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  1. Typical stupidity. Borrows £500k to buy a house and rather than thinking he's half a mill in debt he's actually half a mill in credit! Someone should tell him he's actually 25 years and 1 million pounds in mortgage payments away from being halfway to millionairedom.
  2. you still seem slightly disbelieving despite evidence from myself and now another poster that decent money can be made doing this, so to explain in more detail: Where blackjack is allowed I do....all from the wizardofodds website http://wizardofodds.com/blackjack Paddypower only allows video poker for the bonus (10 play jacks or better is the one to play) which has a similar house edge to blackjack but increased variance i.e. your balance will swing up and down more playing VP than BJ, but ultimate return is about the same. Optimal strategy for that is at WOO too. Riverbelle has a huge wager requirement for BJ these days (too many bonus abusers lol), but money still can be made by depositing £75 and getting the £75 bonus then sticking it all on one hand of baccarat as banker. If it wins you withdraw straight away and the £75 bonus is removed. So you cash out £225 of which £75 was your deposit for a net profit of £150. If the first hand loses you lose £75. So with baccarat it's a 50/50 shot for either a £150 profit or £75 loss. A gamble I'd take every day given the chance. It's actually a bit less than £225 you cash out due to the house taking a bit...can't remember the exact amount off hand but it's something like 215 quid. interuk and us increased the WR for BJ last month so I didn't do them last month as I was too busy anyway but they are still +ve expected value. Coral, eurobet, cherrycasino, laddies, and will hill are all bj. There are plenty of other monthly offers doing bj...all listed at rpoints.com (referral link)in their "casino crazy" forum (you will need to register), for example VCcasino has a deposit £100 wager 3750 on BJ, collect £100 bonus, littlewoods have a £25 bj offer (but I am banned from receiving bonuses there), 32 red have a deposit £54 bonus with a 1500 WR BJ allowed in addition to their usual £32 bonus, lastminute.com (video poker), bjheaven (BJ), casino for me (VP), playboy (BJ or VP), betdirect (VP), and 2 further ladbrokes bonuses on the the 7th of may and 28th of may (both BJ with very low wager requirements). As I know the optimal strategy for both games now it's all automatic....just sitting there clicking the mouse. none of this "should I hit or stick with my 13 vs dealer 6". Strategy says stick so I stick. Anything else is gambling and increases the house advantage.
  3. no. every month I deposit and the bonus appears in the account. You meet the wagering requirement then cash out back to your bank account. next month you just do the same.
  4. err ok.... intercasino US, $100 intercasino UK, £50 coral, £25 eurobet £25 paddypower £75 riverbelle £75 william hill £25 cherry casino $30 ladbrokes live dealer $25 the first 8 on the list I do the same offer EVERY month, and have done for 3 years. So there's about £350 just there in bonuses offered every single month of which you'd expect to take home 250-300. So your figure of 280+ casinos needed is just random guesswork based on incorrect assumptions. I've probably only joined 70 or so, and only been banned by 3 for bonus abuse...no multiple accounts at any of them results for the last year: Apr 07 +£216 Mar 07 +£220 Feb 07 +£714 jan 07 -£332 Dec 06 +£485 Nov 06 +£510 Oct 06 +£155 Sep 06 +£207 Aug 06 +£868 Jul 06 +£435 Jun 06 +£348 May 06 +£99 just under 4k in the last 12 months then, or an average of £333 per month. pretty close to my estimate of 200-400 per month. So in conclusion it would appear you know f*** all about what you're talking about.
  5. lol. errr yes I do actually. If the house edge on BJ is ~0.5%, then for every £1000 wagered you would on average lose a fiver. If you get a £50 bonus and have to wager 1000 quid to be able to keep that bonus then you expect to walk out with £45 after meeting the terms and conditions. Cash out the money and repeat at the next casino. The aim is not to win or lose money, just to meet the T&C's and cash out the bonus. The first few months I made £1k per month, now I just do 7-8 monthly offers and the occasional sign-up netting me £200-400 per month. 3 years later, I'm £15k up. The fact that you can't get your head around that fact doesn't make it untrue.
  6. have turned £100 into £15000 over 3 years abusing the deposit match promotions at online casinos. Basically playing blackjack to optimum strategy, turning over enough cash to be able to withdraw the bonus as cash. Not as lucrative as it used to be, but still make £200-400 per month
  7. well I've sold all mine....down the pub....for cash...to a man named Dave. Honest.
  8. and the same is true with oil consumption...2% growth in supply and demand per year = doubling every 35 years. If we're at or near peak oil now (50% depleted) then we'll use the remaining 50% in about 35 years if we can maintain 2% growth. £1 says growth won't be maintained for 5 years let alone 35.
  9. I like the bit where she's got "Total debt at 8.3.07 = £16,200 ", somehow neglecting to include the £140k mortgage in the total....all she has to do is MEW the 16k off the flat and she'll be debt free I must be sad though as I have been collecting £2 coins as well
  10. I'd like a massive pay hike, less working hours and if someone could sort me out £6.6 billion for a pension that would be nice too. Someone forgot to tell the posites they are doing low skilled grunt work. £311 per week is a lot more than some in a shop or mcjob gets, and they want the cash benefits from investing in the business before the investment has even taken place, let alone seen a return. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle1545202.ece Royal Mail is facing union demands for a 27 per cent pay rise that the post group claims will cost an extra £1 billion a year, The Times has learnt. The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has asked for the minimum payment of its members to be brought into line with average basic pay in the UK. The main postal union is also demanding that its members work a 35-hour week, rather than the existing 40 hours. The CWU says that postal workers, who earn a minimum of £311 per week, should be able to benefit from investment and improvements expected in the business over the next few years. In a letter to Royal Mail, Dave Ward, the CWU deputy general secretary, said: “Given the proposed scale of change within the company, we require a pay settlement that achieves UK average basic pay for OPGs [outdoor postal grades]. This was set at £395 per week in 2006 and we are undertaking research to establish whether the figure has subsequently increased.” The CWU says that the rise could be phased in, although Royal Mail said that the union had called for the increase to be immediate. Mr Ward said: “The business has a five-year plan for success and that must include raising the value and status of postal workers’ jobs in that timescale.” The postal organisation, which has a pension deficit of £6.6 billion and recently reported a plunge in its profits, says that it cannot afford such a rise. A spokesman said: “This pay claim will cost us £1 billion at a time when we are facing full competition and the cost of servicing our pension deficit is pushing our profits down 86 per cent.” The group maintains that it already pays better rates than its competitors. The pay claim comes as Royal Mail and the CWU are locked in difficult negotiations over the closure of the final-salary pension scheme to new entrants and an incentive programme that the company is calling phantom shares. The call to reduce hours is linked to the expectation that extra investment in new equipment will mean more automa-tion. More than £1 billion has been set aside for new investment out of a £3.9 billion rescue package from the Government that was agreed last month. The CWU has also thrown down the gauntlet over cost savings, telling Royal Mail that it will not cooperate unless future savings are shared out. Additionally, it wants improved annual leave. When the CWU last held out for a large pay increase four years ago, it led to a long fight between Allan Leighton, chairman of the group, and the union. Mr Leighton incensed the union by writing directly to workers to urge them to vote against strike action, which, by a narrow margin, they did. The pay talks are at an early stage, but the present one-year pay deal runs out next month. Wish list Pay to rise to at least £395 a week from £311 Hours cut from 40 to 35 a week Increase in all overtime rates Improvements in annual leave Reintroduction of sick pay for new entrants Cost savings to be agreed with the union rather than managerial action
  11. The money will simply be injected into the failing bank by other high street banks or the BoE by assuming their liabilities. Remember there is no realistic limit on the amount of fiat currency that can be generated at the press of a button. Imagine that one day a bank may lose £10billion, they rush to a meeting at the BoE, and the next day all the money's back.Simple. The depositors get their cash back and every body else in the country gets their savings account spending power diluted by about 1%. The important thing they must maintain is confidence in the system at any cost...and the cost is the time it takes to type "transfer £1B from BoE account A to failing bank B"
  12. Stick a fatty on a desert island and make them fend for themselves and they will lose weight. Run around after them wiping their arses and spoon feeding them and you'll end up with a fatter, greedier pig than you started with. I have no sympathy at all for overweight people. It's simply access to too much food. Cut off the supply of excess food and after the petulant self indulgant whining stops they will be back to a normal size.
  13. save yourself a trip and get these: compound bow samurai sword
  14. Yes! I noticed that a while back. At the end of 2004 I remember seeing plenty of 1kg bars at £180 or so. Mine ended up costing £220-240, and now they're usually £300ish
  15. I wonder if this is related to the govts announcement to slash the amount spent on NHS drugs 24 or so hours ago. A shot across the govts bows warning them not to f*** with drug payments or the wage slaves get it.
  16. I'm 1/3 through the second installment...very good. I downloaded it using emule and stuck the the avi files onto cds - my dvd player handles those and the quality is much better.
  17. chin up Sayara love, at least you've not been comfort eating!
  18. I've been filling my car up with £5.01 in petrol since the start of the month, and putting £1.01 into my national lottery account. Also, I believe that the free money from Lloyds is taxed
  19. purchased 2001 at 3.5x single salary, as gf was a student and her income was excluded Currently 1.06x single salary, 0.48x joint, but we've got savings to clear the mortgage outright age 37
  20. But surely $1 trilion of those natural resources, food supplies and oil are already owed to china? the farmstead has been mortgaged as buffet said
  21. check out the gold coins thread here: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...?showtopic=7171
  22. change "workers" to "public sector" and "company" to "country" and it's still true
  23. Give it 5 years and the next government will step in and negotiate some more of the benefits away. And again 5 years after that, until they're on the equivalent of private pensions. The union frog would jump out of the boiling pot, so the govt has not choice but to raise the temperature slowly.
  24. Pretty sure there are no CGT payable on coins of the realm (sovereigns and brittanias). For the rest (bars, krugerrands etc) CGT is payable as normal.
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