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  1. Neat graph. But how can the "bull-trap" be reconciled with the fact that the typical house buyer hasn't a clue about the gold market? Nice to see 100 oz. could buy an average house. London looked about 120 oz. What was average pay like back in the early eighties?
  2. Funny, but just last night I was imagining this great new music genre: Northern Rock, with best band the Crash. (Maybe it's an old joke but I never heard it before.)
  3. Gota a link? Is it this one? Bramley Crescent which says under offer, right now. That isn't a newbuild, but it's only 2 bedroom so maybe the wrong one. Edit: 2 bedroom.
  4. This shows the phenomenon more directly: at bottom left the euro price remained below 350 while the US dollar price went up substantially, then both moved more in unison until the formation you have highlighted towards top right. That must have been the '06 battle and it seems from your chart that the euro came out of it a bit less badly than the dollar, but now they fall again in unison. At top right do the colours black, red, blue and green go in strictly chronological order? An interesting formation you have highlighted around '06. Any thoughts?
  5. Thank you, Mr Goldfinger for your welcome, and especially for your nice charts. So the up channel at left seems to be when POG was going up in US dollars but hardly in euros, then it began to break out in euros as the channels heading more to the right with the shallower slope show. Does the dot-colouring scheme have any particular system? At least the variation in colour makes it easier on the eye and shows clusterings. It might be nice to see similar charts with the years and months of important turning points arrowed.Thanks again to you and the regulars of this thread. I only started following it on about page 300 and now it's almost daily reading for me . However, bullion isn't a new subject to me: I got really interested in '02 (when I first learnt something about monetary systems, the history of which is most fascinating).
  6. Before 2005 the increasing US dollar price of gold mainly reflected the weakening of the dollar - for example, the price hardly moved in euros until about spring '05, I think (while in dollars it had increased substantially). Since then the gold price has moved in all major currencies, although of course to differing degrees. But it is up substantially in all (about double in euros and about triple in US dollars, very roughly, since the lows of the early hundreds). So, it's true that it's related to the value of the dollar, but also all other currencies. Personally, I view gold as a currency in its own right, and as some say the ultimate money. When the dollar or euro price is "up" I see it as the dollars or euros "down" relative to gold. If you're investing in gold for the medium to long term the day-to-day or week-to-week changes in price are just noise, but I find the commentary fun - especially the rockets . BTW this is my first post here at hpc.co.uk . I have been a lurker for a year or so. This thread is one of my favourites.
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