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  1. I agree,there is plenty of time for yet another U-turn
  2. The system will never allow financial education on a scale that the general public would be able to make sensible educated decision of a financial nature. The basics of the education system is that you get your basic education (to learn the system they want you to learn),then you get a job so you can pay your taxes,then you get caught by the system getting you to look after yourself in your twilight years after all the taxes you have so loyally paid and if you are still able and willing to work,the system will keep on taxing you until you stop working,unless you have a pension of a sensible value,then the system will still be taxing you. Finance In The National Curriculum nah it will never happen
  3. And why should Labour not take the brunt of this disaster, it is mostly of there making. :angry:
  4. I'm sure GB will be able to adjust the results in there favor with a new way of calculating them and also a little bit of seasonal adjustment for good measure.
  5. Labour with vi to keep interest rates low
  6. Do you really think Milliband will pick up the poison chalice of the leadership while he is still young enough to sit back and wait for calmer waters?
  7. Many core voters would probably be smokers who now smoke in the rain, can't see them coming to GB's rescue.
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