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  1. 10/2/2022 - reminder has been added to my Google calender. I will be getting back to you.
  2. Dear deidre, I'm having problems getting it up since my wife and I moved house..
  3. I predict a 60% crash for the purchasers of this new PS5 within 12 months. Twigs, magnolia, government intervention and mumsnet will not save them. You read it here first. www.playstationcrash.co.uk
  4. I did not go and look at a house today. Meaningless post, I know - but at least it had a housing reference in it!
  5. The XBOX-only version of "game pass" is just £8/month, so pretty good value. Problem is - at least for now - is it just covers games we've already played to death. It also doesn't cover Ubisoft and many other developers, so a lot of great games are missing from it. Still, it will be good to see how it progresses over time. And, more importantly for me - as the Playstation is my preferred platform of choice because of it's great single-player games - is how Sony responds in the coming months/years. Fingers crossed.
  6. Actually, I won't be paying any tax from next year, so no, I won't be footing the bill. And as many PS5/XBOX-X Series games are now starting to hit the promised £70 each, I wouldn't call it an "affordable leisure activity" either.
  7. Perchance, do you have a bridge for sale? Cash waiting.
  8. Good news - there was already a skip outside to catch the debris.
  9. If you'd been suffering chronic tinnitus as I have for the past year, you'd know just how the individual in Edvard Munch's masterpiece truly felt.
  10. Or couples with those expensive, smelly little things.. ..children, I believe they call them. Apparently they take a whole second salary to raise.
  11. "Looking back at my life I wish I was rich". Funny, that's the first time I've ever heard anyone say that. "I really wish i had £15M." That, too. The best advice I can offer is to perform a forum search using the keyword "entitled".
  12. No, but you can have this beauty for peanuts: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-84637861.html 🤣
  13. Strange world we live in when an "attractively priced" semi - with all the incumbent issues noted in the replies - is ten times the entire take-home pay of someone on a £50k salary. Especially bearing in mind the current and future economic environment of this country...
  14. That profile is shared by literally everyone working on the high street these days. They've all been on the same training course: customers are mugs, your job is to fleece them; if you don't fleece enough, you're fired. No wonder we all shop online these days.
  15. I live in Outer London. FWIW: The flyer that came through from the local EA last week pretty much echoed that sentiment: "Houses rising, sellers market; Flats falling, buyers market." Small 3 bed semi's on OK'ish roads are all listed as "Offers over £750k". Clearly every 30-something couple with a couple of kids is minted in the UK. No idea how long this madness can go on (20+ years and counting at present..)
  16. Yep - entire WA15 postcode. Absolutely no sign of a slow down or falls on decent places. Good stock at an all time low. Sad, but true.
  17. I'm looking in the South Manchester region. Everything listed over the Summer that was decent has sold. And all for crazy prices. Just watched a 4 bed detached go up for sale: priced at 2017 peak madness + 15%. Spoke to family in the area, and they tell me the market is "mental" - and they are NOT HPC types. Oh well, let's see what 2021 brings.
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