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  1. I saw a television programme a few years ago about housing in Germany. Firstly it hi-lighted the percentage of rental to ownership, but also advised the rental properties are owned by pensions companies. They will buy whole apartment complexes or housing areas and rent them out, in the same way our pension companies buy and rent out commercial property. I suspect the German method would generate a steady stream on income, as opposed to our method.
  2. Apologies for the delay, but with thanks to Kazuya.............. here's a link to the mp3 http://www.multiupload.com/E9M8KYWVVO Edited for wording
  3. All, I have downloaded the whole two hour programme as an mp3 file. Anyone that want's a copy, PM me (if I can find it) and I'll email it out to anyone that would like it. Dilbert
  4. Try this..... http://www.johnredwood.com/ Hope that helps.... as someone on here used to say!
  5. Found it..! Second and third homes are where the hurt is
  6. It wasn't this you were thinking of by any chance? OnOne map D
  7. Just joined the party after a beer (OK, more than one) so apologies to anyone who may have posted this already. If searched as three seperate words, the sponsored link is for our friends at MoneyWeek. Just tried as all one word though and ...... oh yeah, see what you mean. (You won't belive how long this took to type with no speeling mistooks in it!! Edit: Next time I must remember to read the first post, the poster already pointed out it was all one word. Where's my coat.... ?
  8. Not acording to Hometrack though.... Hometrack - Daily Telegraph 21/12/05 Hope it helps
  9. FP You're welcome! I hadn't looked until you mentioned it, but yeah, funny isn't it?!
  10. G3 Graphite, 56K dial-up with Mozilla 'Camino' browser - NO probs!
  11. FP Further, found this: Harvard: The State of the Nation's Housing 2005
  12. FP Just Googled your enquiry and one of the links was a letter in The Economist, which sounds like what you're after. " SIR – October 1929. Professor Irving Fisher of Yale University: “stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau.” June 2005. Harvard University's Joint Centre for Housing Studies: “in several metropolitan areas...natural or regulatory-driven supply constraints may have resulted in permanently higher prices.” Enough said. " Hope it helps
  13. I'm not a frequent poster but wanted to jot down my thoughts on the implications of this, which should it happen, could be the pin to pop the bubble. As the article mentions, we've had the Council Tax revaluations mysteriously postponed until next year or so. Afterall, basing the new bandings on current prices which are way over the top would likely lead to a revolt. So Gordons wondering how he can raise taxes whilst making the majority of the population happier by not revaluing at todays prices. "I got it" says Gordon, "we tax those people who sell their houses on the difference between their buying and selling price." So the following could potentially happen; 1) Prices fall pretty quickly as sellers try to minimise their tax exposure (Reduced sale price = Reduced tax bill). 2) Gordon knows all those FTB's who are priced out will at last be able to buy somewhere to live (with an added bonus that they may vote for him as PM in 3-4 years). 3) Gordon raises a nice wedge of tax. .... maybe someone should post a link to the article on the expats site ... D
  14. I'm one too!!! Rarely post but read the forum everyday and have learnt so much, so thanks to all!! Could just about buy now, but instead have decided to watch those prices and bide my time until they reach trend, then I'll be able to afford something much better than a one bed chicken shed. Round my way, there's some new build 2 bed apartments which started at £240, but now down to £201 in 6 months.... and they're not even completed yet! ) Deep joy )
  15. Shakerbaby Could it be one of these you are after? In come the waves After the fall Hope it helps
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