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  1. PMSL Houses for pigs, goats, sheep etc A-OK! Homes for families? No way!
  2. Why not drop the price by £5k? Will the lender be informed of this financial jiggery pokery? What sale figure will thr LR show? :angry:
  3. Yeah but the picture quality is usually shite. I go to the cinema late at night or during day. The cinema is usually empty. I take my own goodies as I won't pay cinema prices for munchies. Pay the normal rate and sit in the "deluxe" seats.
  4. Did you ever see the Tricorn Centre? If not trust me Gunwharf is an improvement. As with all shopping centres it is shite though.
  5. WTF is she doing taking in rescue ponies and battery hens if she can't pay the mortgage? She has point on bank bailouts though.
  6. Keeping with the Aliens theme there is a solution to the concrete blight known as Birmingham..."nuke the entire site from orbit" At least the colony on LV426 had a "substantial dollar value".
  7. I thought this was a creditors voluntary liquidation not a compulsory liquidation on a creditor's petition? If it's the directors petitioning (either voluntarily or compulsory) they have to make a full and frank disclosure of the company debts. As you say if it's a creditor petitioning (say the Inland Revenue) the court for a complusory liquidation they would only have details of their own debt.
  8. Normally a company has to make a full and frank disclosure of ALL it's debts. Sounds like the directors have been fairly responsible here if this is the limit of the debts. It's possible the developers haven't made the stage payments as they are due. It's incredibly difficult for a builder to survive in these circumstances as they have employees and subbies to pay. Some developers are notorious for screwing over builders. Usually they lure the builders in by making the early stage payments ok. Then problems arise and small portions get withheld. Promises of payments get made but the amount
  9. Some people will HAVE to sell though. People become distressed sellers. People die. People move. Those sales will set the new benchmark for a development or a street.
  10. But the boat was sinking with numerous holes in it's hull. Without government intervention it would have sunk and it's value would be £0.00.
  11. The company was insolvent. In administration the shareholders rank at the back of a very long line. The shareholders should get nothing. Would the shareholders have funded an issue to rescue the bank?
  12. I've never seen her negotiate on price. Her advice seems to be pay the asking price. It would have been refreshing for her to do a comparison with other countries to show what poor value British property is.
  13. Knobadick looks like Lenny McLean's minime.
  14. He's clearly shagging the goats that British Pervs are too lazy or unwilling to shag. These Eastern Europeans are showng British pervs up for what they are - unmotivated and unemployable ... etc etc
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