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  1. Thats why we left !!!!! http://rus.tvnet.lv/news/news/latvia/econo...e.php?id=247065
  2. Thanks for the advice, I will check it out later. But for now, I have nosed around and found the link, it is here: http://rus.tvnet.lv/news/news/latvia/econo...e.php?id=247065 You may want to translate it from Russian to English using http://babelfish.yahoo.com/?fr=avbbf-us And sorry, its late in Switzerland, the actual drop was 27.15% in May 2008!!!!!
  3. Just to let you know that I tried to post a topic yesterday which stated that in May 2008 Latvia broke the all time European record for a monthly house price crash. Down 17.15% in one month. Source: www.tvnet.lv - You may want to use Alta Vista to get an English translation... It is the biggest monthly HOUSE PRICE CRASH on record... Shame the mods didn't notice my excellent article
  4. Used to live in Latvia once apon a time. Was a wonderful place with cheap prices for property and food, oil etc... Shame the way things are looking recently. For those who do not speak Russian, here is a rough Alta Vista Babel Fish Translation: In Latvia the prices on the dwelling fell more strongly than somewhere even in Europe. A drop in the prices on the dwelling in Latvia in May composed 27,15%. This is the sharpest drop, which was fixed among 34 countries of the participating countries of the interrogation of " Global Of property Of guide". In the survey so it is indicated that the credit crisis and high inflation already more do not have an effect on an increase in the prices on the dwelling. The following country, in the list of the friskiest to the drop prices on the dwelling, to the ides of the USA - there fixed drop on 14,8%. Further - Ireland, to 8,87%. Prices fell so in [Lyuksmburge], Portugal, in Malta and in Japan. Meanwhile, an increase in the prices was fixed in China, in Shanghai - to 40,47%. Further, in Slovakia - to 34,53%, Bulgaria - to 31,55%, Hong Kong - to 31,14% and in Singapore - to 29,82%. In the survey so it is indicated that the credit crisis and high inflation already more do not have an effect on an increase in the prices on the dwelling. From the total number of countries, which participated in the survey, into 13 was only noted a small increase in the prices under the influence of inflation. Analysts indicate that on the end of the boom of real estate several factors had an effect. The relations of prices of purchase and lease of dwelling, in many countries to lease began more profitably than to buy among them. Also the inflation rate, which increased the interest rates, especially in the European Countries. But in the USA negatively was said high the risk of the mortgages. Info by news agency LETA. Source: http://rus.tvnet.lv/news/news/latvia/econo...e.php?id=247065
  5. [quote name='Oil is relatively cheap. For the time being...
  6. What about this IEA graph then? http://www.liveoilprices.co.uk/wallpapers/..._Widescreen.jpg
  7. Sh8t state of affairs again then. Whats going on?
  8. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/e07996fc-e17a-11...?nclick_check=1
  9. If you are young, then point your finger in an easternly direction and go as far as possible... Then stay there
  10. Official Government inflation stats: inflation 2.1% PA... Take your blinkers off son...
  11. And its 2008. Gloabal financial meltdown. Not ever seen before in history. Its new times. Looking at history when guessing the future is going to fool many. 100% Correct G.........
  12. Its a survey. Ie: A poll. Explained. Are house prices really going to be highter in 2023? By what percentage? Should I buy now? Your thoughts?
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