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  1. I'm just moving house this month which will be right next door to where my girlfriend works. So we will save about £140 in fuel from her trips to work and back. We have to get rid of one car.... hers or mine. Her car is a 2 litre Golf Gti, mine is a 1.6 litre Lotus Elan, I don't want to get rid of mine because the sports car market is crashing so I'll lose so much money on it and I've just had it resprayed lol.... oh and it's summer I think it would be better to put it in storage until things picked up.
  2. About 1 month, seriously I couldn't last more than a month. I'm just getting us out of the hole we dug with my other half when she went to Uni for 3 years. We are both working now 41k gross between us and trying to save hard after we pay off the 4k of credit cards we foolishly had to live off. I spent those 3 years designing audio software has just gone on the market in January 2008. It should make me 25k over 2 years, but now I know how to do it the next one will take 4 months to make
  3. I moved into this property on Oct 14th 2006, I paid my 1.5 months deposit and 3 months in advance (my choice on the 3 months in advance). I also paid a deposit for my dog which I believe was £200. In June 2007 I phoned up the letting agents office and asked if I could change the dates of tenancy to the 1st of the moth as my new job pays me then and would really help with managing my money better. The lady at the office agreed and I said that I would pay the extra 2 weeks so the rent would not be in arrears i.e up to date on the 1st of every month. The EA came around 3 weeks ago for a check on the place, (this is the second time in the 1.5 years I have been here that he has even checked the place). I asked about a new contract as my 6 month contract was well and truly over and out of date. He replied that I'm on a monthly contract now which would be better for me if I wanted to move. I asked what sort of notice would I need to give, he replied 4 weeks....... Role on the 2nd of march 2008, I phone the EA to say that I am giving 4 weeks notice to leave, he stated that I have to pay 6 weeks as I moved in on the 14th Oct 2006. I reminded him that I changed the dates to the 1st and have been paying the rent on the 1st of every month since June 2007 and you have been perfectly happy to take the payment on that date with no mention of any problems. Now he's saying they will take me to court over it! Surely if I have been paying on the 1st of the month every month since June 2007 the 4 weeks notice I have just given hm should be fine. Also I told him about the huge amount of damp on my bedroom wall on his last visit and nothing has been done at all! The whole corner of the wall from the ground to the ceiling is wet and a huge amount of mold is growing and is also on the other corner of the room. The wall paper has come away from the wall its so bad and I have been wheezing and coughing for the last month. It's so bad the damp that my clothes feel wet in the morning! He also said that I did not pay a deposit for the dog which I did! It says in the contract as well..."any pets will incur an extra deposit of £150" but i can't find the damn receipts grrrrr. I'm thinking of with holding my rent due to all the above problems. The contract also says that I have to get the carpets professionally cleaned by a company approved by them? I have bought a carpet cleaner (very expensive) and clean the carpets every 2 months... surely I can clean the carpets and not have to pay for a company to do it. I've asked for a window that the previous tenant broke when they lost their keys and had to break in... to be fixed. His reply was to nail it shut as the landlord will be extending the kitchen when I go and won't replace it. The previous tenants left the place in a bit of a shit hole when I moved in so am I right in thinking I should leave the place as I found it. I would clean it head to toe really as I feel it's only right. Sorry for all the questions, I could do with some advice
  4. An American friend of mine who is renting in Uk on a business trip could not believe the size of the rooms.
  5. In a sleepy small village in Wiltshire I counted 10 houses up for sale on the high street. A bit further up the road there are 4 houses, ex council non reema with large gardens. 3 out of the 4 are up for sale. It's crazy, the sold sign for a house I was thinking of buying £214k before I came to my senses and found this site....still has the sold sign up after 4 months.
  6. I just applied to Egg to have a 0% transfer card so I could transfer £2,000 from my MBNA card to them, then I will be paying it off at £600, this saves me a lot in interest. I got excepted and they gave me a £3,500 limit. Odd.
  7. I do that, I've got a huge box that's really heavy with all my junk mail in. I send it to the first company that gives me a pre paid return. Maybe I should put a few lumps of lead in it to really cost them...or some bricks.
  8. Bugger I'm shafted with my Lotus Elan. 1.6 and does like 25mpg No chance of selling it either in this climate. I'll convert it to electric as soon as it's possible
  9. Having said all that, I have just watched the "Undercover Police" program and was totally disgusted by some of the officers in that program. They should be sacked. I have to see anything like that where I work, I know I can't prove it, but from my heart I promise I have yet to see that behavior where I work. I'm proud of my job as are my colleagues.
  10. To that all I would add is....... imagine a world without police? How does it look? Are you any safer? A world without police would be a very dangerous place indeed. The only car I have had towed away was someone who repeatedly was warned about not having insurance on his vehicle. No insurance ...... no car. you are a liability on the road to others with no insurance. Tell me what was wrong with that? The only time I have given no tax fines is when I have been extremely polite to someone in reminding them to go and buy tax for their car, and all I got back was aggression! That person will not ever buy his car tax whilst everyone else has to, why should he be any different from anyone else........ it's a law that I have had to upheld. Yes it's at my discretion, 99% of the time I just remind people that their tax is out of date because we all forget. Arrested someone for not turning up at court.....yes totally and rightly so. What's the point of a court system if you don't have to go. "Ever physically attacked someone who hadn't started a fight with you because they were disobedient?"......... never, people from what I've seen only ever get hurt when they act like drunken idiots and decide they want to pick a fight just because someone has asked them to stop smashing car windows etc.... if that person goes to physically attack an officer, then that officer WILL defend him/herself just like anyone else. Without my job this place would be Chaos. DO you think crime would go down? Do you think England would be safer? Again I ask for realistic views on how the world works and not some Citizen Smith revolution type dream. I know I'm taking a lot of flack here, I get it all the time at Parish meetings, but at least the councilors understand it's the government and not the foot soldiers that are the problem. Unless you have walked in those shoes, please do not pretend to know 100% what you are on about. I admit there are 2 sides to every view, like whenever I turn up to a dispute........... you learn to listen to both sides because you never know who is telling the truth he he.....I'm still learning that skill. The bottom line is the government agreed to use a 3rd party to decide the pay rise, everyone agreed on an amount.....then the government changed the rules. They went back on a deal, it's not even about the money! It's about the government breaking a deal. I bet a lot of you hate parking wardens, take away the parking wardens and see how bad traffic and parking gets. I get shit from people as if it's my fault when I'm directing traffic on a busy main road where there has been a fatal 3 way car crash. People act as if it's my fault that they have had to que for hours while we cut a body out of a car! I've never understood that way of thinking? Injin you remind me of those types of people. To everyone else, thank you for the good adult discussion here, it's refreshing to hear what people really think.
  11. Again it's the government that set these laws, we are just employed to enforce them. Were would we be with no one to enforce laws... however much you disagree? And to the person who said that I am a thief for being paid from tax payers money lol..... so everyone who is payed by tax i.e... fireman, bin men, doctors, nurses etc.... they are all thieves as well. Come on please let's at least be realistic about this. I have never stolen a damn thing in my life and have earned all that I have. And actually I love my job, I love that every day is different. I love how in my rural country beat I know just about everyone and make a real difference in the day to day running of things. I do make a difference and I get paid for it. Would my beat rather have the money than not have me around.... I doubt it. But I am not blinkered, I hear you all and your grievances and I understand that the Police needs change. 70% of the police force would agree as well. But DO NOT blame the police for the governments decisions and failings. In the same way you would not blame the soldiers for Iraq. The government tells them to do what they do, and like us they have to do it because that's what they signed up for! Some police are on a power trip, a lot are not. It takes a few bad eggs to give the rest a bad name. Several officers I know of have been suspended for silly things, and probably;y won't have their jobs or PENSIONS at the end of the hearing.... and quite rightly so. The force these days polices itself a lot harder than the public.
  12. I suppose as I've only been in the job well.... for not long, I'm not able to give a 100% true representation. I can only go by what I have seen so far. I'm with Wiltshire constabulary by the way. I will watch that google film as I have not seen that before.
  13. To that all I can say is that it's not full pay after a certain amount of time, it goes to like half pay. Ex army as police officers.... as long as they have the personal skills to go with it. Most new recruits are accepted for their personality capabilities, the ability to calm a situation, to not lose their temper, to be fair and equal. These are values I strive by. This is why Canada and Australia are recruiting UK officers because of the way we deal with situations. It's a hard skill to learn having to just use your mouth in a dangerous confrontational situation. It's very very rare for an officer to use force, and it's only as a last resort.
  14. What are you on about? Thieving? planting drugs? Seriously dude, I take my role in the police force with full integrity as do a lot of fellow officers. You should listen to the radio's we use. It's constant all day .... totally constant air waves packed with problems that are on going all day and all night. There is always something to be done, and always a mountain of paperwork to follow it up with. That is not the fault of the police, that is the fault of the government and all the red tape and new ways of doing things that get added and changed almost weekly. The goalposts get changed constantly. It isn't all paperwork, what I meant was the amount of paperwork that bogs you down is just over the top. And to see people back on the streets ready to rob/burgle/hurt someone else is hard to take sometimes. People think it's the police's fault they are still about and not in jail. No it's the courts and the law system. There are 2 sides to everything, the majority of officers I know are good people who genuinely care for the community they work in. Their hands are tide to such an extent that policing becomes a huge uphill struggle with all the political correctness, over the top box ticking and having the goal posts moved all the time. I'm actually not that stressed out, but a lot of officers are. I welcome the "welcome" to this forum but I do have to try and give the other side of the story. Most officers agree with the public, it is not the most efficient or cost effective way of policing. Something has to change. Even if I talk to you for whatever reason I have to fill out a form, write it in my pocket note book, radio through your details, check you are who you say you are against your date of birth, address and name......... It's a pain in the ****, we have to account for EVERY move we make. I think the whole system needs a shakedown for sure. A new officer starts on 21k down in the south. That's like £1,200 take home a month, it doesn't go far if you are single that's for sure. Anyhow I'm not here to start a war, I just feel a couple on here have no real idea about the job. Maybe some were mistreated in the past, I know I was before I joined. To that all I can say is not all are like that, a lot of us have honor.
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