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  1. My tuppence worth. If all you can afford is a 1 bed flat then rent and save and make your money work for you. 1 bed flats in today's market are the most vulnerable to depreciation in value.
  2. Hogwash. You think this gloating is any different to the way the great of mass of homeowners has wet their pants everytime they are reminded that the "value" of their property has increased? You think they were thinking of all those increasingly priced out. Exorbitant house prices are an evil in society and they are too many folk worshipping that idol.
  3. Everyone looks for an angle. I respect that. But to be relentleslly bearish about everything...property, shares, gold is just foolish IMO. I was only winding people up but to be frank the only think that gives me hope in the face of outrageous (and continuingly growing) house prices is that my investments are at least helping me keep apace. If I had relied on waiting and cash savings I would be SO gutted.
  4. To be honest I was looking pretty silly two weeks after buying BHP (10% down) but its a long term game innit.
  5. I caught the end of the programme but it did make me laugh when they made £25k profit...so £20k after fees and all that but they spent 6 months working their arses off to secure that. £10k each for 6 months of having no life or freetime. And what was their plan? Use the £20k to pay off their debts? Nah. Gamble and do another one!
  6. Blimey. I was contrarian and jumped in and bought 3 stocks when the market crashed 6 weeks ago. 8% up 6% up 5% up
  7. Thats good advice. I did have a panic attack when I saw how expensive N22 was but then I looked on the flipside and it made me grateful for my savings and investments that I have been working on for a few years. How the next gen of graduates will cope is beyond me though.
  8. I sympathise with this. On the bus to my friends on Sunday...going through Turnpike Lane on my way to Stamford Hill I did find it unsettling just how little English people were on the bus and how little English was getting spoken. I dont consider myself racist but my feeling of alienation and discomfort probably mean I am. That made me feel even worse!
  9. I ate a kebab from Turnpike Lane on my way home! Yes, very good value kebabs.
  10. It really reinforced for me the notion that unless you already own property, have been saving religiously for years, earn 80k+ (as a unit or on your own), have rich parents then there is simply no way you could possibly raise a family anywhere in London.
  11. ...feel free to add to this observation with your own. 2 things I saw this weekend that made me really really scared/angry/perplexed about the current situation with property in this country. 1 ) Was in Wood Green - one of the least desirable parts of London that is seething with racial tension - and looked in an EA's window: 2 bed flats...asking price £250,000. Yes, one quarter of a million for a flat in a crime ridden area where the best thing it has to offer is lots of shops. 2 ) Went to visit a friend who is renting a house in NE London and the guy was pretty much living in squalor. Seriously, the standard of his accomodation really worried me. These two anecdotal incidents made me really really aware of just how insane things have got. Sickens me.
  12. Sorry. I'm too busy earning money so I can afford to buy a house.
  13. Ask yourslef this...would you rather be reading about Big Brother or footballers' wives or this? For YEARS this issue of yobbery has plagued this country. We livein desensitized times and the video footage might just shake a few people to their senses. What do we neeed next? A vigilante group or is the justice system going to do something significant.
  14. What kind of poxy sentence is that?! Hope they get [email protected] and top themselves in prison! I think we can safely say that house prices in Romford/Chelmsford arent exactly going to boom for a few months.
  15. F*ck that lilly-livered liberal bullsh*t. Do you really think young yobs would show such arrogance and inhumanity if they we had corporal punishment? This country has gone to the dogs.
  16. FTSE bounces back today...and the hard-hit mining shares are back with a vengeance...well BHP is.
  17. Can someone PM me the address of this other forum please?
  18. Why is it all the majority of the hosues they feature in their artciles or columns cost in excess of a £million? What is the point? How many of their readers can afford to buy a property worth more than a million?
  19. DB. I agree with everything you say....its emigrate or buy for me.
  20. I'd like to meet the copywriter who came up with that for the Nationwide. I'd rearrange their face for them. Return from that!
  21. Hmmm. I agree. The thought of leaving is becoming more tempting...
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