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  1. Rare moment of agreement, some people are born teachers and do it fantastically without training. It's also possible to learn to be a great teacher, but it doesn't get taught in teaching colleges, because what is basically a craft has been captured by academics who don't actually know how to teach themselves. Another problem is being controlled by a bureaucracy that starts from the dual assumptions that everything that happens in a classroom can and must be measured and that teachers are dangerous subversives who wouldn't even turn up if they didn't have to fill in AGTR476432B(turning up) in triplicate.
  2. You're assuming poor parents are bad parents, which pretty clearly false. There are sh1te and spectacular parents in all social classes. The ideological problem with that, even for libertarian-minded folk, is that it would need a degree of compulsion far greater than that needed to tax people to care for the kids. Do we want to return to the days where young girls had their children taken off them by priests, doctors and other local worthies? And the practical problem is that we don't have enough adoptive and foster parents as it is.
  3. Firstly, there aren't jobs for everybody at this moment in time, or at least not without a relocation which is beyond a person with no savings. You may have noticed, the era of full employment is finished. Secondly, I doubt you have raised a child on 15k a year, if you were working, or else you are a nutter. What you mean is that your other half wasn't working for a while, and you are quite right in that two adults can live for a while on 15k a year if they don't go mad, and cut back their purchases massively. Raising a child costs a lot of money, and if you have no family to fall back on it is really difficult to make ends meet. As to your responsibilities, I would consider you to be fully responsible for all the horrific consequences of an absent safety net for children if you were to support its removal and it actually occurred. And if push came to shove, I'd make sure you were next to high drop.
  4. Re angry right-wing whining: The alternative to providing a guaranteed minimum standard of living for children is letting children suffer. No matter what you think of their parents, our society has a duty to look out for its weakest members, and even if you don't believe that I don't think anybody wants to see hungry kids taken into care, or dying, for the sake of a few quid per taxpayer per year. If you do want that, we can fight about it. Re 'buggies': These 500 quid plus Junior Chelsea Tractors are completely unnecessary. I lived in the least child friendly city in the world (Bangkok: mental traffic, crowded paths with woks full of boiling fat three feet off the ground) with a new born baby up to her 10 months. Me and the mrs both carried her in harness that cost 40 quid, and gave us much more freedom of movement than those bloody buggies. When she got too heavy for the mrs to carry, we bought a 30 euro fold away aluminium pushchair of the same design my mam had when I was a baby. It weighs about two kilos and I can still (she's nearly 18 months) carry it by a strap from one shoulder while carrying herself with the other arm. We then moved to Romania and used the same pushchair in -10 temperatures with 6 inches of snow on the ground. Stop Buying Sh1t You Don't Need, People.
  5. So what should be done to drivers who refuse to work?
  6. I have to say I agree. Closed shops are illegal, and strikes must be balloted. He comes up for election every 4 years and if his members didn't support him, he'd be out on his ****. If the bosses could get sufficient scabs trained and safe to drive a train, then the drivers might have a problem, but that'd cost far too much. And I for one, am not getting on a train driven by a volunteer strikebreaker who doesn't know his Cockfosters from his Chalfont St Giles.
  7. Seconded. He obviously doesn't care much about luxury, and why should he? If he lived in a mansion the daily-mail-brain-donors-association would be slagging him off as a hypocrite anyway. And nobody on here has a clue what he does with the rest of his (not tremendously impressive) guita anyway, so they should hold their gobs.
  8. Leaving aside your ideological opinions, which I disagree with, but you're welcome to. Are you saying that Norway has lost money from extracting oil? The article I found which relates to the loss from Citigroup (which might yet be recouped in legal action) says that they malinvested $835,000,000 dollars, but that the fund contains $435 billion. I'd be very surprised if the Norwegian economy had benefited to the tune of less than a billion dollars from its oil industry. Is there any other info you haveon this? Again, a genuine question, if the Norwegian pension fund is in trouble I'd like to know why/how.
  9. Sorry, I've missed something here. Are you talking about the environmental cost of Norwegian oil outweighing its profits in the long run (global warming etc.)? Because I'm pretty sure the Norwegian state pension fund does have billions in it, and is the property of the people of Norway. Genuine question, I'm just not sure what you're on about.
  10. Nope, private sector abroad, renting, with large cash surplus waiting for further price crashes either UK or in Spain to buy. But that doesn't mean that I don't recognise that what is good for me personally is not necessarily good for the country. The fact that Thatcher's experiment, and its continuation by Blair has destroyed the country causes me no end of anger. But it's actually in my personal interests that the tories further wreck the thing, as it is for most of the STR crowd on here (of which I'm not part, as I miraculously ******ed up my credit rating when I was a student, and so avoided getting into real debt when I started working).
  11. You're right, I do need the last word. If you want to debate, debate, don't post a mong face when you can't think of an answer, because it makes you look a c0ck. And by the way, using an image of a disabled child for comic effect is about as low as you can get without actually being nonce, and strawman doesn't mean what you think it does.
  12. hahaha, score one to me (Does victory lap of keyboard)
  13. You are confusing your ideological opinion on whether taxation is desirable with the economic effects of government spending, or investment with taxation. There is absolutely no difference between a profit-making healthcare system and a non-profit making healthcare system in terms of its effects for the economy, except the payment mechanism. Both take money from the customer, and use it to provide a service, but the private system has the extra cost of profit added to it. The value of profit to an economic system is not as a good in itself, but as a (sometimes dubious) motivatory factor for the creation of more cost efficient goods services One can see this in the fact that private healthcare in the US costs the economy far more than Britain's public system and is a considerable hinderance to the country's economic survival. As to the state being unable to create anything from taxation, that is clearly ********. If taxation is used to create the M62 then the economic benefits will far outweigh the cost of the investment, as will a decent affordable education or rail system and a healthcare system that provides for all and stops billions of pounds of the economies resources being burned on the non-productive activities of a private system. In addition to this, there are many clear examples of state funded entities becoming incredibly profitable in terms of revenue, the most impressive being the Norwegian State Pension fund (taken from a semi-nationalised oil industry) and the wonder that was British Gas (there was a reason it was so easy to privatise).
  14. Well, there's various answers to that, the most obvious being that all money originates from the state's creation of legal tender and its subcontracting of that function to other organisations. But if I give you the answer you want which is 'taxation', it makes absolutely no difference whether the money invested in educational, health, transport and various other forms of infrastructure comes from taxation or private profits. It creates economic growth in either case, both through Keyesian mechanisms and the facilitation of economic activity. Even the minimised state we have now performs an economically entrepreneurial role, and in many cases does it more effectively than the private sector. Which is why being a state employee is completely different to being a claimant on one of the various insurance schemes the state offers its citizens.
  15. Yep, because it's a proven fact that the state produces nothing. How was your drive to work this morning, or have you been lazied too?
  16. You are wrong, the guy himself said that his knowledge came from people telling him or his mates. A builder working for the council would not have access to the benefits computer system, nor even the rent pyment one. Also, the Nu Lab comment is very silly, as the tories also expected a council to know how many people it was paying money to.
  17. Yeah, the guy who posted was in the repairs section of the Council, as his post stated. He would have no official information about benefit status of the people he dealt with. As for "collecting rents", if rent is charged by the council to an individual, they are working. Otherwise the council just pays itself the HB, to avoid little accidents involving cider and scratchcards.
  18. Stereotype much? Shameless is not actually a documentary you know. Some single mothers and families on benefits cause problems for society, most don't. But in terms of this discussion, almost any working family earning under 35k a year would qualify for housing benefit with 6 kids, which is what we were talking about regarding this house. Britain is dependent on immigration to pay for its aging population, the fact that our birth rate is not as critically low as Italy and Spain, but it's still insufficient.
  19. Utter sh1te. I call bullsh1t. First of all, if you are working for the housing dept of the council, you have no idea what the benefit status of the people you are dealing with is. Unless they are getting work done specifically for disability reasons, and even then you can't be sure. Secondly, these are the same friend of a friend bullsh1t stories that the BNP spread about immigrants. Did you also do renovations on the secret furniture store where they kit out asylum seakers with their hearts' desires?
  20. If the pay is so good in the public sector, why don't you and your partner work for them? I'll tell you, because for comparable jobs with comparable qualifications, it generally isn't better. As to the mansion for DSS, you could probably get HB for it if you were a family of 7-8 people, meaning 6 kids. To be honest, we are an aging population short of youngsters, so people willing to go through the sacrifices necessaary to raise 6 of the little bastards deserve all the encouragemnet they can get.
  21. Well, as a socialist, I can assure you it is.
  22. You refering to the lot who rifled through the drawers to find owt they hadn't sold off yet and said they were 'very very comfortable' with people being disgustingly rich? They were liberals on a good day, old Nye Bevan would have spat on them.
  23. As to the moderating, in this case it seems unfair. My only question to the OP would be, how many of your recent posts have involved HP, and how many were on non-HP threads? Perhaps you are getting a HP troll reputation and got your posts deleted for that.
  24. I'm laughing at you as I type. Are you suggesting that we currently have a left-wing elite running the country? After 30 years of constant privatisation and liberalisation of markets which have led us to disaster, after the massive transfer of state funds to the rich via bailouts, you believe the country is secretly being run by a mysterious trotskyite elite?????? And 1984? Have you read anything else that George Orwell wrote? He was so left-wing that today's labour party would chuck him out. The Guardian is an alright paper that lies less than all the rest of them (excepting the torygraph) in its news section, and publishes left-wing comment. You seem to be offended that they exist, but thousands of people all over Britain are left-wing (more often amongst the lower and middle income groups) and so buy a paper that reflects their views.
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