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  1. You're great my friend We all HPC'er will be winners, else the world will go to hell and it's welcome to it
  2. Not necessarily, in fact may be (tho no back up stats here ) you may have a lot more renters in the industrial, 'european' economy north Italy than in the centre / south where people stick with their (property owning) families till they get married and buy their own place. In Italy often you get married when or shortly after you have your own place (in most cases, and the last 10 years being some exception due to the housing bubble )
  3. Not true. Italian renter / owner rates are among the lowest in the world, see http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/economic...ald/homesnt.pdf page 8.
  4. Thanks for your post, I've already bookmarked your site. I wasn't aware there was an Italian HPC site! Great. I'm Italian also and have been away for years but thinking of coming back in the near future. I'm aware it's dreadful timing but I'm starting to feel real homesick. Rome would be ideal for me and what you're saying is good news, +300% in 10 years means I should be able to afford a decent place in a couple of years. Keep your posts coming and keep in mind what's happening in the UK right now is what will happen there soon.
  5. He's not an idiot, he's got a 100% personal agenda and is making zillions out of this. He has all the insider information he could have ever dreamt of and he has personal interests in every single part of the economy you could name. He's likely to be on one phone with the G7 and on the other with his agents. Wouldn't call that an idiot.
  6. That's my problem with gold and silver, you're up against the big powers and it's a nerves war. They will fallback to legalised fraud if necessary in these circumstances, so all logic goes out of the window.
  7. You can get physical gold and silver delivered to you at http://www.coininvestdirect.com/main.php
  8. No YOU numpty, I was exactly talking about waiting for a dip before buying, which I did, while you suggested I had already missed the boat. You're right noone can predict the future that's why you should never dismiss any posts. Something tells me you won't though - you're the typical house prices always go up type, only with gold.
  9. Say that again narco? Sorry, couldn't resist. Thank GOD I didn't listen although your post did worry me a bit at the time that I had missed the boat. Lessons learned: 1) Be careful going long gold when the lease rates are too low, manipulation alert. 2) For the sake of all posters and the forum, can we try not to dismiss any posts like they were rubbish, else we're just like the sheeple - house prices will never go down.
  10. They may do later Freddie Mac says at early stages of credit losses http://www.reuters.com/article/BANKSL/idUSN0644032120080806 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Freddie Mac is at an early stage of eventual credit losses on its home-loan investments even though the market downturn might have hit its mid-point, the mortgage finance source's chief business officer Patti Cook said on Wednesday. "Credit losses continue to accelerate in our single-family (guarantee) business," Cook told investors on a conference call. "While we may be roughly half-way through the eventual decline, we are still in the early stages of realized defaults," she said. "Most of the expected (credit) losses are yet to be realized."
  11. According to Mr. Paulson, 'other parts of the world are at different stages of the cycle' Check this http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtm...C-mostviewedbox and this http://www.expatica.com/nl/articles/news/H...-collapses.html. The ECB has just increased euro interest rates Edit: clarity
  12. Hi all, I'm considering signing up and buying some gold through goldmoney.com, however as everything that's not in your hands and in the case of a SHTF scenario (which is what gold is all about for me) with unpredictable events and all that... I know some of you guys use it, do you feel safe that their site won't just disappear one day and their phones be permanently engaged?? Some people have a point about this, see http://www.taxfreegold.co.uk/egold.html, redirected from http://www.taxfreegold.co.uk/goldmoney.html and from a google search for goldmoney. Also, from the GM web site, the Euro-Dutch Trust (which GM use for validating their client/metal database) is based in Bahamas, also see the ViaMat bar lists reports on http://goldmoney.com/en/bar-count.html which until Q1 2008 were also sent to Net Transactions Ltd (Goldmoney owner company) in Bahamas. Then sent to Jersey from Q2 2008. Bahamas does ring an (alarm) bell for me. I'm probably being paranoid here but may be if I weren't I wouldn't be considering a SHTF scenario in the first place! I really appreciate your help and if the S really HTF I'd only have HPC to thank. With about 4 years of reading this forum, I got great input from it while I was considering buying a house in the UK in 2005 and thank God (and HPC ) I didn't! blackbear
  13. They will be ok for jobs where not much education is needed, agriculture is very big in France and also for jobs that western europeans are less and less willing to do as a career, from plumbers, sparks etc but also waiter/resses, hotel and bar staff etc etc.. lots of chances. The big move to the UK was all about the strong pound, crashed the pound, off to new shores. Edit: clarity.
  14. Agreed. In most (if not all) continental Europe countries racism is far (far) more widespread and normal than in the UK. I'm not British so I'm not trying to protect the UK here, only reality. Edit: the Polish will definitely get a worse deal racism-wise in France or Belgium if that's where they're off too. But I guess what they're interested in is maximising the value of their time away from home and earning euros is better than earning pounds right now.
  15. Thanks for your reply mate, you're right but it seems there was A correlation in March when it did take a hit, the biggest one recently. I've found this old article http://www.gold-eagle.com/editorials_00/peters012500.html which explains it somewhat. Of course fundamentals now are 100% different and in fact the current situation shows the article is right, however for the short term eg next week may this be hinting to the dip I'm looking for? Of course on the big scheme of things waiting for a dip may sound pointless but isn't mine pure HPC spirit?
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