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  1. The risk is as what happened to my mate is that your fully owned car with a book price of around 12k ends up needing an 8k repair! Hes now got a Kia on PCP as he couldnt face that again and its hard to blame him.
  2. https://www.moneymarketing.co.uk/issues/1-december-2016/paul-lewis-use-housing-gold-mine-pay-long-term-care/ Surprising toe see that the majority of posters seem to agree, who I would expect to be on balance middle aged IFAs likely to have decent property interests.
  3. Not necessarily so. You could take 11k income and a further 4k pa as tax free cash.
  4. I think it's a tomato/tomato thing. The UK debt industry definitely uses the term to describe income after essentials. I suppose it doesn't matter in reality. You're either skint or your not.
  5. Sorry but this is wrong according to the FCA and all accepted practices in the 'debt industry'. See CONC8
  6. My first year halls had 12 blokes, 4 toilet cubicles, 2 showers and 1 bath which we used for washing dishes when they frequently over ran the 1 kitchen. We actually got fined for the state of our kitchen a couple of times.
  7. Are they? I've not looked into it too deeply/at all but I thought they were saying basic pay was going up but they were losing overtime? If the lose the uplift and drop back to c26k then that's a bit of a crap deal
  8. I used to do work for a lot of junior doctors about 10 years ago so had a good knowledge of how the pay worked then. Assuming it's still the same basis, the basic pay is ALWAYS (as in, i never met one whose was not) 'uprated/weighted' by 50-100%. It has a special name and its nether of these but you know what I mean. 90% of the ones I knew had an extra 50% and I met a few with 80% but none with 100% Basic pay back then was 20k so everyone was on 30k min in year 1. It doesn't seem to have changed much in 10 year mind. They also made a few extra quid doing cremation certificates (ash cash). If you worked on a geriatric rotation you could easily get one a night at what I Think was about £80. All anecdotal. IANAD
  9. I'm surprised th return has been so low considering the rise in most indices since 2009 bottoms. Have you always had such equity content or is that a recent change?
  10. Could this be the Internet/radio equivalent of meeting ones hero?
  11. Yes I'm interested as this sort of stuff is straight out of Naomi Kleins 'Shock Doctrine' which I read a while back as a result of a recommendation on here.
  12. I remortgaged/product transfer with my lender recently and although it was my wish and the in house advisers advice to convert to repayment, I wasn't actually allowed as according to their criteria, i couldn't afford repayment at their 'stress test' rate of ~7.69%Edit since reading blands other comments - I was also able to self cert again at 93% LTV (according to them)
  13. Update: valuation came back and landlord not happy with it so has decided to let again. I'm not sure if it was too low and therefore not worth it or too high and he can't afford the CGT!
  14. That would probably equate to around 60% of what I think it will go on for.
  15. Have given notice on current rented property and LL has advised he is selling the property rather than re-letting.
  16. http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/2023366.article?cmpid=msbreak_1530957 Choice quote "Like most good businessmen, buy-to-let investors stress test their businesses and plan ahead" So surely that planning ahead would have involved putting aside the relevant CGT owed each time they mewed. Which obv means that they are all sat on piles of cash.
  17. Oh, and this just in.... ‘Tsunami’ of new HMRC powers to tackle tax evasionhttp://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/2023306.article?cmpid=msbreak_1494402
  18. Great point. How do you see the returns on labour in relation to the crash in assets? ie wages. I think birth rates and immigration wil have an efect on a local level but a rapidly ageing dependent demographic should help us arrive at the turning point.
  19. They brought in a huge new database about 6 years ago that was supposed to manage and adjust personal tax codes automatically This created millions of demands/refunds. A lot of them due to situations such as yours where people had been receiving tax allowance on both sources of income. Many arguments ensued about who was liable (individual/pension scheme employer/HMRC). Company wise, all firms now need to submit PAYE information in real time to HMRC so they know how much you (company) owe, rather than a firm going bump after 1/2 years and owing fortunes to HMRC. They actually have people turning up on your doorstep for a grand or two that is overdue. i also recall some new legislation where they if they suspect you aren't being fully truthful with them, they can just look at your bank account and dip in and take what they think is theirs.
  20. Very true. Would like to see charts showing performance of the BRICs since that point. In fact, I think I'll have a look a nd see for myself which of the 4 performed best over that timespan.Edit to add, obviously it will be China I'm guessing but relative performance would be interesting.
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