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  1. Spent the last two hours playing CS Source.
  2. I fail to understand peoples objections to wind turbines. Nothing unsightly about them at all. Its renewable energy or bust, something people can't comprehend.
  3. Hard to believe it was ever "worth" over 200k. Its an ugly duckling for sure.
  4. I use it daily to see changes on my saved list in Rightmove along with searches for new listings.
  5. If the 1.8 acre property is on a property search site such as Rightmove, do they have any kind of policy to report knowingly wrong information? Its stories like these that drive the whole "EA's are shits" way of thinking. If the industry was more transparent then attitudes would change.
  6. I occasionally listen to this station when in the car. Makes me a cringe at the lack of the knowledge the presenters sometimes appear to have when discussing money etc.
  7. I get the same feeling with my FTB deposit. Could buy myself a nice two seater sports car You have to resist, you'll regret it a week or two later.
  8. A similar thought crossed my mind only yesterday in fact. We'll be viewing properties soon and this is certainly something everyone should do.
  9. Who's going to buy them? You can't escape the obvious: Mortgage approvals have dropped over 60% in less than a year I to have seen a handful of properties increase in value, usually when they appear "SSTC" and then "Available" with the prices up 5-10% two weeks later. I can only assume the buyer attempted to gazunder them, the seller called the buyers bluff and put it back on the market + 5% the original buyer attempted to gazunder at the last minute. A prime example is attached.
  10. So to round it off, its easy to see why lots of EA's haven't yet gone bust. The biggies *should* have built up a cash reserve, they can also axe two or three staff to stay afloat if necessary. But of course if it all continues into 2009, then we'll see many many more going pop.
  11. By commission I suppose I mean the income from each individual property sold. Including all fees from HIPs, advertising costs and the "commission" itself, i.e. the headline figure of 1.5% or whatever the % would be at the particular agency. Would it be fair to say this could be in the region of £2000-3000 per "average" property? 11 x 2500 = income of £27,500 in three months, just under 10k a month. Practically no margin once you include staff, probably building costs, advertising costs and you also need to factor in borrowings - I'm sure there's quite a few EA's with big loans themselves.
  12. Do we know what the average commission would be for an EA in Wales and England? Not the individual who closed the deal, but the branch itself.
  13. If anyone turns up, it would be fun to, during their discussions with the FTB's, run up to the window, slap a poster facing into the EA's with "Offer Asking Price - 40% Or Not At All, The Greedy Market Is Finally Collapsing". Maybe its just me, but there's no harm in a bit anarchy / positive action.
  14. The doom and gloom surrounding Icelandic banks appears to have died down (I have an IceSave account with less than £500 in it, was going to use it for my primary deposit, but I don't like their online system). Four accounts can be a handful to maintain. Excluding my ISA which is maxed come each April, I settle for one regular account. Its below the FSA limit, but if a rumour were started about the bank I'm with then I wouldn't hesitate to withdraw it. I've worked too hard to see my money disappear into the abyss, whatever the Government says about how safe the money would be, you can't trust them.
  15. Can you discriminate based on location if all other variables are what you're after? Of course you're not expected to employ someone 1000 miles away if they need to commute every day, but if they live one or two hours away and are prepared to commute each day, what's the problem? You could argue such a commute would lead to unproductive staff, which may well be true. You can also argue green and such a commute harms the environment.
  16. I could probably state I'm in the club. Despite essentials, all my money has been filtered off into savings. Some take it way further and use the food supermarkets chuck out - Most of it is fine to eat and well in date, apparently.
  17. Clearly they let greed get in the way of common sense. When they come back in a few months, knock off another 10-15%.
  18. They are on the stock market, agents pay to list properties. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/investors.rsp?p...cialInformation
  19. Just what we need, more money pumped into the economy, just when inflation is rampant. The best thing they can do is leave well alone, let it correct / crash whatever you want to call it. Then, when the dust has settled, ensure you only lend to people that can afford to repay, within their life time - Shock horror. There is no need for complicated schemes.
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