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  1. 10/2/2022 - reminder has been added to my Google calender. I will be getting back to you.
  2. Dear deidre, I'm having problems getting it up since my wife and I moved house..
  3. I predict a 60% crash for the purchasers of this new PS5 within 12 months. Twigs, magnolia, government intervention and mumsnet will not save them. You read it here first. www.playstationcrash.co.uk
  4. I did not go and look at a house today. Meaningless post, I know - but at least it had a housing reference in it!
  5. The XBOX-only version of "game pass" is just £8/month, so pretty good value. Problem is - at least for now - is it just covers games we've already played to death. It also doesn't cover Ubisoft and many other developers, so a lot of great games are missing from it. Still, it will be good to see how it progresses over time. And, more importantly for me - as the Playstation is my preferred platform of choice because of it's great single-player games - is how Sony responds in the coming months/years. Fingers crossed.
  6. Actually, I won't be paying any tax from next year, so no, I won't be footing the bill. And as many PS5/XBOX-X Series games are now starting to hit the promised £70 each, I wouldn't call it an "affordable leisure activity" either.
  7. Perchance, do you have a bridge for sale? Cash waiting.
  8. Good news - there was already a skip outside to catch the debris.
  9. If you'd been suffering chronic tinnitus as I have for the past year, you'd know just how the individual in Edvard Munch's masterpiece truly felt.
  10. Or couples with those expensive, smelly little things.. ..children, I believe they call them. Apparently they take a whole second salary to raise.
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