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  1. Well - it was too tempting. I thought these were under valued and last week I bit the bullet and bought some of these beauties at £1.43! I'm glad I did! have a look The only question now is when do I sell?
  2. What would happen to your shares if they got taken over as so many people predict? Would you get equivalent shares in the new company?
  3. Hi guys, I've recently bought a new ADSL router and whilst configuring it last night I thought about giving my network a name. The SSID is broadcast for any wireless device to pick up and I thought it would be quick an easy way to advertise. I can pick up about 7 wireless networks from my laptop. Just a thought...
  4. The sad thing is, a fair proportion of the population don't see that. There must be some "Key Workers" on some fat salaries to create the demand for this. I'm a software developer and I think I earn a decent wage. This stuff did make me think.... "maybe, just maybe, I'm in the wrong kind of work".
  5. Recently Mrs Blondebier thought it would be a good idea to look at the various Key Worker schemes that are being offered by the government. I don't see how she is any more "key" than the rest of us who pay her salary, but that'll have to wait for another day! We applied and were accepted by the local housing association who promptly starting sending us details of various new developments around the South East. This last one however takes the cake and I just had to post a copy of the sales blurb. (Give the attachment a read...) I'm lost for words.
  6. A developer bought it for £190k in Sept 2006. Flip - more like flop!
  7. I couldn't help but attach this letter I received from a local estate agent today. He's convinced that the interest rate hike won't have any effect on the market so much so that he decided to write a letter and tell everyone about it.
  8. They seem to have loosened their mortgage lending criteria over here recently too. A few months back they would lend me £160k now they'll part with £250k! I'm really shocked - Do people really borrow this kind of money? That's £1,593 per month!
  9. Exactly. The beeb would have us believe otherwise!
  10. Dudes! have a look at USwitch.com I hope they save you some money...
  11. That sounds pretty cheap to me. Around my way they're pushing £15! Stigs! :angry:
  12. As long as you pay in your salary (must be over £1500 per month) you won't have to pay the fee.
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