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  1. Figures announced at the NHS Trusts Cheif Execs. indicated that the funding awards were set at 5% uplift for 2009 and 2010, then at 1% uplift for 2011-2013. Whilst I wouldn't like to guess where inflation will be in 2011-2013. but a 1% is almost certainly a real terms cut, so pay freezes as well as service cuts I think are an inevitability within the NHS for a number of years to come.
  2. I think that the 2006 figure for the Chinese army was approx 2.25m, and the 2007 figure for Indian railways was 1.4m. The NHS could well challenge for 2nd place, though I suspect the true numbers are too complex to know accurately.
  3. There are many inside the NHS & the IT sector with this view. No one has yet produced any "smoking gun" evidence though, AFAIK.
  4. The NHS is the world's third largest employer.
  5. He was just on PM on Radio 4.He sounded very sensible, erudite and current. Apparently Fox news in the US dubbed him "future prime minister"
  6. There is absolutely no credible evidence that NLP or hypnotherapy have any benefits at all in schizophrenia. On an aside my MBA has been useful in providing me with tools to help me look (and do) at my job in a different way, my brief taster of NLP was that it is essentially witchcraft.
  7. Is that resource level pre-cut or post cut? Future tax income will almost certainly be significantly reduced, but equally the increase in tax credit etc. side of things I would have thought would easily match that. Either way, I go with the view this is an odd move.
  8. Seriously, a public sector layoff of this size at this time is a real bellweather to the extent of the governments problems. This is much more dramatic than I would have anticipated. The fan must have been well and truly hit hard.
  9. I used to live round the corner from this one some years back. Its an area full of students, so this could be a failed Student let. 125k seems down significantly from what I remember of Tooting (although a bit out of touch now).
  10. From the information on her website she is far less qualified than me to determine any mental illness or to decide if someone needs to be sectioned.
  11. Peas in a pod? Birds of a feather? What is it with with foolish world leaders nowadays?!
  12. Spot on. I trained as a psychodynamic therapist a while back. Its only a short stroll (backwards) from witch doctoring in my opinion.
  13. I am confused by this sentence. Do you mean wait until early 2009 and spend more than you would now, or do you believe things will be more expensive early 2009? Either way it doesn't make sense, most here will say - stay well out of buying for the time being. Most probably say it in stronger terms as well!
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