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  1. Just saw Gay Gordon being interviewed on Andrew Marr's show. Asked about the losses on the UK gold sales he said he was advised to diversify the UK's portfolio, just as China et al are doing now. What annoyed me was that Marr just accepted that and failed follow up with the point that the UK diversified out of gold and into dollars, whereas China and Russia are trying to diversify out of dollars and into gold. Pathetic interviewing really.
  2. It's got to do with the softness of gold. Not something to recommend on a modern 50p, but you might leave a dent in a sovereign if you bite hard. Incidentally I dropped a double sovereign on a ceramic tiled floor yesterday and badly dented the rim and the milled edge. So they are surprisingly soft I've heard the saying "if something rings true" is based on the sound a gold coin makes when you "ting" it with another coin when you have it balanced on the end of your finger. Certainly with sovereigns etc you get a 2-3 second bell like chime. 50ps, 2ps etc give a discordant ring that fades quickly
  3. If the euro is to be the world's next reserve currency then it has to be a strong one to encourage its acceptance. No point following the US to weak currency oblivion if you have a higher goal to achieve. People will flock to the euro, the $ will collapse, oil will be priced in euros, and the US will be crippled financially.
  4. funny how easy it is to magic up 3.5% of GDP in cash. Makes you wonder why they can't do it all the time
  5. keep those charts coming Errol, I for one find them interesting and useful.
  6. Why even pay £30 indemnity when a gallon of petrol and a box of matches will cost you less than a tenner? If you can't affotd the upkeep on a medieval church, sell it or give it away ffs. Don't dig up some 1000 year old parchment and use it to f*** over a stranger. What is the church coming to? At this rate it'll be crawling with socially incompetent paedophiles before we know it.
  7. virtually every low cost item containing plastic or metal, large number of electronic components, clothes...you know, the basics of 21st century life.
  8. I remember seeing a post or two by the BV guy in response to questions on the "really useful gold thread" on ADVFN a few weeks back. Might be worth trawling through the posts to find it, as it can be an interesting thread in it's own right anyway.
  9. Have just noticed that a 1oz bar on goline.co.uk has hit the £400 mark. £400.75 to be precise. Price back in february 2005? £239.25 Not a bad ROI at all.
  10. Being sarcastic? If so then please don't bother in future. Down short term, up long term.
  11. that's right. As I will be spread betting £25 for every $1 change a $15 drop is woth holding out for.
  12. Yes, I already have physical gold and silver, and some silver with goldmoney. Oh and junior miners too Just fancied a bit of a gamble to be honest, and any profits I make will be converted to physical anyway!
  13. I have at last opened a spread betting account, but don't really want to buy in at these levels. I'm personally hoping we see a pull back to 735ish so I can pile in.
  14. What can I say? Pay in science is s***. Always has been. The work is more interesting than a lot of jobs though and I bought my house in 2001 for about 2.5x my then income.
  15. Gosh...not spring loaded letterboxes....and too small to boot!!!! They must take a bit of figuring out then. I'd suggest it's not more physically or mentally demanding than stacking shelves or working in a warehouse. The going rate of which is minimum wage with no final salary pension. And no I'm not Alan Crozier. I work as a scientific consultant for a private sector research company. They offer a crap pension (certainly not final salary and I'm not in it anyway) and I earn less than 25k a year. I do however appreciate the reality of my company's position in not being able to offer decent pay or pensions, and constantly having to adapt to and respond to the market because if we didn't we'd be looking for a new job. It really is a case of adapt or die these days and dinosaur unions with belligerent employees have had their day. BTW, rather than facing the perils of snapping dogs at work, I face the prospect of contracting a fatal and incurable disease if I cut myself. Hardly a comparison eh? edit:here's a story about my brother in law - he works for RM repairing vehicles. 3 or 4 times a week he gets called to go and collect a van from a RM site, drive back to the garage,repair/service it then drop it back. So him and another employee get phoned to pick up a van, drive over there together and one drives the van back and one the vehicle they went over there in. But 3 times out of four the van they go for has instead been taken out on delivery rounds due to crap organisation. So they both drive back having wasted one morning and petrol on a non-productive trip. Rinse and repeat. For 10 years now. And nothing gets done to change the situation despite their complaints. And the B-I-L won't look for a new job as his current one is so cushy. What RM needs is big shot up the ****. 20% fewer workers, managers who put the boot in to lazy staff and 1970s practices and then (and only then) better conditions for the employees. Forget "better pay will make us more motivated". There's nothing like the threat of losing your job to make you pull your finger out.
  16. ffs, posties are overpaid for the job they do and they're stuck in the 1970s when it comes to job demarkation and working conditions. Do they work physically harder in worse weather conditions than farmhands who get paid a pittance? Does it take more than 2 brain cells to read a number on a letter and push it through a 6 inch by 2 inch slot on a door? They're glorifed paper boys ffs and deserve to be paid as such. They know they have pensions well above their station and apparantly nothing short of running the company into the ground for want of modernisation will make them give them up.
  17. Saw this posted on another forum on friday. It would suggest that as from thursday afternoon they are pulling mortgage sales from the branches. I suspect the staff will be extrremely underworked waiting for investors to step through the doors. "My OH works in our local branch and all secured loans, unsecured loans and mortgage selling has been taken away from her branch (and most likely all others) and have been directed to head office only, with effect from late yesterday afternoon. Staff have been told to not actively promote loans or mortgages and only encourage investors."
  18. They got a huge investment in manufacturing capability and 100 million jobs while all we got was public sector loafers and cheap dvd players I'm not sure who'll be laughing last....but it probably won't be the West
  19. It damn well is. I just checked my records and started buying sovereigns in late 2004 for £55 each Now I'm having to pay £80 or more On average I paid £280/oz so am still well in the money, I just want more at the original price
  20. But what wealth will the Arab countries expect in return for their dwindling supplies of oil, bearing in mind it will have to be a store of weath for them for the rest of eternity? more paper? I suspect you are partly right....when the time comes we in the west will gladly ship our gold to Arabia to pay for their phenomenally valuble oil. We will have no choice as they will accept nothing less, and if we refuse we will go cold.
  21. Yeah that's right - you're an unsecured creditor. Nothing more.
  22. But if a country were to try and buy 1200 tonnes for physical delivery from the LBMA we would see just what the price of "real" (not paper) gold was. I would be amazed if more than 1-2 tonnes per day for delivery can acually be bought there.
  23. And a third Bear Sterns hedge fund is in trouble No offer from Bear Sterns to buy them at their current "worth" though, just a "F U" if you want your money back
  24. The bit in bold is what amazes me. If someone lends me £100 and I spend it, how on earth can I look at their asset sheet with +£100 on it and expect to "tap" it? It has already been borrowed and spent. Tapping into those chinese reserves will surely cause them to increase, not decrease.
  25. it's almost like he's been reading this forum
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