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  1. And we are back.. ..To the standard inability to read and one-sided cretinism that defines the vocal on HPC. So I'm out - again. Catch you next year, as usual. πŸ™‚
  2. So people being continuously "saved" from having to bring their properties to market - when there is already a dire shortage of property for sale - is not going to affect house price falls? EA logic, my friend. EA logic. πŸ™‚
  3. I have the exact date and the percentage falls. I also have a Paypal account into which you can donate.
  4. Except no forced sales = no house price crash. For at least another two years. And in two years time, they'll be even older and more in "peril". And they already know the ruse now. So off to The Press and their local MP (whomever he/she may be by then) and rinse-repeat. The Government and Press are determined to help these poor (quite literally) innocents out as much as possible. Our taxes will finance it.
  5. β€œI’ve had a letter from my lender asking what I intend to do, but I’ve ignored it,” she says, admitting she has no way of paying off the debt. β€œIt gives me headaches just to think about it.” Ignorance. And headaches. See? πŸ™‚
  6. Interesting. I've just checked the areas I mentioned above for recent sales on roads I know well which are decent. For those properties that also sold in 2015/16, they recently sold in 2019 for an average of Β£100k+ more. That's from Rightmove sold data, which I believe is just the standard LR data. Sure, I see "reduced" signs on Ads on Rightmove, but that's only a few Β£k off absolutely mental overpricing in the first place, so not really "drops" at all. I completely agree with you on not arguing over this, and it certainly wasn't my intention to go that route. All I'm perplexed by is the endless "IT'S HAPPENING NOW BOYS!!!!!" posts on this forum, only to find in my own areas of interest - South Manchester and North London - actual sold prices in 2019 are more eye-watering than ever. Maybe I'm living in a parallel universe or something.
  7. Decent roads? N21/N14 area? Schools catchment? Sorry, just not seeing it. If you have data showing good houses selling for less than the past in those areas, I'd be delighted to see it. Obviously sh1t areas with dumps don't count. EDIT: I'll add the better parts of South Manchester (Greater Altrincham area) to that also. Prices seem to be higher than they've ever been, and decent properties are selling fast for all-time-high prices. It seems if you want a sh1thole in the middle of nowhere, you can find falling prices; but anywhere decent with jobs and schools, forget it.
  8. And "no" from me. Two sets of friends just completed sales. One in South Manchester, one in Milton Keynes. Both houses were 3 bedders. Both sold within 3 weeks, and at full asking price. Both were priced significantly higher than 2016 prices, and neither set of friends believed they would get anything like the prices the EAs were suggesting. And even looking at North London (were I live for now), the recent sold prices are still at an all time high. So, yes, Prime Central London may indeed be crashing - but I never planned to spend Β£10 million+ on a house, so that's never really been my focus. I fear all the celebration on this site recently is somewhat naive. Things may indeed change quickly over the next few years - god, I hope so - but from where I'm looking, there is no decent stock, prices are higher than ever and decent properties are selling quickly for full-asking.
  9. No, like yourself, I used my psychic abilities. Glad we cleared up the confusion.
  10. ".. a property in Sussex on the market for a million, and was thinking of offering 950k." I'd be "thinking" of Β£750k max in the current market. Ho-hum.
  11. Cambridge: BSc. - Housing Renovation and Maintenance. Oxford: MSc. - Low-cost Interior Furnishings Selection and Magnolia-centric Design. MIT - Phd - Polish Language and Immigrant Labour Management. EDIT: My education made me the billionaire I am today.
  12. Depressing for me - who wants to buy a place at a sensible price. I'm getting old! πŸ™‚ But, I'm also hopeful that the madness has to stop at some point. Mind you, I've been saying that for the 13 years I've been on this site... ..And all I have to show for that is a resident dickhead claiming that I must be an EA because I don't see price falls which currently don't exist..(and no, Β£2 million off a Β£10 million Prime Central London shoebox doesn't count. πŸ™‚) Yes, I am seeing "reduced" against some properties, but they were listed this very year at prices that were 10%-20% higher than 2017's already peak kite-flying insanity, so not really reductions at all. I can, and will, hold on for another 2-3 years, max. But after that, I've no choice. No way I'm going to be in a rented place in retirement. Fingers crossed we'll see IR rises coming thick-n-fast over that period, because short of that - or a post-Brexit collapse - I don't see much else to reverse the continuing madness. If anyone disagrees with me, please don't argue or throw insults. Just do as I asked above and post links to decent sold properties in the areas I've mentioned on this thread showing the genuine price reductions required to achieve a sale. I can't find any.
  13. And we wonder why this site has lost so many posters.. ..Even the Bears amongst us get labelled as EAs. 😲 I'm looking to buy in Altrincham (in the NW) at the moment. If you can provide links to decent houses in decent locations with decent price reductions - to match your reality-distortion field - then please go ahead. People like myself, Venger and many others can't seem to find them.. Maybe your EA's office is the only one with such properties on it's books? As I say, I'd love to see these dramatically reduced properties as soon as you can arrange the viewings. Your fat commission awaits. πŸ€‘
  14. And yet buying they are. I'm in North London, and took a walk to pick up my car after an MOT yesterday as the weather was nice. Passed at least half a dozen houses along the way, and all had "SOLD" plastered on the boards. No idea what the achieved prices are until a few months from now, I guess. But still, I didn't pass anything that hadn't sold pretty quickly. Depressing, but true, I'm afraid. :(
  15. Open-plan kitchen, dharling. Worth a Β£100k premium any day of the week.
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