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  1. But this statement only covers one of those groups. The one conveniently least able to have a riot in protest over it.
  2. That was the job of unions and collective bargaining, which conveniently subsides with the introduction of min wage, TCs and the like.
  3. Yes, when you offer a decent wage, you will find plenty of people to put the graft in. I think I should write a paper to inform mainstream economists and politicians of this revelation, it seems to have passed most of them by.
  4. It's not the inequality itself, as there will always be inequality, but in the past it was defended with the orthodox theory that even if the gap widens at least everyone is seeing an increase in living standards and income, that capitalism is a rising tide floats all boats etc. However due to monetary policy since 2008 that theory is now broken and the rich are getting richer while the poor are staying static or getting even poorer. That is the thing that creates discontent.
  5. Well, I defer to your first hand knowledge. Apparently I have not crossed paths with one of these people, of whom there are so many. Although if it is possible it only supports the case for an affordable CI.
  6. They either have kids, or they managed to get on the DLA which starts the avalanche of other benefits. In a few cases they are defrauding the system claiming under multiple NIs. Someone living on 71 GBP pw for years with nothing on the side? I don't believe it.
  7. The real reason for workfare is to flush out the people claiming and doing cash in hand work. No one (childless) can claim JSA for years and survive on it without another income from somewhere, it is simply mathematically undoable and they know it, hence the workfare/daily sign on/etc.
  8. I think this is a good insight. This made the rounds a few years ago. http://www.phimatrix.com/pepsi-arnell021109.pdf It cost 1 million dollars to produce. It is hustling, pure and simple. No different to running a game of Find The Lady on a street corner as far as I can see. It is happening to a lesser degree every day all over the place.
  9. Half of all the people doing the "BS jobs" provide no value. The problem is, it's hard to tell which half.
  10. Why have a fixed amount? Simply set the CI budget as a percentage of tax take for the year.
  11. Nothing. The question you have to ask is, is the help to the genuine needy worth putting up with the few people who try it on (who will as you said, always exist whenever charity is given even after measures to stop them). Nothing is going to be 100% perfect.
  12. I thought this was the Big Society (what happened to that?) in action, apparently not so good looking in practice.
  13. I thought was precisely the sort of thing that UC was meant to solve? Someone had a good idea in the comments of one of the papers. Let people keep their benefit and tax any work done on top at 50%, ie not applying the tax free allowance for as long as the benefit is being claimed. To prevent people doing some work they can get, while the government know statistically there is not enough job offers to go around, seems bizarre.
  14. This is a good point. The sample is biased. Comparing economic immigrant labour to native labour is not comparing like for like. Foreign immigrants should be compared to British emigrants. British labour in Britain should be compared to Polish labour in Poland. I would say yes, there may be some difference in attitude in Britain to work and so on due to difference in welfare systems and the silly culture of the last decade, but if you want to know the true extent then at least do fair comparisons. Comparing a sample of immigrants from one country to the entire population of another is intellectually flawed.
  15. They seem to be clamping down on this racket now in universal credit. DWP are getting responsibility for it, no longer HMRC, and theres a set floor at the equivalent income of 35 hours NMW per week, after the JC+ check out your expenses.
  16. He might as well go on stealing. If he gets a prison sentence at least they are obliged to provide food and a roof/heating.
  17. Well China is an obvious case, but I think India is far too overrated when it comes to economic growth. India is a basketcase, ask anyone who has to deal with them.
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