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  1. *whole file* There's something that makes me laugh, but I won't mention it. Yeah Crouch... 'religious' - sure thing. (Not me / science and math) and by the way the housing market is to be taken seriously by many of us. 'Too seriously' indeed. Come give us your different slant. Last time it was all way in the BTLers favour about your interpretation of S24 and GAAR. I'm happy to wait to buy, with hope for better value/opportunity to buy 1 home at lower price, with all that ratcheting down on the BTLers. Exactly that @Maximus Skepticus along with all the rest of the housing financialisation, and 2 million BTLers with 5 million homes rented out.
  2. Are they anywhere near the power-centre of Labour party itself for policy (?). I didn't hear it mentioned in recent Labour campaign. Okay I did read about Labour and house building (vs HPC). Just what the HPIers want. "Hope for wage inflation and politically acceptable solution of new homes." We haven't been able to build homes faster than speculators have been able to invest them for 15+ years. We need some of those houses back to OO. Hello Section 24. Not to mention all the secondary homes the BTLers have bought up, and CTL hogged + the BTLers own homes need to come to market in a squeeze on them. Not convinced they could build 1m homes. Just a gimmick, as all the other parties about 'building lots of new homes'. With housing financialisation as it is, builders/developers would all be on the grift to charge as much as possible imo, to Gov, for land, and building most likely characterless newbuilds. Edwardian builders had to put in style to attract buyers - a massive house building boom around the country, with so many different independent developers competing for business. Not just a few huge big developers who seem to have full control of the market today. We need HPC first. And hello Section 24. Also the BTLers have laid claim to millions of homes. Consent-To-Let. 2nd homes. Homes with older people doddling around with empty bedrooms because they think HPI+++ like savings (David Smith in The Times), don't fear HPC, see HTB meaning as HPI for we "all about not enough homes" and don't want to downsize (which is fine, but they can't later complain if there is HPC). Supply argument is whack. We may need lot of supply, but housing financialisation has taken so many homes out of the market.. where individuals hogging 2, 5, 10, 50 homes each. We need those homes back to OO, at lower prices. https://medium.com/@ian.mulheirn/2-1-billion-square-metres-to-swing-a-cat-in-b1f13ee7ad6b
  3. Because voters only vote for HPI..... Yet it's been politically acceptable to have runaway HPI and BTLer greed to extremes..... Merv was interviewed a few weeks back..... 'we're trying to achieve lower house prices and now we have a chance of getting there' http://news.sky.com/story/lower-pound-a-welcome-change-says-former-bank-chief-lord-king-10612690 S24 is looking good, despite all the squealing from BTLers that they are 'core Conservative voters' Hahah Section 24 - they didn't get anywhere with all their ranty ranty letters of extreme entitlement about 'providing homes' .... 5, 10, 20, 50 homes all for one person, feasting on the rent of other people..... but you yourself claim BTL doesn't cause a property shortage. You overlook fact it's 5, 10, 20, 50 homes for them, vs nothing for priced-out renter savers to get anywhere from professional level work and solid incomes. I was one of only a few to claim there was hard political fighting ahead and Labour and Corbyn would tap into feeling of more of the young - when many laughing back at us that Conservatives would cruise to victory.. 'enlarge their majority' - So you don't think a Government can do anything to threaten the interests of the HPIers. Interesting. Although you've held this view ever since buying a house and pushing it here, along with stuff about renter-savers who should step up to prevent pain of house prices falling, if they ever were to, for you don't want to see your house price fall in value. April 2017...... --------------------- True Labour/Corbyn don't seem to have any anti-HPI policies, and wouldn't surprise me if they wanted to turn back S24.... but S24 in play, despite what it does to all the BTLers (and their votes). There are other interests at play. 2015 Sometimes a Government has to look beyond votes and do what is right for the country. It's not all about HPIers/BTLrs. And there are other interest in play who have interests in seeing house prices correct - powerful interests imo. It's not all about core-voting Conservatives and HPI... and concern about them losing office. And you think this situation is politically acceptable, but HPC isn't???? You have a view that owners pain (if any HPC which you doubt... 1 million new homes might lower prices), means it comes before renters pain (priced out/ terrible tenancy laws/insecurity... but suffer that vs these prices, and some can't afford to buy anyway at these prices, with BTLers having bought up so many homes, and you recently paying 'what it is worth' - outbidding only viewers you believe.)
  4. Exactly so. Choice. It is up to the individual. I won't buy at these prices, but total free choice for those who can and do. Just as it is your choice to see S24 and GAAR in the way you see it; which to me was a stronger version of how Busta and Ros see it, playing right up to their advantage if HMRC saw it that way, which thankfully they don't. Yes yes I get it. You have a superior mind to all those on this religious forum.
  5. Good. Insane is the guy above who believes people have few good choices, and that buyers 'had' to buy, as the spokesperson of owners. There's only ever been a few choices... it's rent or buy. And there's a big difference between each. I've no idea why someone who has just bought a house, comes back onto HPC with 5-year-plans for renters to hope for wage-inflation rather than the pain of value loss for owners... ...because he is ACA, doesn't think he outbid anyone but those who went to view house, and bought that house because "I was worried wouldn't ever be able to buy a house." Your choice to buy. You made it, very recently. You won't conquer renters with your view that as a recent buyer, you matter more than them. Insane and hysterical... two positions you've pinned on me. I see your market view that way. People in a market don't agree. I certainly don't agree with your views whatsoever which clearly seem to be... I buy house, didn't oubid anyone but the few viewers who went to look at it - and next-day renters should hope for wage-inflation in rented... what they put up with doesn't matter, provided I don't go through pain of value falls... which are politically unacceptable and can't happen anyway. 1 million new homes might cause HPC as the political solution.
  6. Koj claiming to be "ambivalent" about house prices... "which is more than can be said about money of this forum". Inherited home worth a fortune, loads and loads of money/investments... What a joke.... ...other posts too... just joining same old homeowning VI reading again recently, about hope for wage inflation instead of a house prices going down pain for owners. What's worst outcome for you in a HPC.....? From outright owner of expensive home, Rolex watch... hundreds of thousands in cash savings invested. Yet you never ever tune into plight of renter savers, in HPI+++++ BTLer double-down. You're the twisted one @knock out johnny Always HPC = recession/misery.... and to post that above. You're really one low-life person you know. Go on then... you and rest of new trolls can have your way for a while, without push back from me. HPC. What's the point when we totally go into depth about position with logic, you later come back elsewhere with one liner about: Yep, it's how Venger reacts to a differing view You and your mad-gainz. What would HPC do to you? Not much at all IMO as an outright owner of house worth a a lot of money - but you put up and hide behind human shield other owners - and so many of owners are in similar positions to you... where HPC just a knock to overall HPI longwave mad-gainz position.... eg House in London worth £1.5M, owned outright maybe down to £700K (in a HPC... something like that). Noticed you couldn't wait to join in with them vs HPCers (priced out renter-saver genuine mind to all those suffering effects of high prices on renter-saver side right now.... future suffering (of you losing some of your mad gainz) - you put before all those who for many years, and now, carrying many hardships on the priced out renter-saver side. BTL landlord double down in recent years... HPC forum sure is. Squealing and human shield-ing it for owner side/BTLer side/HPI side....shaming HPCers renter-savers.....
  7. You've not got it bad KOJ ...inherited house worth fortune, life of Rolex, huge money invested away.. and probably more than 1 such investment would be my guess. We can want better housing affordability on HPC... .from renter-saver side. Stop with the shaming... "sell for a loss" We're in housing market. Stop being so worked up about mad-gainz of your home, and hiding behind other owners as human-shields, claiming HPCers want recession/misery etc. Well you won't stop with that... you just won't for I know having pushed back so many times in the past. You're just a HPI Protectionist Troll - all about the mad-gainz for you - your mad-gainz IMO.
  8. I was hoping you wouldn't post in my direction again - did not intend to ever get involved with you in direct discussion after your behaviour a few weeks back. Yet here you are..... with your snipes that add nothing but just seek to... well knock. Let me begin by HPC - Recession... for KOJ.... you go on and on and on about it... Koj; the facts you've set out over time (as I remember it - and quite a bit of it set out below), is you once lost your job and had to sell your home. You then inherited a house somewhere in London-ish area worth a fortune and cash. You consider anyone having to lower their house price as 'taking loss' You have anger towards HPCers hoping for better value. You claim it's wanting recession/bad things, by wanting HPC - and then you project a lot of negativity on those wanting better housing value. ...on and on it goes. You own outright, house worth fortunes, have money to splash on Rolex watches... cash galore..... and you really dislike the priced-out renter-savers hoping for better value housing. In a market where there has been so much BTL activity. Where homeownership levels have plummeted. Yeahh.... loss from mad-peak owned outright price..... where no loss at all. Also - what part are you missing about many of us being terrible priced out renter-savers / hopelessly priced out from upsizing. I want to limit risks of huge negative equity, by not buying at these prices. Why I am a renter-saver..... Houses are for raising/shelter... not for treating as mad-gainz investments. One of the funds you have £250,000 stashed in falls back a bit, or lower yield? The position was that you can't have it both ways. Some of us want better value. If that means you're inherited fortune house falls in value, then too bad. Doesn't make us bad. You are not ambivalent about house prices whatsoever..... Another pushing "Don't want house prices to fall (even though I personally own outright and only an ego notional loss if values fall) - hope for wage inflation to make houses more affordable. Then all the claiming we're speculators. No... priced out. Don't see value. Years of renting/saving... having to pay up to landlord with multiple properties. You've not got many problems... Why so annoyed at those who would have house prices fall... increase in homeownership at prices that are a better match toward family income levels????? ...... spent enough time, and time with HPI+++++++++ and BTLer double-down. There's nothing wrong with wanting better housing value as a renter and would-be buyer. Bargain.... prices would need to serious change down from these levels for that. HPC = recession..... "we all want destruction of economy to get better housing value." NO! Stop shaming us. That's not true at all - although I would welcome a change in financial fortune of housing BTLers, and them being forced to have to sell some BTLs back to the market. BTLers with millions of homes, creating the demand they pretend to service. Nothing to do with anger. Dedicated campaigner/activist for the priced out renters. Also refuse to buy at these prices levels... if I could afford to. It's this.... Recession recession recession with you - I have kept my position during HPI++++++++, saved for any hard times, no debt... it won't be me. And if HPC shakes up my own position, then I'l have to adjust, but always human-shielding it from you to protect the HPI. What's worse for you in a HPC. Your outright owned home falls in value. You take a bit of a loss on one of your investments...? Of course you're not ambivalent about house prices.... you defend these prices from HPC time after time... shaming those who want better housing value, and using recession/pain as a human shield... you have no mortgage as I remember it. Just inherited big expensive house. I won't buy a house at these prices levels... so what you on about. Can't do anything for those who have spent last few years paying ever higher prices. Their adult market choice. Many expect (and got) more HPI... during many more years I've been paying £10K a year to a landlord in rent. You're not here concerned about Gen-Rent being farmed for rent by multiple property BTL landlords for years... It's all the mad-gainz for you.... human-shielding behind 'HPC / recession / angry renters' for your fortune mad-gainz own situation IMO - clear from your posts, and I'm the opposite of what you project on me in all of your attempts to make me the baddie. You may get your way KoJ - (you're not making my HPC experience fun) for you nasty vested interest members to extremes... well I ignore you, but you keep tipping up. I forgot the com-prop posts as well. Will lift those up next, and then hopefully you will stop tipping into me.
  9. No one had to do that. It was their choice. And in the process it meant they confirmed high prices, or if buying at a new peak, pushed values up more out of reach for renters. If you want to bailout owners, in event of any HPC, cause you're on buyers (for how long?) having 'had to buy' then do so - with your own money. They made their own decisions. You don't know what is in each buyers mind. For many, buying has been right choice, vs renting, even just over last few years. Some see houses as value, no hpc risk, HPI+++ ahead. You don't know what is in each person's mind. Bomad in 2015 told me; "Best you can expect is dribs and drabs (prices falling), but not even that in expensive areas" as she stumped up huge money to help family member upsize. People have their own minds. We don't know if there will be any HPC. It's a market. You, and many others on forum, and not the Superior Controller Know-Alls. I would prefer more HPI than have a system with such 'superiors' (spokespeople above all others) interfering in people's life choices. Society is made up of the choices of individuals. Some people push back against many things. They're not all 'stupid'. There are big winners in this market. I think of my choices, and I rent vs these prices. I don't want risks involved of buying a house at these prices. Especially not with quite a few houses on market clearly inherited, and the inheritors looking for massive pay-day of mad-gainz. Or not disregard... expecting/wanting more HPI. It's a market. You're not in charge. You're not spokesperson for everyone who bought with your 'had to buy' - and - "not really a choice vs renting and paying off a landlords mortgage/giving landlord money - might as well pay your own mortgage." You can't have it each and every way @Insane.
  10. No one has 'had' to do that. They chose to do that. Their market choice. You're not spokesperson for all owners, including many who don't think HPC possible, expect more HPI. This is House Price Crash. Not 'Think of the Owners Who Bought Because Renting Dead Money And Had To Buy a House At £200,000 More Than You Would Pay In Event Of There Ever Being A HPC". I've heard it for 9 years, and seen 'victim' buyers trade up and trade up again... mad-gainz each time. Their choice. Even had those buyers on HPC telling me about their mad-gainz vs renting, as they trade up to an even more expensive house, giving it 'Rent Forever Losers'. The world/market doesn't revolve around all owners. Don't be so thin-skinned and get emotional about my pushback, all done to point out flaws in your positioning. We don't even know if there will be a HPC. They made their choices. Market. More recent owners/buyers are not the human shields..
  11. And even the journo scoffs a bit at the thought of a HPC. People think differently; including buyers/owners. Millions of very different views. If you buy/bought/owned for years.... it's your own position. Not that of your rent-forever-loser neighbour/near neighbour/flat-sharer. You're not the spokesperson of all owners/buyers claiming 'no real choice'. It's a major difference between buying/owning and renting - and it's all on each of us to decide what to do, with how we see the market. Millions of owners sat on fortunes of equity. There are winners and losers in this market. Why not productive younger working people want HPC (from these price levels in many areas) with the scourge of BTLers who've gone on another double-down of buying up millions of homes. Millions celebrate HPI. That's hardship for non-onwers. HPC. September 17 2017, 12:01am, The Sunday Times ---- Yet in a market many think differently... on buying and owning side. Choice you see. You're not the spokesperson for all buyers/owners vs not really a choice with renting.
  12. Exactly. You're not the spokesperson of all owners / buyers, with all your no real choice nonsense. And either are any of the other super-planetary sized egos. Choices. Major difference between renting and buying. Adult market choice, both ways (except for those so priced out that renting imposed on them... and can point to a few stories in papers, including one in Times recently, of renter wanting HPC... and why not vs prices in her area). No; simply pushing back against your view that people don't have a choice - and your view about better to buy and have mortgage of £XXX than pay up £XXX to a landlord (that's a market choice).
  13. And that was your adult market choice. I believe a HPC can happen with base rates held at this level, because of many other factors. However I may be wrong. It's a market. Whatever you paid for a house/apartment is your choice. Just as I have no intention of paying what the few sellers are seeking for homes in areas I track. £400K-£600K+ semi-detached houses. Prices have surged since 2013. Rent choice. Anyone buying a home wasn't the choice of a renting-neighbour who may recoil from these prices / be totally priced out / refuse to take on same level of debt. When you mention rent paid out, Insane makes out 'claiming yourself a victim'. No; just emphasising it's a market, and buyers make their choices, when he claims both choices are risky/bad. Maybe they are but we have to make a choice. No buyers in the pool of buyers, and prices come down. And not all been bad choices for many buyers... even buyers of last few years in London sat on Mad-Gainz vs London (and even in my own area). "Stop wanting house prices to go down" is what it's all about, from many of them (not saying you... as a HPC joiner of earlier this year). Also known as a market. If if if if if there is any HPC ahead (may not be), then can't turn around and said "I bought because I was fed up waiting for better value, think about me, don't want to spill any of my equity/go into NE." You had a choice. Doubted HPC possible, fed up, people been saying interest rates for ages... so outbid lots of other people and bought a house at £x-price.
  14. Ok; but don't be thin-skinned. Clearly trying to get you to accept the adult market view - adults buy houses. You're still entirely wrong. Buyers buy, and it's their choice, when they could have bought. Just as you say, some rent, but choose not to pay these prices. That would be me and quite a few other HPCers. It's also known as housing market. That's all. I don't need people casting owners as non-choice innocents, when they've been paying these prices, outbidding me for years. You/they going to kickback anything on all the many years rent I've paid to a landlord. Market moved against me and I accept it, but I still position for better value..... and buyers bought/outbidding me. They weren't forced to buy. No buyers = lower prices. Choice. Their choice vs renting. Many don't fear any HPC. Many see HPI+++. Day after day recently, newbies telling me to think of owners before renters (and go on 5 year plan of renting and hoping for wage inflation). That Gov will print £Trillions to protect HPI. That HPC are forever-renter-losers. I am going to push back against those who claim not much choice. Big choice difference between renting, and buying at these prices (in areas I track). Adult market choices. And you, nor anyone else, doesn't know the position of all other buyers/owners in the market. They make adult market choices. If prices were set to crash, why such low inventory on market, with prices in my area scraping new painfully high peaks?
  15. It's also the gigantic super-planet sized EGOs who think they speak for all owners/buyers.... ...never ceases to amaze me. EGO EGO EGO .... you don't know the millions of things in minds of all owners/buyers, including owners I can link to who expect house prices to go up 50% in years ahead from here. "Owners didn't have much choice but to buy, vs renting....all bad choice" Still a choice and we take our positions. With millions of owners sat on fortunes in equity. Always here as VOICE OF ALL OWNERS / think of them owners who had little choice but to buy (protect mad-gainz). It's still a market. I rent. You do not speak for all owners... many think prices are good-value. Believe there can be no HPC. Expect more HPI. It's still a market.
  16. There's a major difference in choices between renting - and buying/owning. You're here claiming owners didn't really have a choice. They did have a choice. They do (let's have some houses come to market, up for sale, in very low inventory market). Buying/owning has been a very good choice for many buyers past 10 years. Many sat on mad-gainz, and well ahead of renters. Just the other day one newbie tipping up claiming how well he had done to have bought in 2007 vs renters here. So away with that cr4pola. It may not be so for buyers of last week, or last month... but let the market play out. It was their choice to buy. And now you're here with the renting is dead money vs buying in the mix as well. So they had a choice. They own their choices, just as I do as renter hoping for lower prices, but here with you claiming owners didn't have a choice (violins). Even in possibility house prices might fall 25%-50%... that's why I don't accept your view about mortgage being same as rent = might as well buy... while you're also here claiming owners didn't have much of a choice but to buy. Become an adult about it, owners bought/own. Their choice vs renters. And many don't have a choice but to rent, and need lower prices in order to buy.
  17. You're also claiming there was not much choice. If they've bought they've bought. I rent. The owner side made their choices. I hope for lower house prices, and not those who tip up claiming owners had little choice but to buy, human-shielding it.
  18. Fine. Choice between renting and buying is the main difference. If people refused to pay these prices, they would fall. I'm a renter, but can't do anything about these people you claim had little choice on the owner side. You're basically claiming renting is dead money, So it comes down to choice. Free market adult choice. Why don't you become an adult about it?
  19. So they made their choice. An active rational choice as they saw it. They went to viewing, arranged mortgage, solicitors, transacted and bought at whatever price. ..... a fully active market choice choice. Your buyer/owners made their choice. With such low inventory on market, they can also choose to sell. Choice choice choice choice. Stop hiding behind human shields for owners, if if if if prices go down.
  20. It's still a choice. I refuse to pay these prices. Don't put human-shields infront of me to protect the HPI. They had a choice. They bought. Many buy because they see prices as value, or even going up. BOMAD tell me not to expect any drops in expensive areas, as they put £250K+ into helping their kids upsize. You can't hold all buyers as victims. We've got buyers here of recent times casting themselves as victims if prices go down, trying to shame renters for wanting better value, telling us to hope for wage inflation over next 5 years - while also laughing at HPCers for being 'forever wrong' and telling us HPC is politically unacceptable and that Gov will always print to protect the HPI (hurricane yesterday). We don't even know if there will be any HPC - but thanks Mr 5-posts for joining to tell us that there was not really any choice between renting and buying (at ever higher prices). I rent. Rented for years as prices dipped (QE), then over next few years rose 40% above 2007 prices... here 10 years later. Seen BTLers buy up house after house. If you own then you made your choice. Millions of owners own outright. Stop human-shielding it to protect millions of owners who are mad-gainz HPI wealthy / outright owners, and the BTLers.
  21. I would if it wasn't total nonsense, of superiors looking down on millions of people. Truth is that millions of people enjoying new normal as outright-owners with houses worth fortunes. Truth is that millions of homes have been bought by the BTLers. Truth is that millions of younger workers so busy working, paying up rent, and awaiting HPC. Can't do anything for those who have chosen to participate in buying a house at these prices...(in many areas) even a small house. It was their adult market choice, not the choice of the control-freaking-superiors, who look down on everyone else (and think them brainwashed)... and can't even see that we're in a market where millions of people are WINNERS, sat on fortunes of mad-gainz.... my landlord multi-millionaire HPIer, 5 houses rented out, who hasn't worked for decades, and a member of dressing-down HPIers... life of nice cars, holidays, sitting back and collecting the rent. Truth is BOMADs who tell me; can't see prices falling.. maybe some dribs and drabs, but not even that in expensive areas (as they help 30+ year old daughter/son pay what-it-is worth to upsize in very expensive area, with a huge sum put in toward the purchase. The normal is their normal, and I prefer it that way vs those who think they are brainwashed and need to be controlled by their unwarranted superiority. Truth is millions of people priced out, and hoping for change -vs- millions of people sat in mad-gainz superb financial winning positions (HPI/BTL) wanting to protect their mad-gainz. Truth is prices at these levels are currently very very real, and for all of us to make choices in the market (without control freaks).
  22. You have recently bought a house. Keep knocking the forum and I'll push back, especially with you here going on about how you didn't outbid anyone for your house, just those who went to view. Who buys a house and comes straight back onto HPC pushing this; '5 year plans for renters to hope for wage-inflation rather than pain of falling values for owners'. Then with all the politically unacceptable. It doesn't need political acceptance by the HPI voters. It doesn't need millions of new houses to bring about a HPC. There are different parts to the political system. I love your line about being ACA accountant (making you a really intelligent mind to so many others imo) who has just bought, outbidding no-one in market, and 'afraid of being priced out' (the greatest innocent') - be an adult and accept your choices in buying. You posted what you posted - it was all about renters carrying it to protect homeowners from falling prices. ---------------------- And there's more..... damn right. He is a HPI protectionist (adarmo). ER went through lots of hardships on renting side, and bought a house - you don't hear him whinging about anything (to protect his HPI). He's HPC, principled, father to young children, anti-housing-financialisation, even as homeowner (with mortgage). ffs adarmo - you can sell your house, the house you've only just bought, if you're so concerned about a HPC and losing money - but you also laugh at HPCers for being wrong, and claim HPC is 'politically unacceptable' while hiding behind other homeowners and 'the pain of values falling' (wanting renters to carry it in a 5 year plan). You and your human-shields as someone who has just bought a house, on HPC forum. You're doing my head in. HPI protectionist.
  23. It appears to me they do give clearance on many matters. Although that might not count for much if they later find the entity doing something tax-wrong...? Been around HPC in the past...?
  24. Yeah but you've bought now, just recently. Here with 5-year-plans for renters to hope for wage inflation, rather than 'pain' of prices falling for owners. And with a view that HPC is 'politically unacceptable'. So if it's so politically unacceptable, why the human-shielding it for owners, 5-year-plans, hope for wage-inflation, to protect your house price.
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