understand yield taxes voids responsibility for repairs.... it's Gen Rent priced out to extremes for so many young - if they want to be complicit in it, it's all on them with no innocence. They have minds capable of seeing/understanding the stark imbalances in housing, so they get no pass for wanting to join the people-farmers due to 'being young adults'.
  9. Just coming to that now - picked up on general news search with zerohedge as the source. I was unaware because last I heard was they were planning a floatation in 2014. Poundland is expected to confirm plans to float on the London stock market early next week. The low-price retailer, which has seen rapid growth during the UK's economic downturn, is expected to seek a total valuation of around £750m. Now I discover the Steinhoff situation. And with ECB/Govts overriding capitalism, buying up bonds - something I was hard against from the outset. QE/Help policy after Help policy - keeping things distorted in the economy - picking winners or trying to. I guess they're likely to point to their 'winnerz' (if they have any) with profits that make up losses such as here, but nevertheless. While Central-Banks have been buying up bonds complicit in it? As investors they should have been on top of any accounting issues prior to bond buying. No excuse for them (Govt/Central Banks) to later exert even more direct control when prices plunge - they were part of the old system with their QE investing/bond buying.
  10. What is it.. 6 or 7 out of 10 homeowners have no debt? With homeownership levels sinking, during decades rise of BTL, and BTL double-down. It's not entirely hooked on debt - just huge conflicts and imbalances. It's paradise for many, and they've not known a knock to their positions for decades. Exactly so. (Picked up on Twitter the other day - and many other examples read over the years... but QE override / ECB buying € billions in company bonds etc etc etc) Paul Johnsons Modern Times
  11. Hmmm How many repossessions did Republic of Ireland have since 2007? Not many iirc. Meanwhile Dublin HPI+++++ has powered ahead, during all the years of 'homeowner plight' with QE/zirp/ECB QE to extremes EACH MONTH - and still continuing to this day... "the innocent buyers of 2000-2007"! The real story is the messed up situation 2008-2017.... the bailout GenRent young have been made to pay for (and future young) with no real shakeout, and full-on quest to get back to the Glory of HPI+++++++, while non-owners still rattle on about homeowner victims from ages and ages ago (doesn't matter for renters paying years more rent, vs more HPI+++ again... just not as important). And I recall one lady who told her tale of 'plight' when buying at the peak in Dublin (against her parents warnings, but who still BOMADed her big time)... see rented it out and went to USA iirc, to continue her studies. I guess her place about same price she paid for it now - vs the rent reaped? She was an adult, and wanted to buy it at that price. Back to near peak? HPCers laughter not laughing now (indeed still focussing on the buyer plight of 2000-2008 as victims). Don't worry.... QE GALOREEEEEEEEE - Gen Rent carried it for you, because of VICTIMHOOD/HPI VIs in system.
  12. What are the other major issues, apart from HPI. <34s only have 3.2% of the property-wealth. It's GenRent out there for the young. We can all see the asking prices of the 800,000 properties for sale on Rightmove in this market. And it's 'Paradise HPI extremes for many older homeowners' - including KiloCharlie and others in DM who are eager for another doubling in house prices, even though their homes have already risen x20 and more from price they paid for them. Pressures on young people to succeed? How should life be lived? What indoctrination? Affordably homeownership without QE/Govt supports and BTL keeping things so tilted away from the young seems right to me - vs what we have now. Earning money, providing for your family... nothing wrong with it. There's an inter-generational housing conflict / Housing Financialisation VI housing conflict with young (and now not so young) really losing out hard from it all. Only main one I can see is wage inequalities (vs wealth) - and crap that's coming out blaming 'the disabled' (as in more of them in the workforce) for lower rates of productivity - where if they were being honest, they could easily find more plausible honest reasons for low productivity (IMO). It's difficult to pin all blame for everything on Govt/Society/Indoctrination - there were always divorces/breakups/breaches of trust/drugs/ down the centuries.
  13. Presumably some of the functions go beyond settings that can be adjusted locally, and are with the board provider. That bug doesn't seem like anything much to whine about anyway, apart from opportunity to make a scene (imo) about how great one is, and how others less so. On predictability of comments, I too have taken to blocking posters who grab every opportunity to claim buyers are all innocents and make posts on HPC forum about 'the pain' of a possible HPC. How newlyweds have genuine need to buy for homeownership at any price. Who hark back to their schooldays and how even bully children are all innocents within (apparently)- as though that has any connection whatsoever to adults buying houses, and anything to do with circumstances should prices fall. Conveniently overlooking all GenRent newlyweds and so many older couples still renting - priced out. A picture created that people who buy homes must be all young newlyweds, and all buyers/people are not full adults but children mind-state of innocence. Matter of fact and degree with buyers... Or... https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/2965390-Why-is-our-flat-not-getting-viewings ^ How can this be 'so sad' ? They want to upsize. Therefore they have good incomes/money. Yet just one read of first post brings out the victim-squad. Who are even minded to launch in with "victimhood" from an opening post on other forums, with landlords who are in position to buy another home, but are simply moaning about the extra SDLT to do so - (the greatest of innocents and maximum sadness.) At least the readers of other forums can see-through the OP's position, vs the 'sympathy/victim' quest that some 'HPCers' seem intent on pursuing for all owners, to fear/stop/guilt about any possible future HPC (years of that vs HPI++++++).
  14. FU. Govt simply didn't close it down when they should have. And now they've changed the rules on all the tax-reliefs the BTLers been gobbling up all the homes with, to create the rental demand in the first place... with all their claims on multiple homes. And he hides behind tenants as human shields vs S24 - also trying to take view of job losses recession, when lower prices are good thing for most GenRent, and less money in housing likely means more money to be spent in productive economy. Anything is better than <35 year olds with only 3% of the housing wealth, and people like him, who made their choices, having loads and loads of homes, claimed by ever more debt, MEW, buy more homes, MEW, for decades - all while reading HPC and seeing how hard GenRent getting it for years. Go bankrupt you greedy chump.
  15. See below. Neverwhere totallyexposed all the warpness of his positioning, trying to make himself out as 'the innocent one' - to blame Govt for all his eagerness to buy up all the homes. And just like azal777 who has rocked back up to HPC in 2017 (joined forum in 2005), to make his 5th,6th 7th post, about HPI greatness, BTL rent-it-out, "don't cash in for £500,000 cause property where it's at" / "I think long term with property" / "can't see any risks" / property galore, "get the rent in" Father Fred also a 2005 joiner..... knew all the issues, has happily look in on HPC forum silently for years... while buying more and more and more houses to rent out. Father Fred Comes back in 2017 with how S24 so unfair, and could lead to tenants losing homes, and repossessions... he don't give a damn apart from anything but all his HPI++++ and he's just another BTLer landlord pure focus to extremes on himself... and **** GenRent/young. It never ceases to astonish me that whenever a BTLer rocks up, or rocks back up after years, there's so many do-gooder HPCers who think it's just a matter of 'splaining things to them. That if they can reach them from goodness of their hearts they would change their ways. It's no wonder things reached stage they have with housing financialisation to extremes. Softy limp-wimp GenRenters, with a view that BTLers just misguided - all some pathetic big accident, that the BTL can be 'splained to, and turned good. They don't care. He's here to tell you, on HPC forum, he's fighting for HPI and BTLism, and rent it out glory...."property long term". Just like all the others over the years, and on other forums. Completely totally pathetic. They chose their sides already. They've spent years reaping rent, buying up more homes, feasting and causing GenRent. You want to help them out of their delusion? First you need to break your own delusion. It's a battle between BTLers/HPIers, and GenRent/those on side of anti-housing financialisation, and BTLers/HPiers spent decades winning it, to the cost of GenRent/young.
  16. I view fighting back against housing greedsters/BTlers/me-me-me /'property pensions'/ my children matter most with property - seriously, and fight back hard too. Eat Section 24 Have a short-term and long term future of HPC from these levels, to you and all the BTLer - even all those pondering whether not to sell 2nd homes (on HPC) with their position entirely, "because they may be able to squeeze more £ out of priced-out young." - "downside risks but I'm unsure because Govt seems to back multi homeonwership and loads of upsides too." Monsters need Slayers.
  17. And those risks include house prices falling/crashing - not just foreverHPI/GenRent should applaud you for having all the mad-gainz, and all the homes - vs them. They rent, priced-out in large part because of BTLers/investors like you, and need to provide a pension for themselves too. Interesting you tip up back to HPC wanting to prevent people selling. And I'm against you on housing financialisation side and fight against your position. Eat S24 and everything else coming on you. Look; you're not going to get any applauding from me, with you as a housing investor, more than 1 home... for helping to cause housing financialistion - hiding behind how you don't have a great pension outside of housing as the reason you went into BTL (sob story)- and all your posts about the mad-gainz. Your BTL pension/me excuses are utter crap. Eat hard HPC. *The impact of ones actions upon the world is the only morality worth speaking of. They're our own responsibility. *If you rely on the statute book alone to tell you what is & is not acceptable to do then you have no morals. *The lives of tenants have already been disrupted & damaged by the advantages given to BTL landlords over them. *You are the excesses! You, & people who've behaved as you have, have caused all of this. *Without the players there is no game. You made this mess. You are responsible for all the damage done by it. This BTLer below is not in control of things with his 7 BTLers, because S24 does him in. If he's neighbour to you, consider that he may soon become a forced seller - no matter if your housing investments have little debt ("forget taking £500,000 cash and make renters pay and pay with no fear HPC.. nothing I've seen to change my mind." FatherFred also not happy earlier this year (2017), with all his BTLs, and facing S24 - owner for so many many years, then more and more and more BTLs homes taken. All his years lurking on HPC, silently... buying up more and more homes. FU. S24 comes along and he bitches hard about it about unfair. Get repo'd you greedy ****.
  18. The BBC doesn't just put out 'ForeverHPI' easy-life TV shows. Within it, live goes on. Choices have to be made. People have to find their bearings, and they make their own worldviews. And millions of younger people in GenRent know a different reality than ForeverHPI 'life is great' - paying up to landlords vs these prices. People see what they want to see - and often willfully bend truths (HTB to help young/BTL providing homes /young need to stop eating sandwiches and work harder) to support the reality where they remain winners. We can all see asking prices - and many an older HPI longwave rich owner can tell you "what it is worth" with some pride. (Others to the good, not happy about it for younger people). I would rather put up with HPI+++ to extremes than see people as some see people (incapable and themselves so superior... a bit like that song of 1962).
  19. ...1962 cheap housing, well-paid jobs, economy expanding... opportunity for families to have good lives. Mortgages (having to pay for something) I accept, in that no one is giving away free-houses - but spare me the plight of 1962 homebuyers and their mortgages. That song may have been some socially-cool position to hold in anti-society for some - but they were having it great in general. Progress. Secure affordable homeownership. Booming economy. Rising living standards. Mortgage debt that would be wage-inflated away. Boxes/homes for young today... vs HPI++++/BTLers..... and those who tell young it "doesn't really matter" because £300,000 - £750,000 home for them will one day pay care-fees, have squabbling kids fighting over in inheritance..... (not representative) - it does all matter, for GenRent up against it. They may have had a few things to give voice to - and positioning that way is one way of trying to press Govt/power for ever better (it seems to me), and keep that modernising going? I've got Serpico's posts in my head of booming factories late 40s - through 50s, to a general slowdown and rebalancing early 60s. And of course 50s UK was poorer than 50s booming USA, with fridges full of food advertisements, PanAm, and all the mod-cons. One old guy (very spritely / kind / intelligent with his hands - he was actually handyman for our landlord at the time) telling us of his National Service in 1950s, and how unfair housing situation was for young today. Another not so compassionate to renters/priced out (blind to it), who bought he house soon after he came out for £2500 (sold for £300,000 - he had already bought a new smaller place after his wife died in cash, and waited more than a year for buyer to pay £300,000 - neighbours took to mowing his front lawn for over a year as house was empty - but RM pics showed they hadn't really made any upgrades/modernisation to the place since he bought it - was stuck in the 1950s... just mad-gainz). He was 'proud' of his wisdom/intelligence of buying/owning early 1950s to 2010. I'm not having a go at baby-boomers/olders in general - (it's not about that) but there are those who are no friends to young with their attitudes on HPI Mad Gainz side of things who I do push back to - with very little balance towards their life of mad-gainz/easy vs young GenRent today. Just the ridiculous housing financialisation. And those who refuse to accept younger GenRent aren't hard up against injustices with house prices in so many areas... they've also been up against 2 decades of BTL landlords. Followed by local and then global QE. Houses treated as investments/trophies. 2017... "Everyone is different and I have never felt wealthy... a few BTLs on the go, and bought own home for £x - vs what-it-worth now" BUSTA, 25 years a landlord.... p118ers... PTers.... my own 5 houses rented-out landlord... A few do get it - or at least have moments where prepared to accept some of the reality... away from GenRent just need to work harder and not eat and stop buying iPhones... 2017...
  20. I'm less at ease in parts of central Manchester - seen a few instances of shoplifters pegging it, pursued by security guards, in the past year. Horrific video of young man being attacked on Princess Street earlier this year, broad daylight + read too many such stories in other parts on Manchester - makes me sad and ill at ease. Although I don't know what parts of Blackpool are like at night. The front was always a bit lively here and there - and also seen it kick off on a tram at night, 5 young men vs 1 older guy - many years ago.
  21. Just struck me funny coming to HPC forum, telling about your 2 houses, and asking this... Funny for me, with prices as they are in my area, BTLer double down, S24 in play, SDLT surcharge BTLers.. Brexit. Entirely up to you but what did you plan to do with second home? Keep it for HPI++++ / rent it out. Okay.. if you have uncertainty of cashing out in the market, it's your market view. You seem to want it both ways. Downside risks + how you may be better off keeping other home (no HPC/positive HPI/treatment by system). Many of us priced out renter-savers... no idle multiple home luxuries - but a few reasons for hope of adjustment (S24 etc). One has to take a market view and hold to it imo.
  22. Has Valentino sold yet, or taken his home off the market. The unfairness of not being able to cash in on mad-peak super-gainz eh. Only needs a neighbour to accept a lower price (say £700,000 or £600,000), nervous about selling and willing to cash in for good amount (maybe inheritor) to impinge on value of his own home. They may not be making more land, there may be few houses up for sale, but they may be running out of buyers too at certain parts of the market.
  23. And while it's not happened yet... that could at some future stage prove to be a major HPC trigger... HPI++ hyper-values older big homes everywhere... but ever fewer upsizers in market - GenRent, BTLers getting S24'd/CGT pincered... You only need a few owners to accept lower prices to bring down wider values. Of course it could be kept as foreign money/QE galore HPI times.. but maybe not. Can Govt/Central Bank permanently override market, and social unfairness? Gen Rent and <35 year olds with only 3% of housing wealth... And we're yet to see lenders reactions if prices do tilt down a bit... may be a frame of time where they curtail lending/affordability assessment refusals, before they begin to issue mortgages again when house prices are lower.
  24. How long have you had this 2nd house for anyway? Rented it out? You may have posted details previously... Maybe, but things can change suddenly. You only need a few sellers to accept lower prices. They're not making any more land, but they may be making fewer sellers willing to pay these prices. There's also MMR, and mortgage broker report I linked to today had them telling that passing affordability checks harder than 12 months ago. Greg STR'd and his view is there's not quite as many people willing to pay £750K+ in the market. Undercut his neighbours when offer came in - just a trend of that happening, and it only needs to be a few houses in an area, and it brings down wider values for all owners/BTLers, even though they didn't do anything (houses not up for sale). Other buyers and sellers affect the price, at the margin.
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