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  1. Hello folks I have a couple of questions i was hoping someone could give me the answer to in simple terms Can someone please explain to me what the possible consequences could be on my str fund in the UK , If America defaults on its debt? Also I just watched the film Inside job & in the film the rating agencies who gave AAA status to the CDO's stated it was only there opinion & they shouldn't be held liable, Would the exact same thing happen if a country defaulted which had AAA status, the rating agency would claim it was only there opinion again? Thanks in advance Simon
  2. Thats not the way i remember it, wasn't because the residents found out the council were providing emergency housing to sex offenders, so the residents decided to do something about it & demostrate. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/1711506.stm If it was up to me i would give a medal to everyone of them who made a stand. Its a shame at the time the press local & national concentrated on the negative aspects of the demonstrations & not the main point which was they didn't want scum of the earth living on there door step Its a shame that the spineless, self righteous, snobs who live in the rest of this country didnt stand up & do the same thing. Jacksaw
  3. The only part of Portsmouth that was a shithole, was the part you graced your presence with!
  4. Yep £5 donated with paypal Thanks
  5. Anyone else notice the agent who is having loads of END OF YEAR PROPERTY SALES END OF YEAR PROPERTY SALE-SATURDAY 13TH DECEMBER- AT NORTH END, PORTSMOUTH OFFICE - CURRENT PRICE £190,000 - BUY ON THE DAY PRICE £180,000 - MASSIVE SAVING £10,000! Do people really fall for this?
  6. Agree with you there about the asking prices, the houses that do look reasonable priced need truck loads spent on them, which once done brings them up to the rest of the over inflated prices anyway. We have been looking for about a year now up to £150,000. I have made several offers that have been declined, and had couple nearly accepted until the agent tells me , that a the last minute higher bidder has come in & would i like to increase our offer. :angry: Been to a few auctions as well.
  7. Hey Jason we are looking in the pompey area, are you still looking?
  8. No guilt feelings at all, just plenty of relief that we had managed to STR
  9. Hi everyone, Been reading this excellent forum since January 07 & have learnt loads. Have STR, and at the moment no regrets Simon
  10. I dont mind Quantity Surveyors, as long as there calcs are in my favour. Its the Architects who think they walk on water that bugs me
  11. When you say a door, what type of door are you talking about? Because 50 pounds can be a very reasonable price to hang a door. What do you base your rates on, for the correct price to hang a door?
  12. Hey, I am not saying there will not be a recession, and yep tradesman will be laid off new builds & refurbishments. However, whom are these tradesmen being laid off? I reckon it is the Polish plumber, chippie, sparks and thousands like him all going back home. So who does that leave? the good old British tradesman, and how many of them do we have? I admit you might be spoilt for choice, when it comes to a plumber, However, try getting a decent plasterer or a chippie or roofer, or even a joiner like myself. We stopped doing proper apprenticeshps years ago. Look in the paper you can go and do a six weeks course & hey presto your a tradesman. Alternatively, there is NVQ what we call in the trade not very qualified. In a recession, roofs are still going to leak; homes are still going to get flooded. Pipes are gonna burst & wood still rots, just to name a few Maybe it is just the part of the country iam in, but most of the people I call tradesman are still working. Cheers Simon
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