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  1. I suspect the owner enjoys messing up his silky black sheets while staring at his horror dollies. Truly nasty.
  2. Ah ok, thanks all. Well if I have to pay for an extra week so be it. I'm in the process of moving out now so will be all moved out well before the 23rd either way.
  3. Bit of advice needed if possible... I started a 6 month tenancy that expired 24th August 2012 and have been on a statutory periodic tenancy since then. My rent, however, has always paid on the 1st of the month. I gave 1 months notice to the rental agency today, and thought that would mean my leaving date would be the 23rd Jan 2014. Rental agency says no, it's one month from a day before the rent date i.e. 31st Jan. Spent a couple of hours googling, but can't seem to find a definitive answer. Any advice/help on this one would be appreciated.
  4. Just read this article at the telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/gilts/8524454/European-Central-Bank-threatens-to-pull-the-plug-on-Greek-lending.html What amazed me though, was this comment from a greek business owner in the comments section: I have lived and run a small business here in Greece since 2004, I would like to add a few observations.The ruling PASOK party are funded by the public sector unions and have dictated policy here for a long time, the following examples were quoted in the local paper posted on the internet, ekathimerini.http://ekathimerini.com/4dcgi/... For instance, at OPAP (the Greek lottery), employees are paid 18.5 monthly salaries each year. This is a benefit that stretches back to the 1990s when the government agreed to increase the number of their monthly wages to combat the loss of their earnings to inflation. These extra wages were then linked to a productivity scale that had to do with the number of jackpots there were on the national lottery each year. Experts say that the lottery is so popular now that this number of jackpots is usually attained in a month, thereby guaranteeing that the employees still receive 18.5 wages, which means that their average annual salary is 150,000 euros.Public sector workers with "arduous" jobs, such as refuse workers, can retire at the age of 45.Workers at the Hellenic Refinery receive 17.5 monthly salaries compared to the norm of 14 salaries per year and work 196 days per year compared to the equivalent German worker that works 246 days per year.Workers at the Public Power Company, along with their family, receive free electricity for life.If a retired Civil Servant dies and has an unmarried daughter, the daughter receives the pension until she marries.Teachers work from 08.00 to 13.30 five days a week and have 3 months holiday in the summer. Most parents pay for private tuition in the evenings.The government is spending approximately 6% of GDP on the military compared to 0.6% as required by NATO.In 2002 PASOK ordered four submarines from ThyssenKrups of Germany for 1.2 biliion euros, the order is now being investigated and it was found that between 200 and 300 milion euros went in back handers and bribes.Another PASOK politician was found to have taken 200,000 euros from Siemans of Germany and was found guilty of "non-declaration of wealth" and was fined 7,500 euros.Politicans have openly stated in the newspapers that all public sctor workers would have their contracts honoured, and reductions would only happen by natural wastage. In the private sector, a supermarket worker receives 4 euros per hour and the employer has to pay 450 euros per month, equivalent of UK national insurance. VAT is at 23% and 13% on food, petrol costs 1.70 euro per litre.The government is destroying the economy to fund the public sector. It seems the cuts have barely started for the pampered public sector.
  5. I understand more and more university's are getting in on the student rental market. This is one of Leicester's offerings - 2 minutes walk to the campus, free broadband, with a subway food outlet on the way out the front door. Not much hope for a slum landlord trying to rent out a damp box-room when these modern digs are on the market. google streetview
  6. Now this would make a much better German national anthem... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bs5bnVoZK4Q
  7. I had my job location moved in January, so I went from a 4 mile round trip to a 50 mile round trip. Fortunately my employer is paying Excess Cost of Travel Allowance for the next 3 years at 24.8p/mile. Tax and NI comes off this, but still I went out and switched from a 1.6 petrol (35mpg) to a 2.0 diesel (48mpg)
  8. Was in homebase this morning - no trouble parking, only one person in the queue infront of me. I asked the assistant helping me carry my new black glass computer desk whether he had been busy...answer was "no, we've been a lot quieter than we were expecting; only just busy enough to keep us out of trouble"
  9. "•A Notts School wil have to pay hefty compensation to their PFI contractors if they remove their vending machines that sell sweets (which begs the question who runs the school?)" No need for the school to remove the vending machine - simply charge the PFI contractor access to the school's electricity socket at £1000 per week.
  10. Why do you think the government will get the assets? I think the pension scheme trustees would have something to say about that. the governemt is getting the bill, not the menu.
  11. BBC news 24 saying £3 million assets and £20 million liabilities. They just dumped people's money in a bank account and when they were due to send the foreign currency they bought it there and then and posted it off. No hedging, no forward contracts.
  12. I used them with no problem back in January to buy dollars, but over the last couple of months they started spamming "special rates"...trying to scoop up cash no doubt, and a bit suspicious after not having had a single advertising email out of them for over 6 months
  13. NHS kidney research unit I know of carried out more kidney test perfusions in February and March than in the previous 9 months combined...the reason? To make them look busy before year end and get the money spent. Come the new financial year there is absolutely no money for consumables (enzymes etc) so the research staff of 7 postdocs/RAs are twiddling their thumbs. Combined salary must be 250k per year. The "lab manager" there has never done a day's work...just pushes paper, so getting shot of that dead wood would free up a load of money for transplants and research. Chances of lab manager sacking himself for the greater good? slim.
  14. Worthy of a read, hope you agree. http://www.lrb.co.uk/v32/n01/anne-enright/sinking-by-inches "One of the strangest feelings, living through a housing boom, is that you are rich or poor not because of the money you earn, but the year you started earning it. It is not a question of effort, but of luck. This was part of the impotence and panic that drove Irish people to buy overvalued houses towards the end of the boom; it was the feeling that we were running up a down escalator and had to grab hold of whatever we could, to stop being swept away. There is very little pleasure in buying a house. Perhaps this fact is not mentioned often enough. For a while, house auctions were a kind of blood sport in South Dublin. There were women who spent their lives going to them, to get high on the smell of money and other people’s pain. It was like living in a casino: the insanity of the sums involved; that blank, ecstatic misery on the faces of the people who won."
  15. I am sure his church has a nice collection of silverware ripe for the picking. He wouldn't mind, since it's not a "corner" church but part of a national chain of churches.
  16. 2 weeks before the election. A nod and a wink from Mervyn King to his city chums to give the tories an extra leg in and the pound is toast. It's going to happen anyway so it's in the BoE's interest to have it happen to the departing govt., not the incoming one they will have to work with for the next 5 years.
  17. 0% for me this year, just like last year Annoyingly, despite the business making a decent profit it has all been swallowed up by the pensions deficit for those long-termers in the now-closed final salary scheme. I complained about the fact that the profit that should have been shared amongst the employees equitably as pay increases was being used to subsidise the pensions of a minority of employees but no one listened. If there is a deficit then the beneficiaries of the scheme should be stumping up.
  18. The estate agent has confirmed he's received a bid from a Mr Alky Ada
  19. If the expectation was for gold to rise on inflation fears in the west, you can only imgaine what will happen when the chinese try to protect themselves from its effects.
  20. Anecdotal: Was talking to my mother yesterday about her auctioning my grandmothers furniture etc after her death. She attended the auction and was talking to the auctioneer prior to the auction start who told her to keep an eye on the 2 chinese ladies who he said did nothing but travel between auctions day in, day out. They bid on every scrap bit of gold and purchased pretty much everything they bid on. They showed no interest at all in items with high reserves due to the quality of workmanship, antique value etc. It was literally just scrap they were after and they had plenty of money to spend and bought as much as possible The auction was last november by the way, in the midlands. Not suggesting these were agents of the chinese state or anything like that....probably just private individuals who knew how to buy gold on the cheap
  21. Look, stop trying to be a keyboard warrior son, it ain't working. At no point have I suggested I am proud of anyting, merely pointed out this ignorant, twattish comment by you is factually incorrect: "Statements such as this do nothing other than display your (obviously low) level of intelligence." And I just p*ss my self lauging when a mouthy tosser who called me a "fool" a few posts earlier accuses me of name calling. That really does take the proverbial LOL. Better luck next time eh?
  22. At no point did I suggest I was attempting to be in the top percentage of anything. I was responding to some keyboard warrior accusing me of having a low IQ despite knowing f**k all about me, that is all. Just pointing out ignorance. So, yeah, wipe your eyes if you want, then pull your pants and shorts up. You took it like a man.
  23. IQ of 131 actually, so stop harrumphing you pr*ck
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