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  1. Sometimes longer than that, depends who their gateway provider and acquiring bank are. If you're a WorldPay client (online card transactions), when you first sign up you'll be waiting six weeks for a remittance.
  2. I thought the program was rubbish. The guy was moaning at bankers receiving big bonuses, then he says he bought his Ashton Martin with his bonus. The head of the FSA is paid half a million a year, he also receives a bonus, his organisation swallows vast sums of Government money, but the guy was complaining about a head of a bank, with BILLIONS of profit, getting paid a million? What a prat.
  3. As a buyer, I find the agents are honest about the current market. Whether they are to the seller, I have no idea. I put an offer in for a property I'm interested in on Thursday. Agent called me back to say the vendor will consider the offer and we should know by Saturday the answer, EA reckons she'll accept it. I'm amazed the vendor didn't snap our hand off accepting it, we're FTBers, chain free, big deposit, agreement in principle and conveyancing company in place ready to go soon as we get the nod. Then it transpires the property wasn't chain free, as previously advertised, so it then became clear why. At that stage I considered withdrawing the offer or lowering it, I certainly won't be upping it. My offer takes prices back to end of 2005, in this particular area.
  4. Handbags at 20 paces ... Suppose I can stay up 10 mins longer to listen in
  5. Prime example of chasing the market down, if you look at the previous pricing history of that property: 23 July 2008 18:06:20 * Price changed: from '£269,950' to '£249,950 (Fixed Price)' [Found by Bf109] * Title changed: from 'SUTTON' to 'SUTTON - FIXED PRICE TO SELL!' [Found by Bf109] 03 July 2008 23:08:24 * Price changed: from '£279,950' to '£269,950' [Found by pcc94] 08 June 2008 18:35:57 * Price changed: from '£286,950' to '£279,950' [Found by pcc94] 22 May 2008 21:02:58 * Price changed: from '£289,950' to '£286,950' [Found by cotrelone] In the last month the penny dropped for them and they lopped off 30k.
  6. 26k wage = £1,635.63 monthly net (http://listentotaxman.com/) Purchase price: 160 - 30k deposit = mortgage of 130k. 130k on a five year fixed from Nationwide, 25 year term = £884.28 /month. Cost of running the house, including mortgage, bills, council tax etc, would be in the region of £1200-£1400 per month, depends how prudent he is, excluding food and travel. Quite tight and he would be silly to stretch so far on his own.
  7. Very small h.ouses Theres a few round my way classed as a "cluster home". Essentially a semi crammed with 2 or 3 individual properties. One front door on one wall, another on another etc ...
  8. No I am, after all, a director for an internet services company, with an annual turnover of approx £2 mil. So I know what I'm talking about
  9. Two name servers has minimal relevance to a sites resiliency. The two name servers could be on the same /24, for example. It says nothing about the web serving / MySQL infrastructure.
  10. No, risk all. HPC is much more important than your own self interest! 1.3% is my guess.
  11. I drove into St Albans mid last week (intended to take a stroll round Verulamium park, couldn't get a sodding parking space, so came back home) - Lots of shops closing / closed and those open were plastered with "SALE" signs. Writing is on the wall.
  12. Reasonably high I would say. Our company has been interested in leasing / buying a fairly big unit for almost two years for the purpose of converting into a DC (datacentre). Lots of opportunities will be presenting themselves very soon.
  13. I'd be amazed if we didn't slip into negative GDP growth next quarter - Its all coming to a head.
  14. Because whatever you say with TV just being TV, people will listen and act upon advice suggested by an idiotic woman with limited common sense. That eventually affects us all.
  15. Why do funds need to add something like "Past performance does not reflect future performance", but when it comes to house prices this notion is lost. Phil was saying "prices have increased by 88% over the past x years" he should then have said "but remember past performance does not necessarily reflect future performance ...". I like the show better when they keep their noses out of politics. Why do they show this stamp duty crusade of theirs on some episodes but not all? Also, I am beginning to form a hatred towards Krusty like no other hatred I have felt before. The woman is so arrogant, if a couple say "I don't like it because of x y z reason", she feels outraged and insulted - Why doesn't she bloody buy it then!
  16. Why are lives on hold when we're not buying houses? My life is about to go into overdrive - Baby due in less than a month
  17. I've just watched this and I am astounded the EA representative thinks prices have bottomed What an absolute fool.
  18. I'm interested in this auction because there's a property for sale in my home town of Luton which appeared on a Rightmove search within my budget: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-221...=1&tr_t=buy - Lot 55 Lot details here: http://www.eigroup.co.uk/auctioneers/templ...=539&c=hah# You'll be able to view the auction live here at 12: http://www.eigroup.co.uk/onlineauctions/lo...auctionid=10685
  19. It costs me over £50 to fill up my little Ford Fiesta ... £100 or so a month and I don't even commute on a daily basis. I'm amazed our economy has stayed up for so long. Then I remember its been able to due to debt ...
  20. I'd rather have lots of pictures as opposed to none or very few.
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