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  1. There's nothing wrong with a wealth tax if it includes wealth held as property. Especially on assets like private rental houses. My mother-in-law has a large semi-agricultural property in Italy, she pays a fortune in tax on it. The sky stays up.
  2. The press literally never stopped banging on about the IRA, they did it so much that it stopped working and they moved on to anti-semitism. That thing with Naz Shah was all over the media! It was a tweet that, to be honest, she is not stupid enough to have shared it in seriousness, even if she actually had believed that. That's why she took it down in about 5 minutes. S
  3. Only if labour don't build social housing, like they were going to. The problem is that the free market is a bad way to provide basic needs. Who do you trust to crack down on Landlords? Starmer, Corbyn or Johnson? I know who my money is on.
  4. You are having a laugh mate. Corbyn was crucified over nothing, UKIP were built up into a force by the press. Of course, they got the michael severely extracted when the wheels fell off and they invited those three internet weirdoes to take part, but that is on them. That would be like Corbyn inviting Trotsky O'Jewhater of Hizbollah to be his foreign affairs spokesman.
  5. Problem with Thatcherite economics is that eventually you run out of other people's stuff to sell-off.
  6. If Corbyn and Johnson were the same, the landlord class wouldn't have bothered to smear Corbyn for 5 years solid.
  7. The labour policy will practically eliminate BTL mortgages, as it will quickly become politically impossible to place a limit on mortgage borrowing for potential-homeowners while allowing it for BTLers. This is what we all want isn't it?
  8. "We all know"....you mean the press says because they want to protect the wealthy and starve the poor? Dianne Abbott grew up in a rough part of London, but went to Cambridge and became the first black woman in parliament in her early 30's. She is far more intelligent than the majority of MPs. That she muddled up some numbers in a live interview does not show she is incapable of doing maths, tonnes of pols have done similar or worse, without being crucified for it. But that's a "free press" for you. As they say, Conservative voters fall into two categories, millionaires and idiots: to know which one you are, look in your wallet. With UKIP voters, it's a similar pattern, except the only millionaire who votes UKIP is bankrolling the party.
  9. Interest rates wouldn't be part of it, they would only be allowed to use controls on mortgage availability. I suspect this would very quickly mean the end of BTL mortgages.
  10. Would this change anybody's vote? Labour considers house price inflation target for the bank of England All the other parties seem to have an economic policy which can be summed up as either "everything as bad as it is now"(UKIP, Tories, Farage) or "the immediate reintroduction of 2007" (Lib Dems, CUK, Green). Allowing the BoE to regulate mortgages to limit house price growth seems ideal to me.
  11. http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/business/a-guide-to-bitcoin-the-amazing-investment-based-on-dream-gold-invented-by-a-wizard-20171208140575 I think this more or less sums up my feeling on the topic. We should also be able to use really difficult to make minecraft structures as currency, at least they would have aesthetic value.
  12. Tell me what proportion of Barcelona residents need bitcoins? If your answer is higher than 0%, I'd like to see some working out
  13. I remember listening to an old lady talking to her friend about a flat in the country that she was thinking of selling, in Barcelona, 2006. "Never sell houses," The lady said. "Never, ever sell!" If she listened to her friend's advice, she lost about 200k in Euro. The difference is that at least she still has a house now the market has crashed, bitcoins will be worth nothing
  14. They've corrected it now, it's a good job the OP actually quoted the article, as they have merely changed it without admitting their "mistake". Still, lots have people have seen the ridiculous lie, and believed it because it fits with what they want to believe... job done for the Telegraph. It's amazing how anyone can believe something like this, probably the kind of people who get special compasses made without north on them.
  15. It's actually worse than that. The journalist found a stat about Liverpool's current unemployment rate (which is around 1 in 3, including students and those on various forms of disability), he then wrote an article claiming that this number represented the number of people who had never worked in Liverpool, playing on his readers prejudices about benefit claimants and scousers. Now when Liverpool corpy e-mail the paper to complain, they will apologise and claim that the journalist had misunderstood the figures, but no harm was intended. Then they print a correction, as the PCC code requires... at the bottom of page 47, below the pictures of toffs who are getting married or the Iranian beach volleyball results or summat. Net result? The paper has managed to knowingly publish untrue political propaganda, which will stick in the minds of its readers, without falling foul of the PCC.
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