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  1. I'm not a debt slave, admittedly I am buying a house off my in-laws (£75pw fixed at 5% since 1998 until it's paid). But I will admit to being one of the workshy part-time taxi drivers over the last few years, the one who would do 2-3 days a week, maybe less? As for credit, I didn't take any on (as I made the mistake when I was younger and it taught me 'If I want something, then go and earn it'. The temptation to lease out a new car was there, funnily enough when I started driving a taxi, nobody would finance a taxi as there was too much risk, in the boom times it was too easy for anyone to get one. In the end, I subscribed to the 'bangernomics' way of thinking, as cars from around 1993 to 2000 were made much better than the previous rustbuckets and could get 300,000 miles quite easily while not being overly complicated to service.
  2. I'm a cabbie in one of the commuter towns 50 mins from London Bridge. Work over the whole year has been slow, but this summer break has been a good time to polish the car as there's not much else on. For an anecdotal, I know of a driver who has over 50k on CC's, a 5 grand overdraft, that is at -8k at the mo (£1000 worth of bank charges in the last month ) and sod all to show for it. I told him early last year to make plans (after finding this site, it opened my eyes), but he didn't.
  3. Summer? You get the best laning in the winter months when no other bu**er is out there. Go in a group and invest in some decent knee armour, just in case.
  4. I still run a rat. Slowly (d)evolving over the next few months to a 750 instead of the 1100 which is fitted, as that is in need of some attention.
  5. I work as a cabbie and it's is very quiet now. It's a double hit as well, first there are less customers using our services, but also more taxi drivers working all hours to make up the shortfall to pay for their lease purchase cars/mpv's. There's also a lot more haggling going on (I don't mind myself, but others get offended if it's not full meter rate). As I own my old 8 seat taxi outright, my plan is to stay as I am until April and then decide if it's worth sticking with, if not, I can sell the van and make a clean break for the next financial year, others that I know don't have that luxury as they owe thousands (one is over 40k) on their worthless new vehicles.
  6. Sorry in the delay, but I drove past last night and it's still a plot. I had a quick scan and there was no 'For Sale' signs around, so I guess the plan is to watch it plummet.
  7. I'll go and have a look later to see how it's getting on, it's just up the road from me.
  8. I gave up on Jessops when they ditched the black and white developing chemicals (in my local branch), and used the space for rechargeable batteries that these sub £100 cameras chew through like sweeties.
  9. Using my netbook (with a set resolution of 1024x600) means that I now won't bother to look in as the continuous scrolling ><><><><><><><><><><><><> would do my head in. 1024 please.
  10. Watched it ages ago online. http://www.watch-movies.net/movies/sicko/ Option 3.
  11. All above board in this case Father in law is an accountant, he would have made sure the paperwork's correct.
  12. I'm on a fixed 5% (loan from in-laws) until the house is paid for (12 years to go). Not fussed in the slightest as the interest is staying within the family and not to fuel some banker's lifestyle and it's still cheaper than renting in my case.
  13. I was in my local store yesterday and they had put the price of T-Cut up from £2.48 to £4.99, so I guess it's a bargain £2.48 today.
  14. I was talking to my local scrapman a few weeks back and he told me that at peak (the summer) a car was worth £180 per tonne, but a couple of weeks back it was down to £8 per tonne and heading south. If anyone calls up wanting a car cubed, they are a bit taken aback when he said that will cost them £££ instead of giving them £££.
  15. I'm a taxi driver in a prime bit of the commuter belt and over the last few months it's been painfully slow. The reason is twofold, first there are a few less customers, but the main thing I have noticed is how many other drivers are out on nights they would not normally do a year ago. I'm sure after the New Year this job will be survival of the fittest. Some of my fellow drivers have debts of 30k+ and I can't see how they will keep up with the payments on their shiny new cars once the bottom has fallen out of the job.
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