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  1. about 50/50 is the answer to that.
  2. Any more coments relating to the post topic please? Many thanks,
  3. Thanks I'll have a look. Though I'd rather get advice from the 'negative' side. If that comes up possitive then i should/could/might be okay! Thanks.
  4. Sorry for calling you a tosser earlier, got a bit mad. My friend owns a 3k stud dog from marbleton boxers, which I use for free. Costs of breeding are minimal really. Its time and experiance that it comes down to. I work from home also, which helps!
  5. My dads 49 yeh. We both are fairly clever yeh and understand what is happening and could happen. Very serious about dog breeding, currntly have 2 dogs, looking to aquire more next year following this move (i hope). Valid points again about the house / area. But i think its going to be okay to have the dogs in and around the house yes. Thank you for your post - very good. Worth. Well, this area never comes up for sale - its quite desirbable for the location. Everything has been sorted on the house, new combi boiler, new electrics, new garden, new bathroom, kitchen etc etc. I think its worth, and estate agents have said it would sell for £105-107. Im actually letting my dad have it for £105 - 2k less than its worth, im paying him that back at a later date. But hes paying me the full £107k for the house. Thank you for your comment also. 7k - money I owe my father, he lent it me to allow me to buy this house. So that is a repayment to him. Thank you, and well spotted!
  6. No I came here for balanced feedback. But some users appear to have just stomped in and, well, its obvious. I want to hear what you all think, otherwise i wouldnt have asked the question. One of the reasons for asking. Hes keeping it also for my brother to live in next year. its not just to make money out of, or not if the market turns.
  7. Very very busy, work for a large insurance adjusters. It just keeps on flooding which is great!
  8. Tosser. Valid points. 1) I have a secure job. 2) im 22, possible but not likey. 3) Single have no plans to involve myself with kids etc. Thank you though, its good material for my brain to chew on. I have to say, most of you who have replied have been helpful. Others not so. Perhaps you get a lot of these posts around and you're fed up of them. Well dont ******ing reply if thats the case please.
  9. this 90 seconds posting delay is a ball ache isnt it. *sigh*. I'm for real, im not afraid at the moment as I would stay in this house for the forseable future, as my father would keep my old house for a good long time. Christ im just asking for advice, no need to shoot me down.
  10. £1300 after tax. 22k salary PA. its about 4.7 times my salary.
  11. I understand your point but everyone has been talking about doom and gloom for quite some time now. Hmmm im just trying to stick my hand in the air and get and idea of things to come. Hmmm, hmmm hmmm!
  12. Not a lot to live on, i am stretching myself I agree. Though its a bigger house (for me to start looking into dog breeding a little more) and more room. I dont see how im 'shafting' my dad? Thanks.
  13. Sorry, I'm new to the forum, how this system works has been explained to me now.
  14. oh, sorry didnt know that. thanks
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