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  1. If you could buy some HBoS shares at todays close, but had to sell them before 9:30am tomorrow morning. Would you? I can't decide if there will be the mother of all rallies, or teotwawki.
  2. It was definately running 15mins ahead of yahoo. Yahoo is still updating now, google isn't.
  3. So who is first with a close price? Last time there was a 5%+ fall, there was a sudden 0.7% drop after the bell.
  4. Yahoo sucks and has the wrong close price. Check their 5 day chart and see where it lines up.
  5. Yahoo seems to be really crap at capturing closing prices lately.
  6. It is 12.5kg. Check the last frame of this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueSyzcJzbgI...feature=related Will this be a nice bit of gold ramping from auntie?
  7. Nah, just the CTRL key. http://www.numismaster.com/ta/numis/Articl...;ArticleId=5093
  8. If gold maintains it's USD value, and the GBP weakens. The sterling value of gold goes up. The gold rampers are hiding from the $60 in one day drop that happened this week.
  9. When I was in the US, amoungst other coins, I bought 3 junk silver dimes. They cost me $4 in total. I'll keep them forever with a label 'a gallon of gas'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w0LOtWmy_o Jones on Gold and Silver - where he explains that when silver dimes were abandoned, 30c would buy a gallon of gas. Today, those 3 dimes will still buy you a gallon of gas, but the cupronickel ones certainly won't.
  10. No is isn't. Most 1oz gold coins are 24 carat pure gold. One that I have (a maple IIRC) is stamped 9999. I can't think of many coins, other than the ones I mentioned, which are not 24 carat. The US eagle? 24 carat is probably too soft to be used in circulation, but not for investment or collecting. I had an opportunity to get s sovereign at a good price, and I wanted one, until I handled it. I could see the copper tinge, and it put me off. It may be just as valuable, but I personally like my gold pure. YMMV.
  11. At risk of talking to myself Bullion Boy, can you use lower case letters please? Upper case is really hard to read. If you're not happy using the shift key for the occassional capital letter, then just use lower case, it's easier to read. Capital letters look to similar to each other for text to be readable. I don't have any sovereigns. I handled one in a shop and didn't like it. I prefered the look and feel of pure gold, so whether I did the right thing or not financially, I kept hold of the little known commerative proof coin that I had. I've never had this problem in choosing a share certificate... However if I find I spend more due to a coins beauty, I'm sure I can find someone who thinks the same when I come to sell.
  12. From chard's various websites (all prices are for 'our choice' coins) Sovereigns; 1 coin = 15% premium 10 coins = 10% premium 25 coins = 8% premium 1/4 oz Britannias; 1 coin = 25% premium 5 coins = 22% premium 10 coins = 18% premium 1 ounce Britannias; 1 coin = 12% premium 10 coins = 10% premium 25 coins = 8% premium So sovereigns are cheapest, especially when compared with similar weight britannias. Krugers; One Ounce 1 coin = 7% premium 5 coins = 6% premium 25 coins = 5.5% premium Quarter Ounce 1 coin = 25% premium 10 coin = 20% premium So sovereigns are cheaper than similar sized krugers too, but nothing seems to beat 1oz krugers for value. It all depends on how you will sell them later. It seems to me that many dealers have a set price per gold that they will pay, rather than accounting for numistic value.
  13. Doesn't 999 mean 99.9% gold? 22 carat gold as used in sovereigns would be 916, or 91.6% gold. Edit: Of course, a 1oz bullion 22 carat coin contains 1oz gold and an additional 0.0917oz of silver, copper or other metal. So the value is the same.
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