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  1. 23 years old junior doctor on around 22k after tax and NI and Pension etc about 25-27k in debts! (majority is from student loans) No savings Thinking of buying a house in 3-4 years time. looking for someone rich for a very, very very early retirement, anyone interested?
  2. Thanks DrBubb, when are you thinking of buying in Cleveland and what type of property are you looking for?
  3. I can just recall reading a thread a month ago on the reasons why someone should not invest in detroit right now. Could someone please reiterate those points again for me? or does someone know why we shouldnt invest right now? thanks
  4. goldfinger, just need some advice on gold as im a newbie. why is it a good idea to invest in gold now when it has gone up from $300 ----> $900? How much do you see the price of one ounce of gold going up by and in which year do you think we will start seeing a decline in the price of gold?
  5. Thanks mate, where in the US are you looking into buying?
  6. Which US states or cities are the best to invest in right now?
  7. maybe it was meant to read '£222,22'
  8. ermmm, as I don't know much about investing in gold, I would just like to ask what factors affect the price of gold and how?. Thanks
  9. do you know how long the winter / snow season is in bulgaria? and if things are going like the way as suggested in the article, how much do you think the apartments in bansko can be worth by 2009?
  10. Is it not true that the 'cube' apartments near the mailbox have been sold for around £100 - 150k? is this development still under construction?
  11. How about "A house price crash coming soon to a neighbourhood near you" ?
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