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  1. here it explains: http://www.which.co.uk/money/mortgages-and-property/guides/first-time-buyer-mortgages/help-to-buy-scheme-explained/ Couple of lines from the link: "So, over time the cost of the admin fee could become pretty expensive." "If the property had dropped in value, you'd pay less than you borrowed."
  2. Barclays is also not far behind : http://news.sky.com/story/1202367/barclays-imposes-travel-ban-as-jobs-axe-looms
  3. I am thinking on these lines from atleast 3-4 months, any positive news about housing market is not at all good for EAs. Few of the EAs have somehow convinced the sellers to reduce the prices to realistic levels, but any positive news .. spin the seller heads and they don't agree to prices... its both sellers and EA loss....
  4. Bulls/EAs, While I can see you replying so promptly and showing so much activity, can you please reply to few of the above points. Also one more thing, can you please also enlighten us, why long term slavery for a 2bed mid-terrace sh*thole is good for anyone. Or am I asking the people are who too selfish/VI/self-indulged to see other side of the coin.
  5. Why no one thinking of all the job losses, shrinking gdps. Few of my friends with quite good/decent skills are finding real difficult to finding jobs, they are not getting any interviews. And the ones who are in jobs, are in constant fear of redundancies. Also many times people are commiting to buy the house, but run away at later stage and thats happening alot. Bulls/EAs, you guys must be very keen to reply to some these points.
  6. today news swiss economy shrink by 2.4, expectation was 1.7 spainish job figures will be out .. which they are speculating will be very bad eurozone job figures will also come out.. if i hear correctly... she said "today is Reality Check"
  7. Just heard (9:45am) Declan talking to some lady from savills on breakfast. Both were quite bearish and same question was put by Declan "Why someone should buy now, when its going to fall for next 2 years", and the lady said no should buy unless they get real good deal. BBC has turned bearish, I think this will help for even quicker crash, things are changing real fast.
  8. Read in times today: proposal is that key workers will pay 50% of every month mortgage. When selling, 50% of the sale proceeds will go to gov and lender. Its on page 6 of times.
  9. comment below this sky link: We have had our 4 bed detached house on the market for over a year, we've not had many viewers, why are the government still allowing new houses to be built when its plain to see homeowners cannot sell there propertys In the area I live "appartments" (flats!!!!) have been built, or are being built, 2 beautiful old houses are to be demolished to build a new estate and the local fire station is being demolished to make way for new "appartments". The "appartments" which have already been built have been there for over a year now empty because nobody wants them. So why are builders allowed to keep on taking land to build on when there is such a problem, why not put all new homes on hold until everything is sorted, there is not a problem with housing, if there was i would have sold my house by now!!!!!!!!! Posted by Melanie from cheshire
  10. I almost bought in last September, I offered 213 on 229(asking) house, sellers were about to agree (they said they will come back to me in 2-3 days). Meanwhile they found someone with 219 offer (found this in sold prices, EA also told me this) and they readily accepted that. I feel like thanking all the Gods now. I have been reading this site since last August, and was also aware of credit crunch etc. But my wife almost persuaded me into it, now everyone is living happily in 575pm furnished flat. I would like to thank hpc (and guys how keep posting regularly) for so much insight into many financial issues and markets.
  11. kirstie & gb deservedly bring out most creative comments on hpc.
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