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  1. But for over 700k its crap. * Shared drive * Ugly building * Small kitchen * Small garden * Garden is directly overlooked
  2. The building is horrid, please do not waste your money and buy that.
  3. -1% is a fair assessment. What period will the Land Reg data be for? How lagged is it? Also what time is the data out? Nothing yet.
  4. British Bankers Association: http://www.bba.org.uk Old Boys club in other words.
  5. http://www.ybs.co.uk/savings/future/2yrfixed/index.jsp Sounds good.
  6. Eh? I live in Luton, I have over 300 properties saved on Rightmove, all properties for sale in Luton. Ranging from 2 bed apartments, 2-3 bed terraces to 2-3 bed semi's. I see reductions every week. Properties shedding 5k one week, 5k another week, some reducing by 10-15k in one hit and still not selling. Apparently sold and then available a week or two later. Luton is a shit hole. I can say that, because I've lived here all of my life. My parents have lived here all of their lives and their parents have lived here all of their lives. I was in the Arndale on Saturday, (I really have no idea why, I usually avoid it), I felt like a minority. I shall leave my more controversial views to private conversations with family!
  7. Having a look at my area (LU3), I'm picking streets with many sales over the past two years and between December 2007 > March 2008 there are very few sales.
  8. Maybe, maybe not. They (Rightmove) genuinely added additional searching functionality, so it may have been unintentional.
  9. Aye, its completely useless without the bee.
  10. Cool - Most of us can survive until then I suppose
  11. From looking at the CSV files, no. No new files are created when I run a new search on a previously unsearched area. Only when I click the individual property is its associated CSV created.
  12. I can't see it being a law suit, they haven't broken any laws by analysing the data Rightmove makes freely available. The plugin is based on our computers and its analysing the downloaded page. I could potentially see a problem if the plugin was requesting data from Rightmove's servers, but it isn't.
  13. It still works for individual properties, just not on the saved list + searches.
  14. Pah, not working here either. I hope its an easy fix for the property bee creator.
  15. I'll be a FTB in the near future, possibly within the next year and depending on market conditions. I can't save for a significant deposit and rent at the same time. Therefore, I live with my parents, pay an obviously subsidised rent and can save for that 10-15% required deposit. In fear of stoking negative opinion and abuse - Renting is dead money ... IF (bare with me ...), you don't have a deposit / large house fund in order to buy when prices are falling.
  16. The two car loans will be putting them off. Maybe a year ago it wouldn't have been a problem, but as someone has mentioned, the goal posts have changed. Don't apply again, you'll be leaving credit hungry foot prints all over your credit record. Also, how much were you seeking to borrow?
  17. His daughter was feeding her own daughter (less than year old) a burger from something similar to Burger King / McDonald's. There is no hope. I don't know how the Government can keep a straight face when they say the country has low debt. The "growth" over the past 10-15 years has been built solely on debt.
  18. Shared ownership is an awful investment for any First Time Buyer, as we've all discussed on here many times.
  19. No, I wasn't sure Theres something about new builds and not being registered somewhere. I thought it was with the LR?
  20. New builds aren't reported in LR stats. They will be once they are sold again, but not the first time.
  21. They do it with Grand Designs and Relocation Relocation. As you say, its Channel 4's way of saving a few pennies.
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