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  1. http://www.nationwide.co.uk/hpi/downloads/...ity_Indices.xls
  2. If a first time buyer can pick up a house for 140k with 10% deposit (can be done with Northern Bank) Then the Affordability would be at one of the lowest levels ever seen in Northern Ireland. Based on Average salary of 22k, would give £1420 a month take home. Mortgage of £126k Would be £698 a month = 49% of Take home pay. Going by Nationwide there is only a few quarters since 1983 that have been less than this!
  3. I believe if you fail to complete then there is the distinct possibilty you will end up in court. Some large developers have a hell of a lot of cash, one development with people refusing to complete is unlikely to sink them. Im not quite sure how you have a legal agreement without a mortgage offer. I know a few people and they had their mortgage agreement in place as part of the legal process.
  4. trebor21

    Ea Tactics

    The names are very similar, could be seen as an infringement espically since both relate to property.
  5. trebor21

    Ea Tactics

    Sounds like a legal case for UPS!
  6. Any cash rich developer will buy and hold this land until better times. You would be insane to build on it in the next 2- 3 years!
  7. Housing is still a business transaction and always will be, just like buying a car, your grocerys etc. Gasumping and Gazundering are really similar to going into buy a car, you agree the deal but need to get your finance sorted etc, but on your way back you spot another car for less than the one you want, you would walk away from the first deal. Just as the seller would sell the car while you were sorting the money out if someone else came along and offered more. People dont have to be gazumped or Gazundered, sell at auction but most people take the chance on the estate agent market as they believe they will get more money!
  8. Most bank wills push to clear bad debts now, the stock market is already pricing in bad debts them and the government will offer funding to support them. Much Better to write off the bad debts now rather than in the future.
  9. Business is business, if you can get out on technacilitys then thats for solictors to work out.
  10. Biggest pile of rubbish ive heard. The bank does not own you! The bank does not own business's. The banks cant simply decide to sell a business assets to Joe Bloggs walking off the street. They liquidate the business and usually apoint the likes of Price Water house to oversee this! They will sell the assets and divide between creditors!
  11. If i had 10 mill id consider it! Euro Millions here we come!
  12. Contract will probably be subject to finance then (Check with your solicitor).
  13. The bank would have to liquidate the developer in order to even consider this.
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