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  1. Good post. I have now reached the same conclusion about buying and after 5 years on HPC have buckled and given in, my thoughts on how things will pan out may help you. I think house prices in general terms will fall steadily from here maybe 10% to 20%, 30% as an absolute outside chance. However, this may not apply to the 1 HOUSE you are after in the 1 AREA you want. The large falls will generally be in the shitty properties you wouldn't want anyway. With the good stuff a vendor who is not a forced seller can take what they think it is worth, there may be negotiation of 5% to 10% depending how
  2. Added my two penneth worth Housing Ponzi Scheme - Crime of the Century It is the crime of the century the current state of the housing bubble and the politicians, policymakers and bankers that are all responsible for this mess that we are now all supposedly in together! Careful, responsible savers were never part of this greedy deck of cards which is now about to fall around our ears. Cameron understands that we cannot expect to create wealth out of thin air (housing inflation)disguised as wealth and be a credible world economy. The only problem now is nonone wants to look at this very serio
  3. Agree with most of the comments made. We are in a static market, it is neither rising nor falling. The only way this will change will be a trigger event, it may be the budget but I am doubtful on that. The only way for prices to fall is more forced sellers. This could either be they can longer afford to service the interest on the loan, very little pressure in this direction currently or a huge turn in sentiment that prices will fall continuously for a prolonged period. The Nationwide and Halifax may well turn negative in the next few months. However, good weather and the world cup will certai
  4. I cannot believe what is happening with the economy. I have just sent this letter to the Bank of England. I know it won't do anything, but it makes me feel better. Bank of England Threadneedle St London EC2R 8AH Spectacular mismanagement Today I see that RPI has reached the heady heights of 5.3%, Sterling is getting hammered, base rates are 0.5%, 10 year gilts 3.75%, the best savings rates are 3%, UK debts stand at anything from £ 1trillion to £2 trillion depending upon who you talk to (amazingly no one knows) annuity rates are disgracefully low and stock market volatility has gone off
  5. There will now be some very nervous people out there who are overly relient on government support, the rug will gradually be pulled from under them. This will moderate behaviour for sure and will impact house sales in the short term. How hard Cameron actually is will be interesting to see, I think he has built up some serious venom against labour and the mess they have left behind. I cannot see him having much sympathy for the wasters in our society. I just hope he has the balls to see thru what has to be done for the good of the country over the long term. I agree with other posters he has
  6. Newport Pagnell and Stony Stratford, maybe Sherington.
  7. I thought I would update you on my recent experience and events on trying to buy a property. I have been trying to seriously buy as soon as interest rates dropped to 0.5%, it was obvious this would support house prices in the short term and provide a boost. My first attempt at buying went to draft contracts and I was in a contract race to secure property, the vendor then gazumped me asking for an extra £10K this would have gone over the 250k threshold, very silly and I pulled out. This was first quarter 09! Be very wary of multi agent sales, they are a nightmare for competing offers, especia
  8. I keep a track of houses for sale in a certain area (Milton Keynes) and the % that have SSTC. This fell to an all time low of 22.4% in April 09, went up to 35.9% in November 09 and is now falling again back to 29.1% today. Seeing loads more houses come to market in last couple of weeks. I expect this figure to continue to fall. It is a very good leading indicator of prices firming/declining.
  9. Hard evidence of how crazy the whole game is. Shows it all in black and white for a particular postcode. Madness can't go on for ever.
  10. Have a look at this. Shows the marketing of a property over the last couple of years on rightmove with various agents and prices, seems to bring in 2007. Just shows how deluded sellers are and how many properties never sell. Enjoy.
  11. Mal Volio - agree war of attrition. As you say the drop in interest on savings has increased pressure, savings rates should be at least 5%, I would then be comfortable with current situation. However, I feel it is coming to an end, maybe a few more months of delusion but then the truth will out!
  12. Looking for a house in the Milton Keynes area just a few recent obseravtions. I believe if you want to buy a house you have to be out looking, the house market is very regional and if you want a real feel for your area you need to get out there and view some properties. I am not making offers unless I really want a property and only then after I have crunched all my figures. It actually makes me feel better looking at the prices these vendors are asking and the condition of the property, it brings it home how unsustainable it all really is. Had long discussion with agent today, actually very
  13. At least the US has falling house prices, can't have increasing unemployment and rising house prices, shall we tell Gordon?
  14. Interesting stuff. Unfortunatley the risk for everyone who owns property or who wants to own has gone way beyond common sense. The risk of further price volatility is the highest it has ever been (property is now behaving like stock markets!), interest rate risk is huge and job insecurity for all has gone off the scale. It really is a very unpleasant set of circumstances for the majority. There will be a few winners, but way more losers and this should never be the case with what is in reality just shelter!! I agree with Dr Bubb I have now really had enough of being a pawn between politicians
  15. The recent rises in all the hpi indicators will obviously cause concern amongst those sitting out the UKs housing merry go round, however I actually believe this is ultimately good news. 1. I think it is likely the rises are slowing and the market is looking way more sticky now and the next 3 to 4 months will prove key. 2. The UK is starting to look like a basket case amongst developed nations, our debt levels are much higher than most, we have pumped in the most and yet still no growth, would you buy UK government bonds? Tiny Blair will not be EU president, thank god, I get a feeling we ar
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