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  1. I am planning to leave mid september for a 2-3 yrs circumanvigation on a 40ft catmarran :-) Hope to avoid a lot of the impending fallout. If and when I return there may be some opportunities....
  2. People make decisions based on their personal circumstances, it is not for posters on here to decree if they are right or wrong. Other posters seemed to have understood the question and posted contructive replies. As I said in my last post, manners cost nothing.
  3. Its not a should I buy thread. It is asking for advise on purchase negotiation. Manners cost nothing.
  4. Thanks for the links Steve - very interesting. I think so many are still oblivious to what lies ahead. Anyone know the song played in the background of Part 2? Thanks.
  5. Needle dck, You are a sad little person....
  6. I'm leaving mid september on a catamaran. I'm hoping a water maker, fishing gear and surfboards will prove sufficient if things do go into meltdown
  7. If you follow the more info link there are a couple of pics of the inside.
  8. You don't know that. You just know your current high bid is below the reserve. You may meet the reserve if people force your bid up to 200k.
  9. IG showing -27.5 for ftse currently. Would you expect it open a lot lower if Nikkei doesnt recover?
  10. I like to get people to look at the graph on the front page of this site. It says it all, and if people can't see it from that I dont think they ever will. It might not happen right away, but it will happen....
  11. Taxi from where I live to Heathrow Airport, not changed from £25 in the last 3 years.
  12. Hi, No idea about the market now so cant help with that. I studied at Plymouth Uni 97-99 and lived in a big house share in Mutley. She's not on houndiscombe road is she? Compared to many parts of Plymouth it is quite nice!
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