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  1. Incorrect the freedom pass can be used at virtually anytime on tubes and buses. It's saving me a load of money on my journey to work.
  2. I left my rental on the 24th December 2009, I registered for the return of my deposit from the DPS on the 5th January. The DPS website states "awaiting landlord/agents response. I believe the agent is too stupid to be able to respond correctly to the DPS and has probably now idea where my deposit is. Will the DPS automatically return my deposit if they hear nothing from the agent for a certain period of time?
  3. I am livid. I worked for Royal Mail for 28 years until 1999, during nearly all that time Royal Mail did not pay any money into the pension scheme saying it had too much money in it. The pension scheme relied on the contributions of the staff. The government meanwhile used to cream off large amounts of money each year out of the profits. The Postmen & women have been robbed.
  4. I think this hapened to me last year. It was about 10pm in a Kent high street, went to Barclays machine, put in card, pin and amount required. Machine went blank and then message saying it had lost contact with my bank. Pressed cancel and got card back. Noticed two blokes across street but still thought everthing ok, went to next door HSBC and the machine failed with similar message before I could request amount of money. Looked along to the previously used Barclays machine and someone was using it. Went home and checked online account and money had gone from my account. I felt the machines were being interfered with by someone hanging about the High Street and after I walked away from the machine they were able to get my money. Went into the Barclays branch next day and they said machine had balanced, they were hopeless but that's another story, I did get my money back in the end.
  5. On the 5th January I got a letter from The Dispute Service telling me that my deposit was no longer covered by the protection scheme as the letting agent was not a member certain associations. The cover would end on the 6th April. I asked the Letting agent about this and he said it would all be sorted out. I have heard nothing from them, incidently the original agent went bust and this is a replacement agent. Is the procedure that I should now write and ask them to give me details of how my deposit is protected and give them 14 days to answer? What do I do next if I don't hear from them.
  6. Actually Fred Goodwin is a friend of Jackie Stewart who is an enemy of Max Moseley. So this looks like somebody just trying to annoy Max.
  7. I thought about viewing this one, quite close to the area I'm looking at. I reckon £500k @ peak.
  8. It's not the collapse of the government you need to worry about (your money would probably be safer if that happened) but the collapse of the country.
  9. I think it's ok NS&I just use these people http://www.emailcenteruk.com/ to send out their emails.
  10. I remember in my thicko school back in the sixties the only career leaflets we had were for joining the Diplomatic service of the Foreign Office.
  11. You're going to kill me for a joke. You must be the IDF.
  12. Has anyone any idea how we can help Sheryl save him?
  13. I have been renting since October 2007, signed a 12 month contract with six month break. When the time came to renew in October 2008 I asked for the same again and they sent me a contract, I did not sign this and they have not contacted me to ask for it, possibly as the agent went broke at that time and we were transferred to a new company. I assume I'm on a month by month tenancy of some sort. I'm now thinking of leaving so can anyone advise me how much notice I have to give, one month or two months and does the notice start from the date I give notice or from the date the rent is paid. Thanks for any help.
  14. You lot are all too young I reckon. Got my first Access credit card in 1975, bought my wife's wedding ring with it and remained in debt to the card companies for the next 32 years. As for mewing did that in the 1980's the Bank of B***** was allowing remortgages with extra cash for anything you wanted. We afterwards found out they were using drug money they were laundering to lend to nice little English homeowners. Much better rates than the big British banks of course.
  15. It seems my CAHOOT current account is paying more interest than my savings account. Can this be correct.
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