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  1. Although stating - "Market slowdown interrupted" - they then proceed to state these fact; "House prices up 2.1% during July pushing annual rise up to 20.3% Only 2 in 5 first time buyers now come from the 18-30 age group Many first-time buyers now putting down deposits of at least £30,000 " Those FTB stats are quite interesting! *no way* can they be sustained. http://www.nationwide.co.uk/hpi/
  2. "The great house price debate" Article from yesterday - apologies if a repost. http://www.thisismoney.com/20040422/mh77310.html
  3. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/busines...cles/timid81578
  4. I've had to endure similar smugness from many property owning friends - the ones who have owned property for around 10 years seem to be the most realistic and *want* price reductions to at most 2000 levels as they can't progress up the ladder anymore - they realise that these 'equity' increases are a nonsense. Friends who have bought within the last 3 years (FTBs) gleefully tell me how much equity they have now and that I've really missed the boat, not saying I want to see them in neg-eq, but for rubbing my nose in it for past 12 months I really do hope their flat values drop to at most what they paid in the first place - they can't see the wood for the trees, huge increases in their grotty flats doesn't really help them in anyway shape or form unless they sell up & realise the gains in order to start renting with a nice nest-egg (one savvy friend of mine has done exactly that in true STR style. She paid £80k for a 2 bed flat a few years ago and just sold it for £140k, madness! She's sitting pretty on a wedge of cash and renting a *nicer* flat now)
  5. http://www.findaproperty.com/cgi-bin/story.pl?storyid=6427 "On this latter point, the MPC believes that the boom in buy-to-let complicates the picture and warns that landlords trying to offload unprofitable investments could tip the market over the edge "To the extent that house prices were currently out of equilibrium, sales by buy-to-let owners could help to precipitate a more abrupt adjustment." " So a slight downshift in the market could scare some BTL's who don't want to lose capital into selling - which in turn would scare other BTL's etcetera - which could be the cause of a "sharp correction" - BTL's are a bane to everyone!
  6. Shut up fatty. j/k - having opposing views is more than welcomed I'm sure - it'd be quite bland if *everyone* had the same POV!
  7. Just looked at the L3 website - oh dear - oh dear... oh dear. "dynamic property duo Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are on a crusade to tackle the first time buyer crisis head on and to solve all first time buyer dilemmas." They could dress up like superheroes, wearing 'pump' shaped suits as they go about their business of inflating that bubble and getting FTB's in serious trouble! "First Time Buyers Special Kirstie and Phil are back and on crusade to tackle the first time buyer crisis head on... The property boom is fantastic if you already own a property. But for first time buyers, spiralling house prices can spell financial frustration. The average house price is now over £160,000. Is the answer to borrow more or move away or even stay renting? How can first time buyers possibly take that first step onto the property ladder? In this brand new six-part series, dynamic property duo Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are on a crusade to tackle the first time buyer crisis head on and to solve all first time buyer dilemmas. Putting their entire professional house hunting skills to the test, they show that with hard work and lateral thinking it is still possible for first time buyers to become homeowners. "
  8. Link in the blog doesn't work - should be this; http://www.fool.co.uk/news/comment/2004/c040817e.htm
  9. Ummmm, maybe because it was *on TV last night* - it's still a current topic FFS! Who says it's going to be discussed forever? This is the *first day* of discussion on the topic for most people here - are you saying we're only allowed to talk about this subject within a 2 hour window of it actually occurring? From "10 hits a day" when HPC was started to getting a TV spot, I'd say the interest in the website (therefore the subject of "House Price Crash" itself!) was on the up!! You're clearly concerned yourself - why else would you be frequenting "HousePriceCrash.co.uk"!!! If we're sad - Lord knows what that makes you - 'hanging around' somewhere you believe to be misguided! Happy crapping it about your investments
  10. Another view, a few days old but still worthy of note; http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/3557764.stm
  11. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/3571508.stm
  12. I'll do the same, out of necessity rather than choice! If prices continue to climb then I'll be a 'renter' for the foreseeable future! There's nothing in my price range that I actually *want* to live in, so nothing to lose by waiting it out really.
  13. Surely all the STR's are in your favour then! Mr Successful landlord Sir.
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