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  1. You are wrong. I don't want to believe in global warmimng because it fits my fee-market politics to believe that all economic activity is infinitely sustainable, and I think it makes me look clever and cynical to do so. There is literally nothing you can do or say to change my mind. I am silent on the topic of how massively increasing the amount of CO2 in the environment can fail to increase global temperatures, so I will concentrate on the fact some bloke in Epsom's pipes burst this morning.
  2. I appreciate your purist definition of the "free market", but it is correct to say that recent years have seen governments moving in a "freer markets" direction, privatising + deregulating. This approach has brought us to crisis, so how can you persuade people to move further in this direction?
  3. ffs. Will you please refrain from saying things I agree with Injin?
  4. The value of Gold is pumped up by people who wish to use it as a store of wealth, therefore the moment they have doubts about its value or the need to sell, they can cause a rapid crash in its value (of course the inverse can/is happen/happening ). Buying gold (with CASH) has never sent anyone to the poor house, but you're as likely to lose 20-30% on gold as you are on houses. And there is always the danger of a paradigm shift where people stop uising gold as a store of wealth, and it returning to its use value (good conductor, shiny thing for the missus, solid gold wizards hat for tribal priest). This may have happened before, certainly the dark-ages involved a flight from gold to land. It has definitely happened to commodoties like cowrie shells, which were once stores of value, but which reverted to their use value (making lime)
  5. How silly. Everything durable is inflation proof, however, gold is very prone to speculative bubbles and has an intrinsic "use" value many times lower than its market value... if people lose confidence in gold it will crash...can you be SURE that won't happen?
  6. Not true. Massive unemployment and deprivation caused a radical politicisation of society that was only overcome by the war effort and the post war social consensus. Dangerous times. Communists kicking the sh1t out of blackshirts in running battles... a replay is quite probable if the BNP tries to leaflet my street.
  7. I had to wear two jumpers today. Therefore, no ammount of scientific evidence can convince me that the massive pumping of CO2 into the atmosphere can have a warming effect. Physics be damned, I had to scrape my windscreen!
  8. No, I wasn't aware I said that. I was saying that it's no kind of existence to slave 50+ hour weeks for some fat cat's benefit, that I'd rather be a corpse than a spineless wage slave or a corporate "true believer". People need to stand up for themselves, also they need protection from bosses. If 48 hour weeks are legal, some bosses will force people to work them "just sign this waiver..... just routine to work here", so there is no choice at all.
  9. If you work for yourself, good luck to you. If you're making someone else rich, get off your knees or you're better off dead.
  10. So the state-educated are an underclass? All of them? What a dull and sheltered life you must lead. This attitude shows exactly why private schools should be abolished.
  11. No, he's a good lad Parris, but he lets his gob carry him away. He was a Conservative MP who once said that you could live like a king on benefits, then miserably failed to do so on C4 documentary. After that he jacked in the Tories (after outing himself in the House of Commons, and this was the 80s), and now advocates what seems to be a mixture of the ideologies of the SDP and the Khmer Rouge. In the effing Times! Then he lived on South Georgia for 12 months, for some unknown reason. Whether you agree with him or not, he's worth listening to, just for being a true British eccentric original.
  12. I don't like the doom mongers either, I don't like their superiority complexes and I don't like their smug references to their STR funds and their righteous outrage when anyone tries to do anything that might possibly cause inflation (even though a deflationary outcome is probably better for me too, at least in theory). I would ban the words "sheeple" and "broon" from the site. However, buying a luxury house at the moment would be lunacy. You'd be better off doing a KLF and burning your money, at least then it's just gone and not turned into an Albatross round your neck.
  13. Not necessarily. If you are poisoning people slowly rather then giving them an immediate dose of Salmonella, it is is unlikely your business will ever suffer, as with no regulatory authority it is unlikely anyone will ever find out the source of the poisoning. In this case it makes no economic sense to ensure you aren't killing anyone. The same goes with pollution, it makes no financial sense not to pollute unless there is aregulator to stop you. Therefore, good businesses, who attempt not to poison people, will be at a financial disadvantage and probably be driven out of business by polluting businesses.
  14. There you have the problem: "law". Once you accept that the state is making law, you have to accept that for law to be legitimate, it requires a mandate. That mandate would have to be via some form of popular election, and would therefore (implicitly) have moral superiority over the wishes of one individual. It's possible people would vote against the limited state, and we're back to the start of the cycle.
  15. I would love to live in a world without violence, but humans are by nature violent. If there is no monopoly of violence (i.e. a form of "state") people will resort to violence to further their own interests. This is equally valid for individuals or organisations, organisations which choose not to use violence will be eliminated by those that choose to. Your proposal for capitalism without a state can only work if there is a massive pseudo-religious forced indoctrination of all the world's population to reject all initiation of force AND accept your definition of what an initiation of force would be. It is even more of a utopian fantasy than left-wing anarchism. Your philosophy is a silly little intellectual [email protected], with no connection to the real world.
  16. You don't have an answer then sweetheart? Thought not. Round 1 to the inhabitants of the real world.
  17. Without a state monopoly of violence, companies would simply be armed gangs, as they are in Somalia. It would be impossible for them to function without protection, and those with the best millitary capabilities would drive their opponents out of business. Eventually they would consolidate power until they reformed a state, this process was nearly complete in Anarcho-Capitalist Somalia, until the Ethiopians and Americans intervened to stop the most effective coalition of armed businesses, the Union of Islamic Courts, from taking over.
  18. Correct. Not many corporations in Injin's workers paradise, Somalia.
  19. Actually, to be fair Injin believes in contract law and that it can exist without a state to back it up. Absolutely crazy, but I suppose that in Dimension Von-M, where Injin lives, what anorthosite wrote is tosh.
  20. A corporation is a legal entity, delimited, protected and regulated by law. I don't see where the laughs are, and I've had shed loads of coffee already.
  21. I was comparing your analysis to that of the anti-NWO "libertarian" fruit loops who plague the interweb, blending imperceptibly into the sci-fi antisemitism of the disciples of David Icke (you know the "Rothschild family are shape-shifting aliens" viewpoints). The reason I do this is because you compared the EU to the National Socialist movement, despite the fact the EU has caused less deaths than toast since its inception. You then accused the UK bureacracy of Stalinism. Flawed as it is, the current UK administration does not preside over an archipeligo of Gulag death camps, nor does it transplant ethnic groups 1000s of miles to grim resettlement camps, nor indeed does it preach state command of the economy, in fact it flogs off the nation's property to the highest bidder whenever it can get away with it. Making these shrill and ridiculous comparisons makes you look a bit of a nutter mate, leave off the daft stuff and your argument might get tret with more seriousness.
  22. You're funny. Tell me though, is it the Jews behind it all, or are you one of the lizard guys?
  23. Yes because the increasingly free market of the last 30 years has left us in an excellent economic position to face this (terminal?) crisis of capitalism. To paraphrase Marie Antoinette: "Let them eat wide-screen TV's they will never finish paying for." It's all there in Das Kapital people, buy a copy before they make it illegal....
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