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  1. They raised *some* prices, not *all* prices. A news channel checked a sample basket of standard items last week/this week and its price had gone up by 9%ish. The German nation would be in uproar if this thread title were accurate...
  2. It's in the linked 'Supplementary Appendix', page 11: https://www.nejm.org/doi/suppl/10.1056/NEJMoa2110345/suppl_file/nejmoa2110345_appendix.pdf Pent
  3. Electronic vote each year so the public can reward the government based on how they're perceived to be doing. Individual vote for each cabinet member. That will keep the government interested in public opinion in between elections. Especially good for punishing the ignoring of their own manifestos post-election. Pent
  4. Too right, I would've been in tonight at 660 euros. Pent
  5. Noticed in the Telegraph today they've wised up, now a half sovereign for 99 quid. Just when I was getting tempted too. Pent
  6. For those feeling directionless and having a lot of time on their hands, I can solidly recommend an hour of exercise every day, of gradually increasing difficullty. Clears the head, increases self-respect and health, gives a simple goal, adds some structure to the day, costs nothing. Edit: relevant to the thread, good for the relationship too Pent
  7. There it is again, those opaque banks. 'Hopefully' this measure will work. Even a team from Morgan Stanley don't know why they're not lending apparently. You can't blame the government, banks are clearly impenetrable information black holes. All we can do is feed them in various orifices and hope we hit on the right one eventually. Pent
  8. They were discussing it on Bloomberg Germany last night (I just caught the end). One guy was arguing that USD/EUR would be merged in next few years (didn't catch his reasoning), other guy (from Barclays Capital) that a new gold-backed (or some sort of asset-backed, e.g. platinum, gold, oil, whatever) currency was likely. This week Bloomberg, next week BBC ? Pent
  9. It's all the 'hoping' that drives me crazy. We 'hope' if we guarantee their assets for half a trillion that they'll have a good look at the books. 'Frankly' they're just not doing enough, the naughty boys, it's very unreasonable of them. They make the banks sound like nebulous distributed entities that cannot be understood from outside and have no central decision making body and we can only hope to influence them by giving them big prods in random locations. Government should have been in there examining books at the latest 6 months ago surely ?! Pent
  10. While we're in 'just imagine' mode: if debts are to be wiped out, I would hope that first as many assets of debtors as possible would be seized (cars, lcd-tvs, jewellry, property, furniture etc) in an attempt to equalize the debt and reduce the injustice. Pent Edit: added property :-)
  11. Before it took that record-breaking dive, it took a record-breaking climb. Have a look at the long term chart, it's just back to recent pre-commodities-boom levels. Pent
  12. Ah yes, sorry, but the cookie expires end of session so every time I open the browser up, which is every time I visit the site anew, which is several times a day, I have to press the minute stretch button. Perhaps a preference in the user panel for the default setting ? Pent
  13. Here's a ditto for remembering the width with a cookie (or making stretchable default). Hate fixed-width. I mean, why ? Pent
  14. The point is that businesses are adjusted to a credit-bubble spending level. A large amount of them will therefore go bust or downsize now the credit expansion has reversed. It's not just a case of having to break the unemployment->lower spending->unemployment circle. I don't believe the goverment can continually fill the gap between the credit-bubble spending and the 'normal' productivity-based spending all the way until the next credit expansion begins. And that's essentially what these vouchers are supposed to do. BTW, in Germany the vouchers were touted as needing the user to 'activate' them by spending 200 euros of their own money, quite a good idea if you like the voucher idea to start with. Pent
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