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  1. Hi, My landlord sent me a Section 21 for me to quit his property. However, he put down the wrong expiry (1 month instead of 2). I understand this means it's not valid. Am I obliged to say anything or can I wait til the penultimate day and tell him then and therefore have him effectively extend my tenancy by another couple of months whilst he sorts his act out?
  2. I rent, but I also let out my former house. I have been picking up mail from my tenants that didn't get redirected and some correspondence is from the management company of the estate threatening to bring in debt collectors, legal action et al for not keeping the account in credit (they've already slapped £200 in "fines" very quickly). I have told them on more than one occasion that I lived somewhere else, but they keep on sending the mail to my original address. Now the question is, if I continue to do nothing, what will this result in? i.e. they don't seem to know where I live, and it would be my tenants who would receive an unwelcome visit from the debt collection agency no doubt etc. This is a hypothetical question because I really don't want to upset the tenants, but at the same time am curious what legal standing they have if all their communication hasn't officially reached me.
  3. Tell me something I don't know. We're a densely populated island.
  4. I'm virtually teetotal so my opinion is obviously biased, but I say tax publicly served alcohol to the hilt. The problem isn't people having a tipple in the privacy of their own homes (if you're lucky to have one), but the activities of pissheads looking for trouble after closing time. OK, so it may be difficult to stop the local chavs from purchasing their alcopops from Asda, but it's a start. Gordie increases the tax on ciggies above inflation every Budget and it's been shown that the number of smokers decline as a result (I still think he's a c**t though), so I really don't see why a tax for alcohol on the aforementioned conditions won't work.
  5. You see it everywhere. It's not just housing developers cutting corners to fatten their profits, companies are outsourcing their call centres, high street fashion labels are moving their manufacturing to cheaper countries, and now virtually all new developments are being built by semi-skilled Slavs. What happens when they do this? The quality suffers. You even have (I forget which one) banks advertising how wonderful they are for not outsourcing their call centres. So apparently we are now so used to poor quality that we should be grateful when a company provides the service they were giving us 10-15 years ago!
  6. They only used an agency to find a prospective tenant (i.e. me). Everything else is through the landlord or brother (for maintenance issues). Common sense dictates I should have this in writing, but wonder what would be legally binding - e.g. a letter with the landlord's signature?
  7. Please help. I just got a text message from my landlord to pay rent into a different bank account (purportedly, his brother's). I will double check verbally with him, but I am very uneasy of making payments to an account different from that stated in the original contract - and my rent is due in 4 days. What should the procedures be for me to be satisfied that all is above board? Thanks...
  8. Maybe she's Muslim (i.e. like the ForestGate dudes who said the £38K cash in the suitcase was there because it was against their religion to put it into an interest paying bank account)?
  9. I have only letters from them admitting to "major disruptions to water supplies over the Xmas and New Year period" and such like. I have the hotel bills for one off stays during this time. I'm of the understanding that civil cases are won on the balance of probabilities rather than beyond reasonable doubt. Do I have a case? Also, can unproven charges for "dilapidations" (i.e. a removal of a carpet stain cost me £80) be put in the same claim if I have proof that I would only accept the charges if receipts were provided? Thanks
  10. Just got off the phone from a Jock customer services bloke. Didn't understand a word he said - a strong accent coupled with a desire to speak 1000 words per minute didn't help. Ended up agreeing to whatever he was saying. Maybe that's why the companies employ "them"? Anyway, it was Scottish Power, so I should have seen that coming when I joined up to save a penny more than British Gas.
  11. I wonder if anyone with experience of the courts can help answer my query. I was living in a new build apartment block. The water cut off for approximately 7 days and I lived in a hotel during most of that time as it was unbearable. This was seven months ago. I moved several months ago. Despite promises over the phone and insinuations in letters from them (a Ltd company - the landlord), they never paid me compensation. They even verbally promised me to send me a cheque for £250 at the end of May. Never received it, no response from them. Now I feel I have no alternative, but to sue. How much should I claim (e.g. the rent for those 7 days (which is greater) or the cost of the hotels?). Also, they never sent me the receipts for the "delapidations" deductions when I finally moved out - I had agreed in writing to the amount only if they sent me the receipts. They claimed to have sent them, but didn't have copies on file (I actually said I wanted copies to avoid such a situation). Can I sue for that if they can't prove the costs were genuine (and in the same suit)? Anything else I can add to the suit (e.g. distress? - having come back from holiday, it was kind of distressing to find you couldn't flush the toilet, have a shower or anything else). Finally, the tenancy agreement did state the landlord was responsible for the maintenance of utilties.
  12. This is one of Liberals old policies which they are planning to drop because they realise that taxing the wealthy even more so wouldn't bring much more revenue and it would lead to the rich emigrating. Er, record waiting lists that Labour continue to fudge figures of, NHS dentists that are virtually impossible to find, record investment, little extra output (independent reports). Gordon Brown thinks he's some sort of hero squandering my and other taxpayer's money which goes on more middle management, admin staff, higher wage bills and other waste. With that bile comment, you are as much up your ar$e as Labour is up its own!
  13. I recently handed in my notice and therefore the agent is now wanting to show prospective tenants around. Well, my wife is usually in and she got the fright of her life when a woman and two men appeared out of nowhere when she stepped out of the bathroom. When I found out about it, I phoned them up and told the agent off for it (she claimed she left a message which she didn't and would have been unacceptable even if she did). My thinking is they just guessed no-one was in and couldn't be bothered to get our permission. I've had to hold back a lot of my anger about this for fear of losing slices of my deposit, but this agent (apparently a "reputable" firm) is the scum.
  14. I've visited a few flats at Discovery Dock in South Quays where the rents being asked can be outrageous. One of the agents admitted that the landlords (particularly the paper millionaire BTLers) would rather have the flats empty than knock a few quid off the rent to get someone in. The reason? because they have huge mortgages to cover the obviously overpriced properties. So thanks to dumb BTLers, they've effectively increased demand for other rental properties by pricing themselves out of the market
  15. My favourite revenge is taking advantage of the 0% balance transfer (0% fee) cards, paying it off on time and then ringing them up to tell them to terminate the account. Without fail, they will of course ask why you want to do that and I therefore get pleasure in telling them exactly why. I don't think they have a system in place to put "card tart" in your credit file, so knowing I cost them several hundred pounds in lost interest and admin costs is a small victory for the little man. The best thing about it is you can apply as a new customer once enough time has past and do the same thing.
  16. Maybe the mortgage advisor was trying to flog you a variable IR mortgage? Mark my words, rates will be held.
  17. I can only speak for Russians (a term I'm using to describe Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians etc.) and I can confirm that unless daddy is a rich man - and they are either very rich through corruption or are poor - they tend to share a room with another person in a large house that have several rooms used for similar purposes situated in a poor neighbourhood, pay rent cash-in-hand to a dodgy landlord. They occasionally go out, but mostly always to cheap places. Vast majority of men are doing construction work, moving furniture and other labouring type jobs - they sometimes get their employment through dodgy Russian agents who have been known to scam them by not paying the amount that was agreed after the work was done. The Russian criminal fraternity usually resort to bank-related fraud - I've heard on more than one occasion how Russians recruit those with a genuine bank account looking to make a quick buck and laundering money through the account and withdrawing it from as many "holes in the wall" as possible before the account is frozen. Also, selling fake Latvian passports is a favourite of some. Don't know much about the women other than if they are spoilt by aforementioned rich fathers, they tend to be very aloof. If on the otherhand they are not, they can get jealous and bitchy very easily if they know that another Russian girl is better off (through marriage or other means).
  18. I once rented through an agency that kept their sign in the front garden for ages. I wrote a letter about it and said that I'd destroy it if it wasn't removed promptly. They wrote back telling me I would be charged for damaging their property, but needless to say it was gone the next day. Don't know the answer to your question though, although I'm curious.
  19. I let out my house through an agency. The tenants are great and I think I'm ready to take on the management of it. However, the contract states I need to pay the agent 1.5 months rent if I keep the tenants on, but let go of the agent. Can I get round this by letting it out to a very good friend of mine and have the paperwork allow him to sublet it out to the existing tenants? The tenants are happy for me to do this if it makes a difference.
  20. Thanks for the replies. The water is included in the rent. The fault was within the building.
  21. Hi, I currently rent from Imagine Homes (large landlord type company). The water in our apartment building was cut off for 5 days during the Christmas period. It was cut off again 3 days later for 2 days and finally again a week later for a day. Anyway, during this time of absolute hell (and I promise you, you will not know what it's like until you've experienced it), we stayed at a hotel for a night on two separate occasions. This was so we could be clean again and live (albeit temporarily) like human beings. Do I have a case against the landlord (who is still establishing the "facts") for the inconvenience and out-of-pocket expenses I incurred? During this time, they were uncontactable and therefore couldn't agree the costs of alternative accommodation during this unpleasant time. The building is only a year or so old and I found in the tenancy agreement about the landlord's obligations including ensuring the water system (amongst other things) were in good repair - the result of the water cut was due to a busted mains water part (busting again on the last two occasions). Any more info to answer the question properly will be supplied. Thanks for your help...
  22. That'll be the expenses - politician's wife as PA, stationary and 100 mile journey to post the letters @ 58p per mile It's fair enough the council chases Jamie Oliver for every penny they can get their hands on, but there's been many examples of waste that contradicts the council's thrifty principle - namely jaunts and jollies for "investigatitive" reasons. Did you know, The British Arts Council (ok, not an LA, but publically funded org) spent £70K changing their logo - I think the change was something like they omitted the word "British" from the logo. Complete madness. My local MP is George Galloway. I know he wouldn't give a rat's **** about these sorts of things. A friend of mine many moons ago asked Galloway (his then local MP) to highlight the discrimination of people who's birth mother was British but father wasn't in obtaining British naturualisation (if it was the other way round, you could back then). Didn't give a toss.
  23. I read that Greenwich council were whingeing about Jamie Oliver billing them for the hiring of trained chefs during the "School Diners" exercise. It makes me laugh that they have to play on the heartstrings of the nation to shame Oliver to cancel the bill. Maybe if they didn't waste our money on wallpaper, non-jobs or any other poor excuse for having an oversized budget, they wouldn't be so cash-strapped. Also, it goes to show, most public setups wouldn't be able to survive in the private sector.
  24. MEW is nothing more than glamourised cheap loans. The mortgage repayments go up to cover the withdrawal and you pay interest on it. I don't think lenders are losing sleep on people discovering this technique of borrowing more money...if you can't pay, you lose your house. As for the trick of dying in debt, the banks have cottoned onto this one(!). You can't take out 25 year mortgages when you reach middle age. If this MEW is second income nonsense came out of The Daily Mail, it explains everything!
  25. Elephant.co.uk have been the cheapest for me for the past couple of years. When I got my renewal quote, it was no less than it was a year back despite another year's no claims bonus. So I go on their site and do a quote again (I had to fake an address because they already had my address in their system and would have had to call them up and listen to lies - I live in an apartment block so it didn't matter - I just put down Flat 100 which didn't even exist!). Anyway £100 cheaper and I get it comfirmed over the phone...the cheeky bastards!
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