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  1. Very good point, I know quite a few people who rent from LL's who hoovered up a street of cottages for pennies and if you could go back and buy them all for 10K you'd be on to a winner, £400-450pcm almost all paid for by benefits (which also puts a floor under all property up here, even the most rank of flats is still up for 400pcm, becoz dats wot da benfitz will pay ya nar). However, at 90-100k, given the yearly re-furb costs, stolen boilers, having to replace all the internal doors (Chavs LOVE open plan living - Who knows where the doors actually go too), dealing with the ignorant, never worked, knuckle dragging fool who wants you to fix the hole he just punched into the wall. Never mind the fact that you probably won't see a large percentage of the rent as it gets sucked into Gregg's or the pub/bookies... I think I'd give it all a very wide berth, there is still a bloodbath to come in the North, it literally hasn't even started yet. http://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/local/all-news/sunderland-council-cuts-top-100million-1-5314837
  2. I grew up in Sunderland. Although it looks 'cheap' the local fundamentals, local wages, job security, etc, would mean that only a tiny amount of people would earn anything like the amounts needed to service a mortgage on it; those that would will undoubtably want/desire a new build rabbit hutch, built on an old rat infested, polluted ex industrial unit and believe they are living the dream, usually accompanied with a white audi A2/3/4 or BMW 1 series/mini/fiat 500... Debt-tastic. There are literally thousands of these cottages all over the north east and realistically, in the local environment, they're probably worth around 30-40K if you're lucky... Some cheap laminate floors and dodgy furnishings don't lift the fact that you're likely to be living next to a crack den/drug dealer. Even having lived in some of the most expensive parts of the UK, Surrey/Hants border, Odiham, Alton, Fleet... I still couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money to live in these area's.
  3. Have you not thought about Durham? It's where I'm living at the minute, I'm originally from Sunderland *Shudder* and Durham is sooooooooooooo much nicer than Newcastle/Sunderland or anywhere else up here really. York is very nice also.
  4. Good stuff, there's a few old pubs in Durham I wouldn't mind having a bash at for converting into a house.
  5. Another good one... http://www.gordon-brown.co.uk/ea/estateagency.html
  6. As I'm back ooop north these days... over 30years old... but pretty much spot on
  7. The more I think about it the more I beleive that the few switched on cookies at university will simply load up on the tuition fee loan, maintenance loan and whatever grants/bursaries are available, then, once graduated and with a bit of extra money in the bank will simply toddle off to another country, never paying the loans back... Well thats pretty much my plan as it stands at the minute (I'm currently paying for it all myself, but think I'll be sending in some forms to student finance this week.)
  8. I've just started a 4 year engineering degree, there are definatley far too many students doing completey useless degrees... still, hope I can get through my course before the funding brakes come off.
  9. Well, personally, after 8 years contracting in the aviation engineering industry I decided to go to uni and get myself a degree (mech eng), having hit the supervisor ceiling the next step for me is design/prototyping etc, however without that bit of paper its practically impossible to get a foot in the door. A 'graduate tax' or higher income tax repayments won't bother me (In fact it may help as I may not have to pay tuition fee's out of my own hard earned), as I will be straight out of this country and back to Canada or the states/Oz where they are actively courting british graduates in engineering and science, this could spell very bad times for uk plc, it'll only be left with the window-lickers who are there for 'summin 2 do innit blud' My heart bleeds.
  10. I was actually seriously considering going to university to get a degree in mechanical engineering, already been accepted onto the course etc, however, having witnessed how the FE system appears to be heading I might just take myself and girlfriend off to another country instead...
  11. Unemployed through choice Was working contracts down south (Aircraft engineer), currently planning on going to university in september... although after reading some of the recent HE threads I'm thinking about maybe getting a tossy little job and doing a distance learning course from LSE etc instead... decisions decisions.
  12. I lived there for a year, although I was working up at the airport, the missus was working in Halifax/Dartmouth... If you have the choice of Toronto or Montreal I really wouldn't bother with Halifax/the maritimes... Although it is quite a nice place to visit
  13. http://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/Nissan-hopes-Leaf-grant-will.6317444.jp 2500 more people on benefits would be just what we need up here... Ace
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