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  1. 1. reduce cabin staff pay to sector average 2. pilots are just glorified bus drivers at the end of the day. Cut salaries to bus driver+10% levels 3. All staff tiers above cabin crew levels have salary reduced to cabin crew level+1% per current tier. Includes all management and directors. Pay kept at this level until company is profitable for at least 2 years. Problem solved
  2. If it was a country trying to transfer them to Switzerland the easiest way would be in diplomatic baggage - no searching those at the border or airport. My money's on them being fakes
  3. Small world.That's my old school that is, Chosen Hill
  4. home made blackberry wine for me. well worth the effort.
  5. One thing you can say about Dan Hannan is he is intellectually very gifted and extremely eloquent. I'd consider him PM material given the strength of his convictions.. Caroline Flint will be getting a selection of my crusty tissues in the post though, as usual.
  6. I think exponential increases in efficiency would be impossible to attain in the long term. Increasing vehicle efficiency (for example) from 30mpg to 60mpg over a decade may be possible. Obtaining 120mpg the following decade would be extremely hard, and getting to 240mpg a decade later is, I suspect, a fantasy.
  7. I haven't opened an isa for this year as of yet so the 3.6k allowance is still available to me. Those that do pay a decentish rate do not seem to allow transfers (such as ING, my likely choice) so it seemed better to have a decent rate this year after tax than a crap one tax free. Besides, it was only a little less than 10k
  8. I emptied my isa at the nationwide last weekend. Told the cashier their rate was dreadful (0.25%) and she suggested a members isa bond paying....0.5%. I laughed and said I could get 4 times that even after tax and she shut up and processed the cheque. Went to Llloyds to pay it in, and sure enough "My system is saying you need to see an account manager" "Any particular reason why" says I "It's about a reward card" she replies. She took the disguested look I gave her as a no. Cheques now cleared and is going to tescos as I opened an account with them when they were offering a 1 year bonus.
  9. Either I am blind or there is no ING there, which is where my lolly is stashed. Time to shift it to Tescos maybe
  10. If I was Cameron I'd call in the IMF the day after the election, since that way it can be entirely pinned on Labour for failing to deal with the problems. Better that way than have to do it six months down the line.
  11. sold out my goldmoney yesterday at 676. hoping for a pull back to the £600 level to get back in. Kept all my silver though.
  12. Rates payable 2008/09: £10,972.50 Looks like the council have got their noses in the trough for £11k a year before you even sell a smartie. No wonder the seller wants out. If I ran that business I'd be happy to pay 1100 quid a year maybe, but 11k? no effing way.
  13. There's the problem. Those salaries need to drop by at least 1500 euros a month I'd say - this is Ireland we're talking about after all, not bleedin Saudia Arabia.
  14. time to unilaterally revalue the remaining 250 tons of gold that kn0b head didn't sell off at £500,000 per ounce. At roughly 30k ounces per ton I make that about 3.75 trillion pounds to play with. Our assets then nearly cover our liabilities.
  15. No [email protected] away mate http://img134.imageshack.us/my.php?image=p1000523dp8.jpg
  16. I've had 30k sitting in their lousy internet saver account earning a pittance, and seeing this on the news spurred me into doing something about it. Just opened a 5% ING account online and the cheque will be in the post at lunchtime. Nice one Lloyds. Tossers.
  17. We got our sofas from SCS. I specifically asked whether it was made in the UK. Yes says the sales guy....all our sofas are made in the UK or Italy. When it turned up it had a "made in china" label on it. Bunch of w***ers. I don't know how many more sofas I will buy over my lifetime: 4 or 5 maybe, but I would rather spend my life sitting on a beer crate than buy from that bunch of lying s***bags ever again
  18. The chinese have a thing about interest rate changes being divisible by 9 for some reason.
  19. The Mrs got a letter through today from LloydsTSB informing her her overdraft limit, which she never uses anyway, is being cut from £1000 to £250 starting december. It was one of those glossy pre-printed letters where only the customer name and account details are laser printed on, so I imagine there could be many other recipients of near identical letters.
  20. Update on the Icesave website for english vistors:
  21. They do say Bankers are people who lend you an umbrella when the sun's shining and take it away when it starts to rain. Good to see Hitachi have put the umbrella up the bankers ar*es and are currently trying to open it.
  22. yeah she was a very yummy mummy. No sign of the father of the kids' so maybe she nags / don't put out much / she's loco.
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