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  1. As I have just started renting an apartment at this development, I may be able to offer more informed views. Positives: - Well located for driving to destinations in London, you are very central here. - Reasonably spacious apartments compared to alot of other new developments i've viewed for around the same money. - Secure car park - Communial Sky satellite - Individual designs of apartments (many permatations of different bedroom sizes vs. living room size etc. are available) - Utilities are of a high standard - Shadwell tube/DLR is quite close and there's a couple of bus stops right outside the building. Negatives: - Yes, there are council estates around, but that's going to be like that anywhere you go in London unless you pay £££'s for a place. - There are a small number of council tenants. Apparently, because the land was previously owned by the council, it was stipulated that this had to be the case. Though these particular tenants' only crime is to shop at Morrisons as they have no other behavioural problems. - It's a bit isolated from shops. I haven't bothered to venture into Tobacco Dock as I'm told it's owned by an Arab billionaire who hasn't been bothered to rent it out to shops! - It's pricey and the only reason I decided to rent it was because of the ludicrous rents they were charging in Canary Wharf for old apartments plus Eluna was available to move into when I wanted to - several months after it was originally available. I will move out after the tenancy has ended when I've had more time to analyse the market. I don't have regrets, I could just do better given more time. You are correct, not many people live here at the moment (it took about a week before I saw anyone in the building). I see this as a bonus because I don't want to be smelling everyone's cooking when I walk by. The balconies are useful if you or guests want a smoke (something my partner insisted on). It is slowly filling up, but it's way overpriced.
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