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  1. It's the beginning of the endgame.. this collapse will domino.
  2. Whoops, link! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MHez_ECrNM&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  3. Of course most people on this forum do, but here is a12year old explaining exactly why the monetary system is f&@ked up... Facebook it, email it, post it... let's make this the first viral meme of 2013. Ps Happy New Year
  4. Love the payday loans adverts at bottom of page.... Anyone bitten?
  5. This guy is a greedy idiot. Headline should be "Greedy idiot learns about compound interest the hard way".... Or in the Sun "wonga made me feel special... then stole everything I owned"
  6. Ha ha! Kind of... but my massive bag of rice got eaten into by mice so I'm not a very good one! What gave it away?
  7. Lovely to see such cynicism on HPC ( honestly)! 'Charity' is another scam in the United Korruption. I always say to people that if you've got a mortgage you're a charity case yourself... So why are you giving? People are pretty stupid and 'Charity' relies on that. How else can they get people on 20grand with no home to donate to somebody on £120 grand living in Hampsted? If you've got a mortgage charity begins at home - your home!
  8. Apple got greedy, very greedy. Not only that but they failed to match it with innovation. 3years ago they were streets ahead, now are they even ahead? I was an apple fan but I'm swapping to google. I know google are basically a CIA information gathering service in the guise of a highly profitable company... But then so are Apple. For me the penny dropped when I constantly got ITunes popups asking me to log into their cash cow iStore. F£&k off! I dont want to log in, I just want more than 2gb of ram on my £600 Mac Mini. Sort the basics you greedy c&£ts!
  9. The country has become very corrupt and it is oozing into every pore of life. Why work when you can benefit scrounge, fiddle expenses, award yourselves massive bonuses or salaries? I would like to think that the Queen is genuinely concerned that the moral fabric of Britain is unravelling and that something needs to be done before it could lead to something more dangerous... For all but especially her. Ps I don't buy her affected ignorance on the financial crisis. I believe she (and the other elites) knew exactly what was going on and in fact engineered it.
  10. The program seemed to be setting people up to the... "They're homeless therefore we need to build more homes" angle. Despicable really since it is a zero sum game, its not like their homes have been shipped to China. The fact is there are plenty of empty homes in the UK and rather than artificially stimulating our economy by building shitty affordable housing we should be using these. Last night on more4 there was a grand designs. Building made from recycled tyres, water from rainwater, heat from solar, PV would add £5 to the grid in electricity n a sunny day. It was a house that had almost no bills. Why arent we building these.... .... Coz theres no developers getting fat of them, and no utility companies printing money from them, thats why. Panorama program just more propaganda... Although v depressing.
  11. No the demographic is middle aged (in other words not to young to be apathetiv, ni too old to be clueless) and suspicious of big government. If they were facist then they would be pro-europe. This demographicis pretty switched on. They care about what their children will grow into. What do you even mean by 'right wing': I bet you cant even define it... P.s. i dont mean that as an insult... I just think the right/left label is used to divide and rule
  12. If u believe that u dont understand how politics work. The tories will be looking at UKIP and s&@ting it! UKIP steal their voters and so consequently the tories will have to go more euro skeptic as a result. Every vote UKIP gets is a vote against closer european integration and, as unrepresentative as our current system is, Cameron ignores this at his peril.... (ps I vote UKIP as Farage is the only politician who tells it like it is and my local candidate knew what the Bilderberg group were)
  13. Does the council get an interest free loan on the money it creates? If it prints a million bristol quid, then it exchanges it for real money and ends up with an interest free loan. This seems a no-brainer thing to do to me. Win- win ( bankers lose as less debt?)
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