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  1. rather a nice collection of doom-mongery over at prudent bear.... archive
  2. 1. Basic Salary: £20,200 2. Non-regular/other annual income: £5000 tax free casino bonus abuse 3. Income from Dividends: £0 4. Annual Rental Income (if landlord): £0 5. Income from other investments: £0 6. Capital currently in property: £18,000 7. Capital currently in shares: £0 8. Capital currently in commodities: £500 9. Capital currently in other investments: £1500 10. Cash in bank, savings, ISA, etc: £5000 11. Annual gross interest earned on savings: £250 stuck nearly all my savings onto my flexible mortgage cos mortgage interest > ISA interest so only got 14years and 33k left on my mortgage.
  3. I don't know who is more stupid - americans for thinking they can live like kings on the worlds resources when nobody has told them they're broke and they've been borrowing the money for it all along. Or the rest of the world for supplying them with trillions of dollars worth of possessions in exchange for trillions of pieces of paper with green ink on that are turning out to have less worth than a pile of leaves in autumn. Funny old world eh. thought this was a nice quote... "Economist James Galbraith of the University of Texas in Austin is a rare optimist in this debate. "I'm not at all concerned about Medicare or Social Security," Galbraith says. "Unless the government goes broke, Medicare isn't going to go broke, and the U.S. government isn't going to go broke because it can print money" Yeah, why not. Let's magic some more money out of thin air and the problem will just go away. Then they could just pile it up in central banks around the world with all the other free money they've created.
  4. There was a thread in the off topic forum about buying gold coins and silver Ebay is a good place, as is www.weightoncoin.com
  5. http://www.kitco.com/ind/Appel/feb132004.html Lose the debt & the funny money and buy gold we're doomed. doomed I tell ye. In a Bruno stylee.
  6. I was chuckling to myself reading the bank of mum and dad one....then I realised it wasn't a joke Going to have to watch it now just to see what a pair of complete financial no-hopers they are
  7. So if I read that right...if you get a mortgage sorted after 31st october you will be able to claim compensation for mis-selling, but if you acquired a mortgage before that date = no compo. No wonder the Building societies have been enouraging high multiple mortgages. They know that the mortgagee will have no financial comeback whatsoever. And at the end of the day they can always reposess and chase the ex-homeowner The FSA will just sit back and say "before our time gov" just like they did with endowments IIRC.
  8. There's nothing quite like a steady, comfortable increase piled on top of a boom to keep the housing market in fine condition
  9. If you're so desperate to borrow that you're prepared to self certify then I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that most went for mortgages fixed at a discount rate for 2 years, on the assumption that there'll be no nasty increases for that period. So all those who bought in the last 6 months will presumably have another 18 months before they truely realise the financial state they're in. Basically anyone who bought an overpriced house 18 months ago may not feel financially pressured for another 6 months, until they revert to the SVR. So i think we're not in for the real downward pressure until the current crop of buyers hit the SVR
  10. time to start stockpiling petrol in your bath folks.
  11. "MEW has risen dramatically, from £600m in the first quarter of 1999 to an all-time high of £17.5bn in the final quarter of 2003. MEW now accounts for more than 8 per cent of post-tax income" "MEW reached a peak of almost 8 per cent of total post-tax income in late 1989, just before mortgage rates were raised sharply, and it reached this level again in late 2003" Full article http://news.independent.co.uk/business/com...sp?story=554152 Hard to believe people can just give themselves an 8% "pay rise" after tax and not realise that at some point they're going to have to take a pay cut to pay it back.
  12. Last weekend's property section of the Leicester Mercury had plenty of "new" and "new price" but not many "Sold STC". Hardly scientific evidence I know, but it certainly wasn't like that 6 months ago. My feeling about Leicester is that poor quality housing may be 40-50 % overpriced, with nicer properties proportionally less so.
  13. It's your lucky day Lurker. I've got £3.21 in my nochex account with your name on it. Any good? Just the basics will do - nothing too complicated please.
  14. looks even worse with another three zeros on the end 1,000,000,000,000 = 1 trillion
  15. nah, all those Boscastle homes have been upgraded with indoor pools. The value's sky rocketing man
  16. just seen the interview on the ITV news channel this morning on NTL (in the midlands), so it looks like it's getting more air time. No sign of Kirtsy though.
  17. Looked at my mortgage interest rate yesterday (A&L, 5.45% SVR) and my ISA rate (4.65%) and decided to withdraw nearly all my savings to pay off some of my flexible mortgage. The way I see it I'm effectively getting a tax-free "return" of 5.45% by overpaying by 10K, and the £545 I save in interest payments yearly can be used to pay off £545 more of the mortgage itself. Unfortunately the missus likes our house so she didn't want to STR at the start of the year. Too late now of course.
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