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  1. I'm trying to dissuade him because he will be associated with her if it all goes financially pear shaped. Its more his mentality and thought processes that have annoyed me. The whole "buy a house, do nothing, make profit" attitude.
  2. I've showed him this: http://www.home.co.uk/guides/house_prices_...&lastyear=1 It already shows prices are down 15% on Semi's in the area and he was looking to buy one on for about £189k
  3. Hello, I've just been chatting to a friend of mine. He's in love, bless him, and has this brilliant idea to buy a house with his girlfriend (who he's known for less than a year) and her brother. Her Dad will be "giving" them money for a deposit, 20-30k or thereabouts. The plan is, they will sell the house in 5 years, they then take the "profit" and buy their own houses. He won't be paying anything towards the mortgage, he'll be saving £500 a month to use as extra deposit when they sell the house. But has openly said on several occasions he has trouble saving, as he spends it all on the gf. It will all end in absolute failure. I've tried to tell him, but he's having none of it and even believes prices will raise again soon in his area (Lichfield). He's older than me, quite arrogant and thus will not listen. Never mind - Just thought I'd share the stupidity!
  4. I am utterly baffled why the BoE did not increase rates last week. They would have known what the figures are going to be and could have clawed back some respect, but no, they have failed to do anything and instead only think of the short term. Medium or long term, we're doomed.
  5. Can I stick my hand up in the air and state, as a member of this generation, I am prepared to save and sacrifice so called luxuries We're not all after D&G sun glasses to go along with our BMW's on finance.
  6. As has been said, those of us saving and saving hard, are doing so to buy a house, not a loaf of bread. Loaf of bread is increasing, loaf of housing is decreasing - If you can manage with the basics while you save, then you'll be fine, even with inflation riding high. Now, if inflation gets REALLY out of control, then those aspiring to be first time buyers will find it very hard indeed to save a deposit, if they aren't already with many costs increasing and half the nation servicing credit cards and other unsecured loans. If wages kept pace with inflation, then the status quo continues. I've been saving for over 18 months, with the amount I'm saving each month plus the speed of house price falls thus far, I'm better off by about £2000-£3000 every single month. That's excluding the interest if I bought a house at the previous months prices ...
  7. Are you basing this on simply using online calculators, or have you recently applied, been accepted and are now paying for the mortgage?
  8. Before or after tax? I'd cry every month seeing my pay slip either way, the amount Gordon and chums carves off the top
  9. I wonder how common it is to approach the vendor directly, rather than going via EA even though the property is advertised at the EA?
  10. You need to find a property which was last bought, say, before 2003. You'll then see sellers more willing to take a "hit", because the hit will likely be paper, rather than cold hard cash they themselves invested when they bought the property. If you're truly interested in the properties, in six months time you may receive a call from the EA when they still haven't sold.
  11. Jesus, poor man. If I'm ever lucky enough to have that kind of money then noway I'm getting married.
  12. I agree completely, the place is rapidly declining. Traffic can be a real problem at the usual pinch times. Very few good paying jobs and lots of foreigners generally adding to its disdain and uselessness. However, one plus point - I used the park and ride the other day, that was OK. Despite two problems: 1) The bus driver had the heating on inside the bus, it was a baking hot day, I was sweltering 2) There was no sign at the bus station in Bedford directing you to the pick up point for the return bus journey - Had to ask a random bus driver where it was The new village they are building outside of Bedford (the name escapes me) - Where are they going to work? Or will the mugs buying the overpriced rabbit hutches, 10 metres from a busy dual carriageway, all rely on their cars even more so than they already do?
  13. The South East is a horrid place to be. I've lived down here all my (relatively) short existence. Now I'm of "adult" age, I just can't wait to leave the damn place. I'm lucky I don't have to suffer the "daily commute" like many folk I know. I would chew my face off if I had the pleasure to endure public transport or our road rage fuelled roads on a daily basis. Its too densely populated and basic, essential services suffer because of it. God forbid a religious nut gets hold of a nuke and lets it off in or near London. It would send our country back to the stone age in a blink of an eye.
  14. But they understand the implications better than we (or our masters) do. It helps no one waiting six months to decide what to do, it helps everyone fixing it within hours. So if your life is money and everything is decided by how much of it you have, i.e. the entire US way of doing things, it shows they understand the importance of being earnest to sustain that way of life.
  15. Here, apparently. We sell things. Gordon's made a tidy sum selling all our souls.
  16. In comparison to the amount of money the UK Government has spent dealing with NR, this US bank is quite small, or should I say the costs to save it from total collapse, are quite small. Again, it shows the difference between a country (US) not embarrassed about being capitalist and prepared to fix these problems quickly and a country (UK, or at least the Government) who take an entirely different approach to capitalism and are somewhat embarrassed by the implications.
  17. No I'm not, I have my own business, thankfully. I understand peoples frustration's. There are a lot of people working in local councils who shouldn't be there. We all pay income tax, NI, most of us (not me atm) pay council tax etc and the services we receive in somewhere are pants. But its wrong to say every council worker, every manager, every department director, doesn't deserve to be suitably remunerated.
  18. Some people miss the point entirely with public sector pay. If councils didn't offer competitive pay, they wouldn't attract appropriate people to the posts. Why would someone want to work for a council, carry loads of risk Re: exposure risk to the media if someone sneezes, for peanuts? There are a great deal of wasters in high paying public sectors positions, but not all of them so don't tar everyone with the same brush!
  19. I'm saving 1k a month for the same purpose, after my ISA allowance is full, it goes to an account at YBS, www.ybs.co.uk with interest received monthly.
  20. There is precedent for the late release - May 2007 it was 10th and that's in a booming market. It *should* be out tomorrow, if not then there is definitely something going on.
  21. Hello. Spotted something while dropping the misses off at work this morning. There is a "Bradshaws" EA opposite her work place in Luton town centre. Looks like its recently closed. They still had the property boards up, but no desks inside and people clearing stuff from the building. No idea if they have relocated or closed that branch for good. They also have a branch in nearby Dunstable, drove past that yesterday while on the way to an anti-natal class (go me) and it looked open. There's also an EA down the road from me, Icknield area. They recently (within the last two months) "merged" with another branch, thus reducing the number of EA's. Final thing. Spotted this today on Rightmove: A new "incentive" status on Rightmove. Anyone else noticed this? Plus, this EA, Urban and Rural, have today added a £500 cash back incentive to all of their existing properties, desperate or what? How about reducing the price!
  22. BoE decision is on Thursday. So the figures will either be out Wednesday or Thursday.
  23. IMO the whole "working in an office format" will soon be confined to the dustbin of history. Think about it. The Internet, our desire to reduce carbon emissions, reduce costs and spending more time with our families are the main factors. What better way to solve congestion in 10 seconds. Work from home, no need to commute. The Government will be stuffed when we do start working from home. Less money on petrol, car tax, less on train tickets etc. Edit: Also, the Government recently clarified rules on claiming expenses when working from home. Making it favourable, tax wise, to do so.
  24. The tax free cash allowance should be higher anyway. The best thing the Government can do is increase this for everyone rather than fart around helping FTB's.
  25. Occasionally I see problems with Rightmove returning 0 properties on searches. I wait a few hours, try again and it works, pesky bugs chewing server wires.
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